THE STORY OF ARTEMIS - The Greek Goddess of Wild Animals, The Moon and protector of Women
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Learn in this video the story of Artemis, the Greek Goddess who protects wild animals and Women. She is the Goddess of The Moon and she runs free through the forests.



Hello, my name is Daniel, from Santuário Lunar and this video is about the Goddess Artemis.

Artemis is a Greek Goddess, she's responsible for wild animals, wildlife, the crescent moon… When she was born, she was born a complete woman. She even helped her own mother during her birth!

There are many stories about her, throughout her life, but one of the most important one is that Zeus, her father, asked her what she wanted for birthday, that thing she wanted the most. And she said she wanted to be free, free in the wild life.

She was granted this wish so she started to live among the animals, among the forests and she started to protect these animals from hunters, from predators, from anything that could make bad for them.

Artemis, although she was free from everything else and she was living alone in the forest she fell in love with Orion, Poseidon's son, and they were very happy together. Orion was also a hunter, but a different kind of hunter. He didn't hunt to have fun. He hunted to have food. So this kind of hunting she allowed against the animals.

And then, being happy with him, enraged her brother, Apollo,and Apollo to challenge her and to finish this happiness created a scheme and he challenged her to hit a target in the middle of the ocean during the night. She was a great hunter and then she accurately hit the target but the waves brought the target and she discovered it was Orion, actually. She got so sad, she got so disappointed with men because she was betrayed by her own brother and not to be separate from Orion she rose his body to the skies and created the constellation of Orion.

We can call her whenever we need to ask for protection for animals, for our pets for example. Women in case they can have a closer relationship to Artemis. They can call her preferably during a crescent moon to ask for protection for themselves.

One thing that must be clear when you want to get in touch with Artemis is that you must respect above all the nature and the animals, otherwise she will just refuse your call and ignore your wishes.

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Thank you again.

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