HINDU MYTHOLOGY EXPLAINED - The main Hindu Gods and Goddesses Master Class
1K views · Dec 7, 2021
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In this master class, I present you the Hindu Mythology explained. All you need to know to enter the realm of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

You'll learn about the peculiarities of Hindu Mythology and the Hindu Pantheon, about Indian spirituality (not religion) and how to use mantras to connect with these deities.

I'll also recommend you books for further understanding.

00:00 Introduction
01:07 Understanding Hindu Mythology
02:40 Trinities
03:12 Hindu Spirituality: Mantras
05:54 Book recommendations
08:47 Brahma The Creator
10:08 Vishnu The Preserver
12:56 Shiva The Destroyer
14:56 Indra The King of the Gods
15:49 Hanuman The God of Power
16:23 Kartikeya The God of War
17:03 Ganesha The Obstacle Remover
18:50 Parvati The Goddess of Love
19:37 Sarasvati The Goddess of Arts
20:30 Lakshmi The Goddess of Fortune
21:35 Maya The Goddess of Illusions
22:20 Gayatri The Personification of the Mantra
23:04 Durga The Warrior Goddess
24:32 Kali The Goddess of Destruction
27:29 Conclusion

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Picture of the Vedas is from William Dwight Whitney, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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