THE STORY OF KUAN YIN (GUANYIN) - Goddess of Mercy and Compassion
176 views · May 16, 2022
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In this video I tell the story of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion in Buddhism in China.

I also talk briefly about the history of Buddhism in China and how it spread throughout the region, making Guanyin one of the most popular Goddesses in the world.

You'll also learn who is Kuan Yin, her relation with Avalokiteshavara, her symbols, her archetype, her manifestations, and how to summon her.


Kuan Yin 00:00
Buddhism in China 00:14
Miao Shan becomes Kuan Yin 02:27
The greatness of Kuan Yin 09:19
Symbols of Kuan Yin 12:41
Connecting with Kuan Yin 14:29
Conclusion 16:35

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Avalokiteshvara Richard Mortel -

China - Stone carving in Leshan - McKay Savage from Chennai, India / CC BY (

Sendai Daikannon - contri from Yonezawa, Yamagata, Japan / CC BY-SA (

Статуя богини Гуаньинь в Чанше - Alexandre Afanassiev / CC BY-SA (

Hokkaido Dai Kannon in Ashibetsu city (8223394316) - Stuart Rankin / CC BY (

Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya - Jazon88 / CC BY-SA (

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Guanyin of Lianhuashan - Dtr205 / CC BY-SA (

Ke Lok Si-Kuan Yin Statue-Daytime - Flying Pharmacist / CC BY-SA (

Cristo Redentor - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - Nico Kaiser / CC BY (

Conjunto de símbolos de chakras | Free vector by -"
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