LUNAR MAGICK Masterclass: Who is the TRIPLE GODDESS and how to use the POWER OF THE MOON
1K views · Nov 19, 2021
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In this master class, you'll learn all about Moon Magick. For a better understanding, we'll first understand who the Triple Goddess is, the faces she has and the relation between her and the Lunar Phases.

After this, we'll learn the best types of spells and witchcraft rituals we can perform under each phase of the Moon.

We'll also understand what an Esbat is and how to perform one during a Full Moon Night.


00:00 Introduction
00:34 Who is the Triple Goddess?
03:45 The Young Face
05:55 The Mother Face
07:58 The Crone Face
10:48 The Triple Goddess and the Lunar Phases
13:15 The New Moon The Occult Face
17:45 The Waxing Moon Phase and The Young Goddess
19:10 The Full Moon Phase and The Mother Goddess
20:29 The Waning Moon Phase and the Crone Goddess
22:22 The Esbats - Full Moon Celebrations
24:23 Conclusion

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