The Triple Goddess 101 – Manifesting your own magic with her

In this post you’re going to understand all about the Triple Goddess and learn her faces – Maiden, Mother, and Crone – influence Natural Witchcraft and also Wicca.

Besides this, you’ll get the whole picture about how the Triple Goddess and her main symbol, the Triple Moon, are used for magical purposes. This way, you’ll be able to fully handle the power of the Moon Phases.

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THe Moon Goddess

The Moon is a reminder that our nature is cyclical. It’s the embodiment of the mystery of life.

Throughout history, we had many Deities associated and mostly female ones. We may find some Moon Gods out there, but it’s much more common to find Moon Goddesses. And there’s a reason for this. The moonshine and its mystery are associated with intuition, the endless seeking for knowledge, and the constant changes in life. Hence, all these characteristics are related to the feminine, or to the Sacred Feminine (or even Divine Feminine).

Similarly, this also happens in the Chinese Yin and Yang. Yin is the black part that symbolizes the darkness, the intuition, the night… the feminine!

Besides, a full lunation cycle lasts around 28 days and this is correlated to a full menstrual period. If you wish to get deeper into this analysis, I highly suggest the book “The Goddess” by Teresa Moorey. It’s an excellent reading!

Furthermore, in a general way the Triple Goddess is a bigger aspect of the Goddess herself which comprehends many other manifestations. This aspect has 3 different faces though. And these 3 faces are also complimentary! All of them are mainly associated with the Moon Phases, and they are:

  • Crescent (or Waxing);
  • Full;
  • Waning.

These three Moon phases, together, form what we know as the Triple Moon symbol. In the end, the Triple Moon symbolizes the Triple Goddess herself.

Who is the Triple Goddess

So, who is the Triple Goddess? Does she have a name?

Yes! Her name is simply “Triple Goddess”.

She is the manifestation of all cycles of life, of phases of the Moon, all aspects of women and she is nature herself.

Firstly, we must understand her like this. Then, we go for the other individual manifestations of the Goddess around the world so we can clearly figure out that each one of them “fits” in one or more of the Triple Goddess’s faces. Some of these individual manifestations can even have a full “triple nature” by themselves. This way, an individual Goddess can also show traces from all three faces at the same time.

Now, when we consider the Triple Goddess as a Deity – an individual one, not simply a bigger aspect of other Goddesses – we usually find her in Wicca as the supreme manifestation of what is simply called as “Goddess”. In short, the Goddess in Wicca is the Triple Goddess in essence and her symbol is also the Triple Moon.

On the other hand, in Natural Witchcraft we also find the Triple Goddess not only as an individual deity but also as the bigger aspect that comprehends other Goddesses.

The Triple Goddess’s three faces – the main reason why she gets this name – are:

  • The Maiden (or The Young, or The Virgin);
  • The Mother (or The Woman);
  • The Crone (or The Old One, or The Witch).

In conclusion, whenever we consider any of these faces of the Goddess, we find hundreds or thousands of other manifestations that show singular characteristics, unique names, and incredible forms.

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The Goddess’s Maiden Face

The Goddess’s Maiden Face, also known as the Young Face or the Virgin Face, shows archetypes full of energy that express beauty, power, and the unstoppable desire to discover new things and explore new experiences.

The Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess
The Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess

When we observe this Goddess’s Face we can notice these types of energy coming from it. So, we can take advantage of these energies to cast spells and perform witchcraft rituals related that are aligned with them.

Then, whenever we find other Goddesses who share similar energies and attributes, we may “sort” them into this archetype, stating that they correspond to the Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess.

How so?

You will find a list of many manifestations of different Goddesses around the world below. All of them share similar attributes and similar kinds of energies. Therefore, we can say that all of them are part of the Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess.

THE MAIDEN FACE: Goddesses’s manifestations

Some of the Goddesses that correspond to the Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess are:

What do these Goddesses have in common?

As stated above, all of them – and many others – are Goddesses full of beauty, energy, power, determination, and the unstoppable will to explore and try new things.

Besides that, it is important to make something clear.

In some classifications, we can listen or read that they correspond to the Virgin Face of the Triple Goddess. This “virgin” word is by no means associated with sexual intercourse. It is used to express youth, innocence, and the will to explore the unknown.

Similarly the word “maiden”, the most common classification. It doesn’t mean they are maidens essentially.


  • Oshum, Aphrodite, and Bast are known as part of the Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess (or the Young Face, or the Virgin Face). They are by no means virgin women if we’re talking about the sexual intercourse.
  • Athena, Freyja, and Inanna are known as part of the Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess. They are by no means maidens who cannot protect themselves.

If you look for other manifestations that fit the Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess, you’ll notice they share some of these traits too.

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The Goddess’s Mother Face

The Goddess’s Mother Face represents those archetypes that share traits such as protection, caring, feeding, comforting, and the knowledge and usage of witchcraft skills and magic to heal, to make miracles happen, to transform things and situations, and to nurture.

The Mother Face of the Triple Goddess
The Mother Face of the Triple Goddess

When we find a Goddess manifestation that “fits” this Goddess’s Face of the Triple Goddess archetype we immediately recognize her as a “Mother Goddess”.

We have hundreds or made thousands of Goddesses that are considered “Mother Goddesses” around the world. And all of them share similar kinds of energies.

Check a list of Mother Goddesses below. You’ll notice that they have things in common and that’s the reason why we consider them part of the Goddess’s Mother face.

THE MOTHER FACE: Goddesses’s manifestations

Some of the Goddesses that correspond to the Mother Face of the Triple Goddess are:

Not all of these Goddesses who fit the Mother Face of the Triple Goddess are mothers per se.

Similar to what happens in the Young/Virgin/Maiden face, here we have this “classification” based on the types of energies and attributes.

Even in our mortal lives, it’s not necessary to give birth to a baby to be considered a mother. On the other hand, there are women who give birth, but they don’t feel like being a mother.


  • Kuan Yin is considered a Mother Goddess and she had no children of her own. She’s even virgin when we consider the sexual act. The same happens to Hestia;
  • Interestingly, Isis and Mary are Mother Goddesses who gave birth but are considered virgin in relation to the sexual act.
  • Lakshmi didn’t give birth to a child, but she adopted Ganesha from Parvati.

There are many other examples. Just keep in mind these are classifications based on their types of energies only.

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The Goddess’s Crone Face

The Goddess’s Crone Face represents the end of the cycle and profound knowledge. Therefore, in this face, we find many traits related to the vast knowledge of magic, the occult, how the world and cosmos work, and the deepest secrets of the dark arts.

The Crone Face of the Triple Goddess
The Crone Face of the Triple Goddess

The manifestations we find that fit this archetype are extremely powerful Goddesses that have already experienced all the other phases, they have already appreciated all the beauty in the world, and they have already nurtured what they wanted to nurture. Hence, they completely understand that everything which starts must come to an end. Commonly, these manifestations are the ones who are going to bring this end of things: destroy something, judge the dead, and some other similar tasks.

The Crone Face is also known as the Witch Face. This Face of the Triple Goddess usually causes fear and spread terror because not all people are ready to understand the end is inevitable.

You’ll find below a list with some manifestations that fit this Crone Face of the Triple Goddess.

THE CRONE FACE: Goddesses’s manifestations

Some of the Goddesses that correspond to the Crone Face of the Triple Goddess are:

These Goddesses who fit the Crone Face are not always represented as old ladies. Sometimes they are, but this is not a rule.


  • Cailleach is an old lady who leaves her cave in the beginning of the winter and brings snowstorms that scare and freeze everything in her way. Besides that, she also carries a giant hammer that she uses to smash everything she sees;
  • Hel, the one who rules over Helheim (Realm of Hel) is usually depicted as a woman with half of her body alive and the other half dead. She judges the souls of people who died without honor.

What connects these Goddesses is their lack of patience, the capability to recognize everything and judge them properly.

It’s interesting to mention Hekate here. She is a Triple Goddess herself. She alone represents the 3 Faces: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. However, when she appears “alone” she is usually represented as a crone.

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The Goddess’s Occult Face

Although the Triple Goddess has 3 distinct faces, we know she also has another face. This face is known as “The Occult Face of the Goddess”.

But why is it occult?

Because we can’t simply see it. However, we know it exists!

Similar to the New Moon phase: we can’t see the Moon in the sky, but we know it exists. E both the New Moon and the Occult Face of the Triple Goddess have their own energies.

The Goddesses Manifestations who are associated to the Occult Face of the Triple Goddess share a mixture of traits from the 3 other Faces (Maiden, Mother, and Crone). Besides this, the ones here also add a more mysterious, darker, and powerful aspect.

THE OCCULT FACE: Goddesses’s manifestations

Some of the Goddesses that correspond to the Occult Face of the Triple Goddess are:

These Goddesses are related to the Crone Face most of the time due to their “behavior”, mas their depictions are usually associated with the Maid or Mother Face.

No one depicts Lilith as being an old lady.

The same is true for Ereshkigal.

And here, once again, we can fit Hekate.

Let’s simplify by saying that these Goddesses are somehow difficult to understand and to connect to.

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Manifestations of the Goddess around the world

As we can see, there are many different manifestations of the Goddess around the world.

Virtually every culture has one or more Goddesses. In the end, there are hundreds or even thousands of different manifestations.

Here at Santuário Lunar, I have already talked about many of them. Below you can find a list of pantheons or cultures. Inside of each page, you’re going to find the manifestations you’re looking for or want to learn more about.

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  • Celtic Goddesses;
  • Chinese Goddesses;
  • Egyptian Goddesses;
  • Greek Goddesses;
  • Hindu Goddesses;
  • Mesopotamian Goddesses;
  • Norse Goddesses;
  • Shinto Goddesses;
  • Yorubá Goddesses;

The Triple Goddess and the Moon Phases

In our modern society, we are usually busy so we are always looking ahead or looking down, where we’re stepping.

This way we forget to look to the sky to contemplate the celestial bodies, mainly during the night.

There’s so much light that it’s even difficult to see the stars!

However, the Moon is STILL visible and she brings a great power that we can use in our daily natural witchcraft practice.

Considering the Moon a manifestation of the Triple Goddess, we can associate each one of the Lunar Phases to the Triple Goddess’s Face. The Moon Phases are 4:

  • New Moon;
  • Crescent Moon (Waxing Moon);
  • Full Moon;
  • Waning Moon.

And each of these phases is related to a different face of the Triple Goddess:

  • New Moon -> The Occult Face of the Goddess;
  • Crescent Moon (Waxing Moon) -> The Maiden Face of the Goddess;
  • Full Moon -> The Mother Face of the Goddess;
  • Waning Moon -> The Crone Face of the Goddess.

Se when we have the Triple Goddess and her 3 faces related to the Moon, we get this famous symbol: the Triluna or the Triple Moon!

So what is the Triluna or the Triple Moon? The Triluna or the Triple Moon is simply the main Triple Goddess’s symbol.

Triluna or Triple Moon - The Triple Goddess symbol
The Triple Moon or Triluna symbol

The New Moon and the Occult Face of the Triple Goddess

We can’t see the New Moon in the sky, but we know it’s there. It is the same thing with the Occult Face of the Triple Goddess. Even though we can’t see it directly, we can feel it. Maybe we can’t understand it, but we know there is a meaning.

In this period, we have the following types of energy around:

  • Rebirth;
  • Renovation;
  • Continuity;
  • The occult;
  • Mystery;
  • A moment to uncover secrets;
  • A moment to keep secrets;
  • Total transformation.

Therefore, working with the Occult Face of the Triple Goddess is not usually recommended to those who are starting their magical path. It’s better to start with the Maiden Face and follow the order until the Crone Face. Then, start again with the Occult Face.

It doesn’t mean this is a dangerous or bad face. But it’s nice to experience all the other 3 before working energetically here.

The Crescent Moon and the Mother Face of the Triple Goddess

During the Crescent Moon (Waxing Moon) we can see half of the Moon in the sky. And she grows bigger every night until she gets Full. This Moon Phase is related to the Maiden Goddess Face (the Young or Virgin), just like her will to seek knowledge, new experiences, and discoveries.

The Triple Goddess and the Waxing Moon
The Triple Goddess and the Waxing Moon

Working magically with the energies of the Crescent Moon and the Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess is great for the following:

  • Personal growth;
  • Development of projects;
  • Discovery of new ways and possibilites to start or change something;
  • Health improvement;
  • New relationships.

Therefore, if you’re starting a new project or you wish to put an idea into action, this is the best moment to do it! With the Crescent Moon energies, you’re getting the best energies related to growth and abundance around you.

Working magically with the Maiden Face of the Triple Goddess is a great way to ask and get the energy to make things happen.

The Full Moon and the Mother Face of the Triple Goddess

During the Full Moon, we can see the whole Moon in the sky. She’s there, full of light and energy. This is the peak of energy, so we can really reap fruits and see things taking shape. This Lunar Phase is related to the Mother Face of the Triple Goddess and the power to make things happen, including miracles, is available to us all.

The Triple Goddess and the Full Moon
The Triple Goddess and the Full Moon

Working magically with the energy of the Full Moon is ideal for:

  • Conclusion of projects;
  • Prosperity;
  • Health;
  • Celebrations in general;
  • Love.

Therefore, during the Full Moon, it is nice to conclude things that started during the Waxing Moon. If you can’t conclude now, it’s time to put much more energy into it! As the power of the Full Moon is so great and the Mother Goddesses all have the power to nurture and give life, this is the moment to make things happen!

Working with these aspects we can get some kind of energy and power that doesn’t belong to us actually. But we’re free to make good use of it. So let’s make it happen!

The Waning Moon Phase and the Crone Face of the Triple Goddess

In the Waning Moon Phase the Moon is literally waning, isn’t she? However, it’s not because of the “less of the Moon” that the energies are weaker or something like that. No, definitely not. The energy continues very intensely, but it is directed to other things, for other purposes.

The Triple Goddess and the Waning Moon
The Triple Goddess and the Waning Moon

This Lunar Phase is associated with the Crone Face of the Triple Goddess. So, as I said before, the Crone Goddess knows all about magic, all about the dark secrets. There’s nothing she doesn’t rule over. On the other hand, she doesn’t have so much patience anymore, so she simply gets rid of things that are not good for her anymore.

This is the energy of the Waning Moon! And this energy is great for:

  • Banishing;
  • Purification;
  • Spiritual and energetic cleansing;
  • Pause in the works to reflect upon everything and start again in the New Moon.

Therefore, this Moon Phase is great to stop a bit and observe what’s happening around us, what’s right and what’s wrong, and what needs to be changed. Then we proceed with the right adjustments, the cleansing, and then we go on, start or reset things.

What if I’m starting something and then I see it’s the Waning Moon phase? Is it going to be wrong?

No, it’s not going to be wrong. As the waning moon energy is more adequate for cleansing and purification, you can start your project by cleaning the path, the thing, and even the people involved with it. This way, you’ll definitely start your project with the right settings so it can flourish during the following weeks!

Esbats – The Full Moon celebrations to the Mother Goddess

The Moon Phases are celebration motifs throughout our history. Besides the Esbats, the consider the Moon – or the Goddess – as a reference, we also have the 8 Sabbats from the Wheel of the Year, which are celebrations that take the Sun – or the God – into consideration.

Some say thew or Esbat comes from an archaic French verb, meaning “to get happy”.

The vital energy of the Goddess, her creative power, and the energy to give life are celebrated during an Esbat. All of these are traits from the Mother Face of the Triple Goddess.

The Moon influences the development and growth of plants and herbs, the movement of ebbs and flows, and she also influences our bodily fluids, women’s menstruation, the conception and birth of all living beings.

There’s no better way to connect with the Mother Goddess than celebrating her during a Full Moon Esbat!

How to celebrate an Esbat?

There’s no ready recipe on how to celebrate an Esbat.

However, there are some common things we all do during one: Singing songs, dancing, telling stories, and even meditating are options for having a great Esbat.

It’s also common to share a cake or homemade bread in the end with all the participants – if you’re not alone of course. For drinking, it’s common to have wine, grape juice, or some tea.

Remember to properly offer them to the Mother Goddess and preferably do all the Esbat in an open area, lit by the moonlight.

When do we celebrate an Esbat?

An Esbat is celebrated during a Full Moon night. So, according to the Lunar Calendar, we should have 13 Full Moons in a year. However, in our modern calendar, we have 12 Full Moons a year, one per month.

Rarely do we have the 13th Full Moon on our calendar. When this happens, the second Full Moon inside a month is called a “Blue Moon”. The Moon doesn’t get blue – unfortunately – but this is the origin of the expression “once in a blue moon”.

So get ready to celebrate 12 or maybe 13 Esbats every year!


Now you know all about the Triple Goddess, her faces, and the relations between them and the Moon Phases in natural witchcraft and Wicca.

This way, I’m sure you’ll be able to decide which spells you’re going to perform under each moon phase and also feel more comfortable walking your natural witchcraft path.

As a practitioner of Wicca or maybe only witchcraft, getting to know the aspects of the Goddess is essential.

You’ll find below an infographic summarizing this post.

You’re free to keep it or share it on Pinterest or any other platform. Just link back to this page, please.

The Triple Goddess Infographic
The Triple Goddess Infographic
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