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Online Free Oracle Reading

Welcome to the Online Free Oracle Reading page from Santuário Lunar! You’ll find here all the free oracle readings available I have already published (and maybe some future ones too!).

On this page, I’ll explain how the online free oracle readings work and the options currently available. You can simply touch one of the buttons below to use them or read the full page for more details.

Free Goddess Oracle: Goddesses Archetype Cards

The Goddesses Archetype Cards is also known as the Free Goddess Oracle from Santuário Lunar. This online free oracle reading contains more than 60 cards with different Goddesses from around the world and their archetypes. Whenever I publish a new Goddess article I create a new card and insert it here!

Each one of these Goddesses can be found inside the Goddess category of my website. Each article has the story, symbols, archetypes, and more about each Deity. Many of them were also published in video forms on my YouTube Channel and on my Humix Channel.

In the Free Goddess Oracle, you concentrate, touch the card and reveal a Goddess. Then you touch it again to get a message from her. As an extra option, you can touch the link to read the article on her. This is an excellent way to get to know more Goddesses too!

Use the Goddesses Archetype Cards by touching the button below:

Online Free Oracle Reading - Goddesses Archetypes Cards
Online Free Oracle Reading – Goddesses Archetypes Cards

Oracle of Hecate

The Oracle of Hecate is another online free oracle reading I offer here. This one is dedicated to the Queen of Witches, Goddess Hecate herself! As these oracle cards are very specific, I suggest you get to know Hecate better before using it. To do so, you can look for videos and rites related to her.

In the Oracle of Hecate, you’ll find 17 cards with 17 different symbols related to Hecate. Each of these symbols represents both the Goddess and her powers.

Touch the button below to use it. Concentrate and ask Hecate for guidance. Then, reveal the card to discover the symbol. Touch it again to read the message. I also wrote a full page dedicated to the symbols of Hecate. There, you’ll find all the oracle cards, their meaning, and a more profound explanation.

Online Free Oracle Reading - Oracle of Hecate
Online Free Oracle Reading – Oracle of Hecate

Oracle of Athena

The Oracle of Athena is an oracle full of wisdom and strength to inspire you to make decisions and resolve situations in your life. In this oracle, all symbols are related to Goddess Athena and the archetype of Athena.

This oracle contains 9 cards with symbols that represent Athena in some way. In addition to the message obtained in each card, you can also read the interpretation and meaning of each of the main symbols of Athena.

To use it, access the page using the button below. Focus and ask for the Goddess of Wisdom Athena to guide you towards the best reflection through her symbols. Now, touch the card to reveal the symbol that came to you. Touch again to read the message.

Oracle of Athena - Free Online Oracle Reading
Oracle of Athena – Free Online Oracle Reading

YES or NO Oracle

The YES or NO Oracle is the simplest oracle of all. But it doesn’t mean it’s bad. The YES or NO Oracle is accurate! There are different ways to present this type of oracle, but they usually have just one card containing a YES and another card containing a NO answer. I made a more elaborated one here, containing a MAYBE option too.

To use the YES or NO Oracle online, you concentrate on a question you want to obtain an answer to. This question must be answered with a yes, no, or maybe alternative. When you think the moment is right, you get a card. This card will have the answer you’re looking for in an accurate and straightway.

The YES or NO Oracle is an online free oracle reading from Santuário Lunar. This version I created has 14 cards:

  • 5 cards containing the word YES;
  • 5 cards containing the word NO;
  • 2 cards containing the word MAYBE;
  • 2 cards containing the words I CAN’T HELP YOU NOW.

Access the free YES or NO Oracle page, concentrate on your question, and reveal the card. Simple like that!

You can make as many questions as you wish. Simply touch the shuffle button to use the YES or NO Oracle again.

Online Free Oracle Reading - YES and NO Oracle
Online Free Oracle Reading – YES and NO Oracle

New Online Free Oracle Reading

I’m currently working on another online free oracle reading set. I have already idealized another 4 different sets that I’ll create soon. These online free oracles can be used by anyone here on Santuário Lunar. They are created in a long process of adequating images or illustrating them and then receiving insights to write the meaning of each card so they can bring relevant messages for you.

If you enjoy these online free oracles I offer here, I ask you to share them in your groups and on social media. This way, more people will have access to them and make good use of the messages here. I also ask you not to pay to use copies of my online free oracles out there. If you find someone charging for them and you notice they are copies of mine, please don’t fall for it. All my content on Santuário Lunar is free and I don’t authorize anyone to sell it!

Last, if you have any suggestions, feel free to make them in the comments below. If you wish to use a specific kind of oracle cards, or a motif… or maybe a set of cards with a specific art style. Feel free to tell me!

Thanks and talk soon,


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