Oracle of Aphrodite – Free Online Oracle Reading

Oracle of Aphrodite Free Online Oracle Reading

The Oracle of Aphrodite is another gift from Santuário Lunar to you. Here in this oracle, everything is related to the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, the beautiful Aphrodite! Access the other free online oracles of Santuário Lunar too.

In this oracle, you will find advice from the Goddess that will be useful in your love life and also in your personal life, as Aphrodite also symbolizes self-love. Also, the questions raised in this oracle are great for anyone wanting to activate the Aphrodite archetype or invoke Aphrodite for a love spell.

Veja abaixo como utilizar este oráculo:


Focus to visualize a symbol related to Aphrodite


Find out which Aphrodite symbol brings something to you today


Read the message and make the suggested reflections. In the end, there will always be a link to read more about the symbols of Aphrodite.

Oracle of Aphrodite - 00 back of the card
Symbols of Aphrodite - 06 Mirror

The mirror is a symbol of Aphrodite that represents self-esteem and reflection. When you come across a mirror, reflect on the following: Are you loving and accepting yourself in your love life? Can you look in the mirror and reflect on your feelings with sincerity? Just like the mirror, self-esteem and reflection can be present in your love life if you are willing to love and accept yourself as you are. Avoid frustrations and disappointments. Don’t deceiving yourself. When you look in the mirror, be sure that the beauty you see is your own beauty, and not something you created to deceive others (and yourself).

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