How to summon Aphrodite – Invoke the Goddess of Love!

Learn how to summon Aphrodite! Invoke the Goddess of love! This post is part of our Witchcraft and Spells studies and collection.

Praising the magic she brings is a very intense experience. Although Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty, love, and sex, she also has an impulsive, angry, and vengeful dark side. In this article, you’ll learn a ritual to call Aphrodite and perform a love spell.

Before summoning Aphrodite, you must be aware that she will awaken in you these both sides of hers. Therefore, control is needed so that the dark side does not outlast the other side. I wrote about this in detail in the article about Aphrodite Archetype.

How to summon Aphrodite for a love spell
How to summon Aphrodite for a love spell

Prayer to Aphrodite

Aphrodite, like other Greek Goddesses, has an Orphic Hymn dedicated to her. This hymn can be recited in the form of a prayer to the Goddess, praising her attributes, her beauty, and her deeds.

Recite her hymn as an ode to Aphrodite whenever you feel necessary.

Read and listen to it on the page Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite.

How to summon Aphrodite for a love spell

To summon Aphrodite and cast a love spell, you can start by creating an altar and offering roses, shells, perfumes, and fruits. Essential oils and energizing incenses are also welcome. In fact, everything which is aphrodisiac belongs to Aphrodite, so you can use it. Including an image of the Goddess if you have.

Now that you’ve made an altar, continue with Aphrodite’s Love Spell.

Take a moment from your day and take a relaxing shower or bath. If you have a bathtub, add petals and essences to improve the bath. Light red and pink candles and focus on the flames as you watch your own body and connect with Aphrodite.

Call the Goddess and praise her beauty. Now praise your own beauty.

You can decorate the environment with some rose quartz pieces as well.

When you are done bathing, use a body oil that makes you feel more attractive.

If you are already in a relationship, you can do this ritual before a date. If you are not in a relationship yet, do it and be prepared for the attention you are going to grab.

Thank the Goddess and enjoy.


Now you know how to summon Aphrodite and perform a love spell. This love spell is actually a self-love one. By performing it and connecting with Aphrodite you’ll be able to enhance the love energy around you.

It will surely help you in love relationships. Not because you’re going to change people’s cognition about you, but surely because you will become more seductive, confident, and sure of what you really want.

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