Candle colors meaning – 10 amazing colors fully explained!

Candle colors meaning is something many witches tend to research to enhance their magickal practice. What do the candle colors mean? How to choose the best candle color to ask for something? This post is an introduction to candle magick and I’ll explain the meaning of colored candles in Witchcraft. Here, you’ll learn all the basics to fully integrate candle colors in your Witchcraft and Spells practice. This also works for Wicca practitioners.

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Candle colors meaning - Different colors

Candle colors meaning introduction: What are colors?

Before we go straight to candle colors meaning, I find it very interesting to understand a bit about colors themselves. What are colors? How do they affect our life? Our mood? Our behavior?

I can’t remember if I have already mentioned this somewhere on my website, but I’m a marketing professional. I work with colors all the time. I know how powerful they can be not only in magickal aspects but in psychological aspects too.

To start, let’s get an answer to the following questions: What are colors? How do we see colors?

Have you ever wondered that?

Colors are created by the reflection of light. Light travels in particles and these particles hit a surface and are reflected. We can basically see three rays of light: red, green, and blue.

Depending on the intensity of which each of these rays of light is reflected or absorbed, we capture a huge color spectrum. In this spectrum, we are able to identify several different colors and other several different shades of colors!

Interesting, right?

Therefore, when we talk about “light” and the perception of light, whenever we have a lot of light – intense light – we have the white color. That’s why it is common to find people saying that, in candle colors, the meaning of white is “neutral” or “all”. And in fact, it is. White is the sum of all colors together. If you craft a color wheel and spin it, you’ll see the white color is formed. This color wheel is called Newton’s Disc.

All colors together form white - Newton's Disc
All colors together form white – Newton’s Disc

Now, when we have the absence of light – low light – we have black. Lots of people tend to say they see “nothing” when they are in the dark or when they close their eyes. This “nothing” is actually black, the absence of light.

Keep in mind that this explanation I gave regards the quantity of light available.

Now we have another situation. In graphic design or using ink, we have the exact opposite.

If I show you a blank sheet of paper and ask you: What can you see here? Most people answer: “Nothing, it’s empty.”. This emptiness is actually white! So we have white color here! In graphic design, most of the time, white space is considered to be an empty space too. Nothing.

And what happens if we start adding color to this “empty” space? If you have doubts about this, get a printer and remove the black cartridge. Now, only with the colored one, try printing black. We get black. The sum of all colors is black in this case. That’s why it’s also totally possible to say that black encompasses all colors. Thus, in candle colors meaning, black can also mean everything.

In short, colors are everywhere and we can consider White and Black both as the absence of color as well as the complete sum of all colors together.

There’s a saying I read somewhere about Goddess Kali: When all the colors merge, we have black. When everything in the universe merges, we have Kali.

Candle colors meaning – The complete guide

Now that we had an introduction to colors and how we are able to see them, let’s delve into the candle colors meaning. I’ll show here 10 candle colors and their meaning. I’ll also give you examples of situations in which you may use them. The 10 candle colors I’ll write about are:

  • White;
  • Black;
  • Red;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Brown;
  • Pink;
  • Orange;
  • Purple.

This article is focused only on the candle colors meaning. I wrote another one explaining the candle flames. If you’re going to start practicing candle magick, I suggest you read the other one too.

As I mentioned at the beginning, all this content is also available in a free ebook on my Ko-fi page (this one is coming soon, but you can get other ebooks now!). In the ebook, you’ll also find spells for each candle color.

Let’s start with the candle colors meaning journey?

1) What do white candles mean?

White candles mean the power of peace, purification, protection, meditation, and cleaning in general. It also provides a defense against psychic attacks coming from psychic vampires.

When you light up a white candle, you are creating a focal point (I explained this better in the candle flame meaning article) to attract or enhance the attributes above.

The white candle color also means everything else. In other words, if you don’t have a specific candle color for a spell or practice, you can replace it y a white candle.

White candle color meaning:

  • Attracts peace and calms down the mind and the environment;
  • Purifies and cleans your energies, the energies around you, and objects;
  • Brings peace to a turbulent situation or problem;
  • Helps to meditate and to clear the mind;
Candle colors meaning - White Candle
Candle colors meaning – White Candle

2) What do black candles mean?

Black candles mean power to attack and also to defend. There’s a popular belief that implies black candles are used for evil purposes. It’s not wrong, but it goes much beyond this. We can say that black and white candles complement each other. The white ones are more used to defend someone while the black one is more used to attack or retribute something.

Black candles can be used to attract and banish all kinds of energies, including psychic attacks. It can also make a deep cleansing, transmute energies, help you to deeply connect to a Deity (Goddess Nyx is a great example here) or with your own shadow aspect, and, as a bonus, it can guide you to secret and occult places.

If you’re an evil witch, you can also use the black candle to send psychic attacks and hex others.

As I mentioned in the article, black can also be used to replace any other color. If you don’t have a specific color for a specific purpose, feel free to use black.

Black candle color meaning:

  • Makes a deep energetical cleaning in your house or environment;
  • Can be used as an offensive candle (to attack people);
  • Can be used as a defensive candle;
  • Helps to transmute all kinds of energy around you;
  • Aids your journey into your own shadow aspect;
  • Promotes a deeper connection with Deities.
Candle colors meaning - Black Candle
Candle colors meaning – Black Candle

3) What do red candles mean?

Red candles mean energy. Red is the strongest color of all and the most intense too. Alone, the red candle can be used for many objectives, including opposite ones. A red candle color can be used to perform love spells as well as “hate spells” (let’s say it like this so the opposition gets clearer).

By lighting up a candle with the color red, you can create focal points to channel the energy of love, strength, desire, courage, power, and so on. On the other hand, you can also use this same red candle to channel energies of anger, hate, pain, etc.

Red candles are widely used in Dragon Magick and in spells for Dragons too. They are pure energy, full of power in this case.

Red candle color meaning:

  • Channels the energy of love, desire, and sensuality in love spells;
  • Helps to enhance the energy needed to achieve goals;
  • Boosts the strength to fight and solve problems;
  • Aids in decision-making processes;
  • Channels the energy of hate or anger towards someone;
Candle colors meaning - Red Candle
Candle colors meaning – Red Candle

4) What do blue candles mean?

Blue candles mean the very opposite of the red ones. Every time we interpret red as something strong, blue is going to be weak. If red is intense, blue is mild. Blue is traditionally used to calm people down, including babies. So blue candles can be used for the same purpose. But there’s more!

By lighting up a blue candle, you can create a focal point to channel balancing energies, bring peace and calmness, organize ideas, inspire trust (in yourself and in others), enhance your psychic skills, and even for some prosperity spells, as it will deal with organization and steady growth.

Blue candle color meaning:

  • Balances mind, body, and spirit;
  • Brings patience and calms down the mind;
  • Helps to concentrate and organize things;
  • Aids in studies (focus and concentration);
  • Can be used in prosperity spells as it organizes and promotes steady growth;
  • Activates mediumship and enhances psychic skills;
Candle colors meaning - Blue Candle
Candle colors meaning – Blue Candle

5) What do green candles mean?

Green candles mean nature, all of which are prosperous and tangible. Green is full of life, full of energy. It’s a different kind of energy when we compare green and red. This one here is stable and balanced.

By lighting up a green candle, you can create a focal point to channel and perform spells for balancing energies, healing, prosperity, abundance, growth, and much more. Green candles are great for banishing diseases and promoting healing.

Green candle color meaning:

  • Promotes healing and banishes diseases;
  • Attracts prosperity and abundance;
  • Helps to grow projects in a healthy manner;
  • Enhances fertility.
Candle colors meaning - Green Candle
Candle colors meaning – Green Candle

6) What do Yellow candles mean?

Yellow candles mean light, in the best sense of the word. Besides the flame, yellow-colored candles are great to share their own light and bring clarity and also energy. Yellow is a vibrant color, it brings happiness, and makes things lighter.

You can light up a yellow candle to enlighten your own mind, bring clarity to your ideas, and generate inspiration, boost happiness, and wellbeing. Yellow candles are also great for divination. If you read the Tarot, use the Runes or even work with a Pendulum, you can boost your divination skills with a yellow candle.

Yellow candle color meaning:

  • Boosts divination skills for Tarot readings, Rune readings, Pendulum, etc;
  • Enhances life-affirming energies;
  • Clears energies and dissipates shadows (inside the mind, inside a place…);
  • Helps to see through doubts and obstacles.
Candle colors meaning - Yellow Candle
Candle colors meaning – Yellow Candle

7) What do brown candles mean?

Brown candles mean stability, steadiness, and the Earth itself. Brown candles symbolize this connection with the Earth, so they can help you to establish or improve your connection too. When we think about the Earth we immediately think about its abundance. That’s another meaning of the brow candle!

You can light up a brown candle to channel your energy towards abundance, riches, stability, and growth. You can also use it to perform spells related to dwellings – think about putting down roots, like a tree -, material goods, and achievements in general.

Brown candle color meaning:

  • Improves the connection with our planet (consequently, it can be used to connect with Goddess Gaia);
  • Enhances your materialization powers to attract and materialize goods, houses, and objects in general;
  • Helps you to ground your energy;
  • Brings stability and steadiness to any aspect of your life.
Candle colors meaning - Brown Candle
Candle colors meaning – Brown Candle

8) What do pink candles mean?

Pink candles mean the energy of love, but differently from the red ones. Think about the color pink: it’s a mixture of red and white. So it is actually a lighter version of red. Remember how I mentioned red symbolizes opposing energies? It doesn’t happen here. Pink-colored candles bring the best of red “in a calmer way”.

You can light up a pink candle to create a focal point full of love and tender energy. You can also use it to solve problems related to friends, for example. Pink candles are also great for self-love spells and for beauty-related spells.

Pink candle color meaning:

  • Helps to lessen the difficulty of a problem or situation;
  • Enhances beauty, self-love, and self-esteem;
  • Brings movement to a situation that seems to be stagnant;
  • Improves relationships: love and friendship.
Candle colors meaning - Pink Candle
Candle colors meaning – Pink Candle

9) What do orange candles mean?

Orange candles mean energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. So you can imagine its power now! All that intensity of red is moderated by the yellow power. So orange brings power, energy, and light, and brings out the best of red!

You can light up an orange candle to create a focal point and attract creativity, changes, adaptability, and the right ideas you need to stand out from the crowd.

Orange candle color meaning:

  • Brings needed changes to your life;
  • Boosts your creativity (art, writing, sculpting, etc);
  • Improves your ability to make decisions and lights the way to the right ones;
  • Helps you to adapt to new places or situations;
  • Gives you the inspiration to stand out when you need it (winning a competition, getting a job position, being chosen, etc).
Candle colors meaning - Orange Candle
Candle colors meaning – Orange Candle

10) What do purple candles mean?

Purple candles mean a deep connection with the universe and the universal energy. Purple can be used to cast powerful attracting spells, as well as to bring inspiration for creating spells and practicing witchcraft in general. Did you notice there’s a lot of purple on my website? Purple, violet, and shades of purple (some pink for contrast too).

Purple is my favorite color, that’s why it’s the last here on the list. It’s the perfect way to finish this article!

You can light up a purple candle to meditate better, open your crown chakra, and improve your spiritual connection, your psychic strength, your magical power, and your intuition too! Isn’t it the best candle color for self-development?

Purple candle color meaning:

  • Improves meditation;
  • Enhances spiritual connection and spiritual powers;
  • Strengthen your psychic skills;
  • Opens your crown chakra (it can be dangerous, but necessary);
  • Aids you in your self-development as a witch.
Candle colors meaning - Purple Candle
Candle colors meaning – Purple Candle


So this is all you need to know about candle colors meaning and how to properly use candles in your spells and Witchcraft practice. Remember to also read about candle flames meaning to fully understand candle magick.

Of course, you can mix candle colors and achieve different results. I shared some spell tips in my free ebook about candle magick that include mixed colors. You will soon be able to download it for free and support me if you wish on my Ko-fi page.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!


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