Dragon Magick – How Dragons can empower and change you

Yes, Dragons do exist. Like the Elemental Beings, Dragons possess strong energy that can be known and experienced. This is a type of summoning magic, so it must be done with care. Several people work with Dragons inside their witchcraft practices. In this post, we will get to know better about Dragon Magick (also known as Draconian Magick), and how to make offerings to Dragons. In the end, there is also an exclusive Prayer to the Dragons received by us from Santuário Lunar.


What is Dragon Magick

Dragon Magick – An introduction

Firstly, I would like to explain that this post contains several personal experiences and that they should not be followed as a “rule.” The Dragon Magick or Draconian Magick is all that magic practiced in contact with the energy of Dragons. But after all, who or what are Dragons?

Dragons are beings of another dimension that can influence ours directly or indirectly. As well as The Elementals (Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, and Salamanders) and the Fairies, for example. The main difference between Dragons and these other beings is that their energy is much “denser” and much “stronger”.

In other words, working with Dragon Magick is something intense that brings drastic results and sometimes through hard and somewhat painful means. If you feel that you have a connection with these beings, follow your intuition and start practicing Dragon Magick.

A nice thing to do before is to balance your energy. You can do it in several ways. A good exercise and practice that will help you to know if your energy is balanced, is by working with a Pendulum and the energies around you.

A Dragon statue on the grass
A Dragon statue on the grass

Attributes for practicing Dragon Magick

Think of Dragons as independent, fearless, and extremely strong beings. In this way, they value some qualities that must be taken into consideration before any attempt to contact them:

  • Honesty;
  • Honour;
  • Respect;
  • Strength;

Never start a ritual for the Dragons or offer something if you have second thoughts; if you are not sure what you really want; if you think you will “use” the Dragons and then discard them; or if you think they will do all “the work” for you and you will just watch everything.

Not! To work with Draconian Magic you need to be honest, to have the honor and to know how to recognize your mistakes and your correctness, to have respect for them and for nature as a whole, and especially to know that they will help you, but you will be the one to really act and live the changes.

Attributes for practicing Dragon Magick
Attributes for practicing Dragon Magick

How to practice Dragon Magick

With us, the first contact to practice Dragon Magick was through a dream in which a Dragon manifested and explained to us how everything worked, who they were, and what we should do. That simple.

At the time, we were going through a very difficult and troubled season, without any perspectives for the future. After the dream, we follow the instructions:

  • Be aware that Dragons are always willing to make bonds with people who are vibrating the same energy as theirs;
  • To create these bonds, simply connect with Dragons, and everything will be in a natural way;
  • Create and have images and symbols that refer to Dragons in your home;
  • Create a space or an altar for Dragons;

We followed the steps above and opened our hearts, explaining everything that was happening. We lit red candles and got to know the incense and resin called “Dragon’s Blood“.

They told us that they would help change the situation, but that we needed to make sure we wanted that change. We confirmed our intention. Hence, the process began.

From that moment on, we had many dreams and visions involving Dragons. We could feel them in our house, we could feel them on the streets and everywhere. They are really close to us.

In a few days, several events happened. Some bad ones, some shocking ones … some revealing ones, some disturbing ones… it was a series of “blows” that made us see the situation with different eyes and enabled us to get out of that hole.

It was as if the Dragons made us confront those situations and, at the same time, watched us to see if we would be able to deal with the situations. When we reached exhaustion, they gave us the energy to continue, because we wanted to continue!

Finally, everything changed for the better. Our connection to the Dragons has remained strong for years and we have not asked for any more help. We just thanked them.

A Dragon statue on the grass
A Dragon statue on the grass

In another situation, major changes again

A second situation brought us back to Dragon Magick in search of answers, changes, and of course help. Once again, with all due respect, we showed that we were ready for whatever would come as we knew we were protected by them.

And everything happened in a more “dramatic” way than the previous one. We were about to make a decision that would change a lot in our lives and we thought it was the right decision to make. The Tarot revealed that there were some “uncertain” things and that there were many confusing messages that needed to be understood before proceeding, but we thought that everything would be “solved” and everything would be fine.

We asked for help and protection from the Dragons. The next day we had the first “blow” that showed us that we were relying on the wrong person for business expansion. During the following month, we had another series of “blows” that even made us sick, due to sadness and lack of understanding.

Suddenly, everything was clear. We shifted the course of all our decisions to something that we had never considered at the time. A new difficult decision, very difficult indeed, was made and everything changed again, for the better.

Tiamat – Dragon Goddess of Chaos and Creation

In the ancient region of Mesopotamia, we have Goddess Tiamat, the Dragon Goddess related to the primordial Chaos from which all creation arose. One way to practice Dragon Magick is also through Tiamat.

Learn more about Tiamat, meditate with her and start your journey in Draconian Magick with this Primordial Mother.

The story of Tiamat is told in the Enuma Elish, the creation of the world written on the clay tablets found in Babylon, Sumer, and Assyria. There are some great books retelling this story, but I suggest the one that has the original translations like “Myths from Ancient Mesopotamia“. You can find some suggestions below:

The Dragon Tarot

There is an incredible Tarot Deck dedicated to Dragons called The Dragon Tarot. This Deck was created by Nigel Suckling and released in 2018. It contains all the traditional 78 cards and there’s also an illustrated and colored 64-page book.

You can order yours at Amazon.com.

The Dragon Tarot
The Dragon Tarot is a way to connect with Draconian energy and Dragon Magick

Types of Offerings/gifts for Dragons

Like any good friend, giving a gift always does well. Even if they are words or actions, pleasing is never too much. From our experience, the best gift to offer Dragons is red candles on the altar dedicated to them.

The flames of the red candles, along with the warmth and light created by them, serve as a way of showing gratitude and also as a form of “food” for them. Whenever possible, light red candles and dedicate them to Dragons by placing them on the altar.

Dragon Magick is not influenced by the Lunar Phases. But as a habit, if you want to follow the Lunar Phases, follow the scheme below:

  • New Moon: New Projects, Beginnings, Purification
  • Waxing Moon: Existing projects, action, changes
  • Full Moon: Health, More Changes, Prosperity
  • Waning Moon: Banishing, purifying, eliminating influences

You can also perform a full life-changing spell for Dragons full of prosperity and protection.

Prayer to the Dragons

Below you will find another way to stay connected with Dragons and to practice Dragon Magick more effectively. This Prayer to the Dragons was passed to Jesse from Santuário Lunar during a meditation session with the Dragons.

Below you’ll find the Prayer to the Dragons. You can also listen to this prayer on YouTube.

Prayer to the Dragons

Beloved Dragons
Winged Ones
Full of power
And ready to guide anyone

Nothing you ask
And always in silence
You offer us guidance

Protect us from all evil
That, in this dimension,
Is spread trying to prevent our ascension

With the light from these candles
And the burning from this fire
We thank you, Oh Dragons, we so admire

For all the peace, love and protection
From ancient times until today
For you, Oh Dragons, we say

Thank you so much for protecting our way

Received by Jesse Guelfi

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