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Online Free Oracle Reading - Oracle of Hecate

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The Oracle of Hecate is an Online Free Oracle Reading from Santuário Lunar to you. In this oracle, everything is related to Goddess Hecate!

That’s why it’s recommended to have some affinity with her before using it.

Learn how to use it:


Concentrate and think about why you need Hecate’s guidance


Reveal the symbol hidden in the card


Read about the symbol and the message it brings. This oracle is very subjective, so you won’t find a “to-do” suggestion here. You must think about what you received her and connect with Hecate to look for more answers.

Oracle of Hecate - 00 Verse
Oracle of Hecate - 13 Mandrake

The mandrake is a root that brings a lot of fascination in the mystical environment and in Witchcraft. As a symbol of Hecate, the mandrake is part of the Goddess’s garden and is used by her to obtain greater power over spirits of great density, being able to control, exorcise, or punish them. When you come across the mandrake here, think about who is around you. Are there people trying to dominate you with low energies? Are there people trying to contaminate your energy with toxic energies? If you identify these energies, consider doing a cleansing ritual with Hecate.

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