Symbols of Hecate – 17 symbols and their powerful meanings

In this article, I will present 17 symbols of Hecate and their powerful meanings. Each Hecate symbol represents something related to the Goddess or some power she possesses. In addition to this article, I also present the Oracle of Hecate. Just visit the page, focus, and find out which symbol has a message for you today.

Goddess Hecate is considered the Greek Goddess of Witches and has a very specific archetype. Within Neo-Paganism, she is considered part of the Hidden Face of the Triple Goddess.

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Symbols of Hecate

Symbols of Hecate: Meaning and Interpretation

From here, I will present the 17 symbols that best represent Hecate for me. In addition to the explanation of each symbol and meaning, I will also show you the message I wrote that is used in the Oracle of Hecate for each card.

1) Key

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 1 Key
Oracle of Hecate – 1 Key

It is very common to see images of Hecate holding one or more keys in her hands. The key is a very interesting universal symbol. What is a key for? We immediately think that keys are meant to “lock” doors, for example. But is that all? No, it isn’t. In the same way that we use the key to lock something, only with it we can unlock it again.

It is precisely in this “duality” that the key becomes such an important symbol of Hecate.

With the key, Hecate is able to lock away knowledge, but she is also able to let it be free. She can block paths, but she can also open them. Using a key, Hecate can even decide whether to allow the passage from this world to another world, closing or opening the gates.

Whoever has a key is a guardian. And whoever keeps something has the power over it. Hecate has power over all things.

The keys are one of the main symbols of Hecate. The Goddess guards her secrets with her keys. Keys are also used to open paths as well as to close them. If Hecate offers you a key now, what will you do? Ponder this and, with the help of the Goddess, do whatever is necessary.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 01

2) Rope

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 2 Rope
Oracle of Hecate – 2 Rope

The rope is a very versatile item that can be used in different ways in our daily lives. When we think about the symbolism of the rope, we find, in addition to the obvious, some abstract interpretations. We can use a rope to tie something, to give security, to fix it. But we can also use the rope to connect two distinct parts into one. From there, we can interpret the rope as a connector.

Symbolically the rope can be related to the total connection between two beings. Think of the umbilical cord, for example. It is a kind of rope. And it is through it that the fetus receives all the nutrients to develop inside the uterus.

The rope, as one of Hecate’s symbols, can be understood as something that establishes the connection between you and the Goddess. In this way, she can transmit the teachings for you to learn and can also nurture your magical power.

On the other hand, the rope can be used by Hecate as an instrument of correction, and punishment. Dark beings and lost spirits can be “trapped” by this rope, they can even suffer Hecate’s wrath and feel the rope like a whip (you will often see the whip itself as a symbol of Hecate).

Trivia: The rope is also a symbol for Ganesha

The rope can symbolize the connection to the womb, source of nutrients and knowledge as one of the symbols of Hecate. On the other hand, the rope can also be used to correct behavior, as a form of punishment. When you come across the rope here, what do you feel? Do you need to connect more with or reconnect with Hecate? Or maybe, do you feel like she can use that rope to make you see something you’re doing wrong?

Oracle of Hecate – Card 02

3) Dagger

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 3 Dagger
Oracle of Hecate – 3 Dagger

The dagger is a very common symbol found in the mystical and occult environment. The dagger is believed to have been the initial instrument that became the well-known Athame, extremely popular in Wicca and Modern Witchcraft. The dagger is capable of cutting as well as piercing. In addition, it can be used to make strokes or designs on wooden surfaces.

The meaning of the dagger symbol is linked to the ability to cut the veil that separates worlds or separates energies. For example, in Modern Witchcraft and also in Wicca, the dagger (or athame) is widely used to create or undo the magic circle, creating a “separate” environment from reality for the magic work to be done safely.

The dagger as one of the symbols of Hecate means precisely this ability to deal with magic, to make choices, and to separate energies to be able to work magically the way she wants. In addition, it is using the dagger that she cuts illusions and doubts, opening passages so that the paths traveled are calm and as clear as possible.

The dagger is used to cut through illusions and shadows that get in the way of the path to be followed. With the dagger, Hecate can dispel clouds of doubt and make the path to be traveled more precise and enriching. When you come across this dagger here, the suggestion is that you take it and, with Hecate’s help, start cutting those clouds and shadows that may be blocking your vision. Where to start? What to make clear? Who to rely on? Start questioning yourself and use the dagger.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 03

4) Torches

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 4 Torch
Oracle of Hecate – 4 Torch

Torches are mainly used to light up the darkness. In addition, they also serve to make signs and send signals to people who may be far away. Today, although they have fallen into disuse, we know them and usually feel some kind of magical feeling about them.

Torches are one of the main symbols of Hecate. In virtually every image of the Goddess, you will see torches in her hands. This happens because of a very important passage in her history: it was using torches that Hecate lit the way to the underworld so that Demeter could find his daughter, Persephone.

The meaning of the torches as a symbol of Hecate is precisely in this characteristic. It is a symbol that means the illumination of the dark, which is able to show what is hidden or lost. Only by illuminating every dark corner of the path, or of the mind, we may know what is hidden there. This brings great learning or acceptance.

Hecate’s torches are used to light the way and find what is lost. It was with these torches that Hecate guided Demeter to Persephone. When you come across the torches here, it might mean that you need to find something lost in the darkness, in your subconscious. Let Hecate guide your way with the torches and pay attention to everything you find in the darkness, in every corner. There must be a lot of valuable stuff hidden away, just waiting to be found and accepted.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 04

5) Dogs

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 5 Dog
Oracle of Hecate – 5 Dog

Dogs, like wolves, are animals of great protective power. They are known for their loyalty, courage, and strength. A dog will always protect its owner against any threat, even if it has to give its life to it.

The meaning of the dog symbol also includes its ability to see what is “beyond” our vision. They see the other world, just as they can traverse between worlds with complete freedom. It’s no wonder that the guardian of Hades’ gates is Cerberus, a 3-headed dog – which is also listed as a symbol of Hecate.

Dogs and wolves are symbols of Hecate and they follow her wherever she goes. They are her biggest companions. It is said that they bark to warn when Hecate, her queen, is coming. Another meaning of dogs as a symbol of Hecate is their ability to sniff out souls that are lost, guiding Hecate to do whatever is necessary: ​​send these souls to the underworld or bring them back to our world.

Dogs and wolves are symbols of Hecate and they follow her wherever she goes. It is also common for them to walk in front of her, barking and announcing her arrival. When you come across the dogs here, you may need to pay more attention to Hecate’s arrival and her presence. Or, maybe you need to pay more attention to dogs that may be close to you (inside your home or in your neighborhood). What do they mean to you? Are they indicating the presence of Hecate? Are there any crossroads nearby? Pay attention to what they have to say.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 05

6) Dark Moon / New Moon

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 6 New Moon
Oracle of Hecate – 6 New Moon

The New Moon is the phase of the Moon when it is not visible in the sky. The Black Moon, on the other hand, has two common meanings: 1) It is the same as New Moon; 2) it corresponds to the second New Moon that occurs within the same month (similar to the Blue Moon, which in this case is the second Full Moon). Furthermore, when we associate the lunar phases with the faces of the Triple Goddess, the New/Black Moon is associated with the hidden face of the Goddess – which is where Hecate best “fits in”.

Therefore, the New/Black Moon signifies and symbolizes the occult, something we cannot see with our eyes but we know it’s there. The occult is the source of many mysteries and also of many revelations. In the occult there is no beginning or end, everything is an infinite cycle.

As one of Hecate’s symbols, the New/Black Moon signifies the hidden knowledge this Goddess possesses, as well as her connection with the beginning and end of things. Hecate knows when something needs to end to start a new phase. She also knows how this is going to happen.

The New Moon is the Lunar Phase when the moon becomes invisible in the sky. The hidden power of the Moon, as well as the hidden face of the Goddess, are symbols of Hecate directly associated with the powers of the Goddess. As you see the New Moon here, think about what you need to start over in your life. Or maybe, think about what needs to be closed so that a “new phase” can be started. You may also think if there is something hidden that could bring great meaning to you and your journey right now.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 06

7) Triple Moon

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 7 Triple Moon
Oracle of Hecate – 7 Triple Moon

The Triple Moon is the symbol that represents the nature of the Triple Goddess, as well as all the power and mystery surrounding the number. This can be seen everywhere like in the Hindu Trimurti, the Triskle, and many other symbolisms around the world.

The Triple Moon symbolizes the 3 faces of the Goddess (Maiden, Mother, and Crone), as well as the 3 main moments of the universal life cycle (Birth, Growth, and Death). Everything in nature can fit under the perspective of the Triple Moon. Another very common feature of this symbol is the presence of a fourth element that cannot be seen: what is hidden. When we transpose the Triple Moon to the lunar phases we have Crescent, Full, and Waning. The hidden aspect is represented by the New Moon.

As one of the symbols of Hecate, the Triple Moon indicates the Triple nature of the Goddess. She is able to look in all directions (past, present, and future), as well as being able to change whatever is necessary as if time didn’t exist – or as if time was not linear. In addition, Hecate is usually represented with 3 faces or even 3 bodies where each one represents a stage of life: the young woman, the adult woman, and the elderly woman. Each of them has a specific “focus” for magical practice.

The Triple Moon is a very popular symbol of Heacte and also popular for Modern Witchcraft in general. This symbol signifies the Triple nature of the Goddess and all things in nature. As you see the Triple Moon here, reflect on which face of Hecate you need to get closer to at this time. What kind of spells and what intentions should you put into your spells now? Would it be the maiden face with spells related to creation and growth? Would it be the mother face with spells related to prosperity, abundance, and health? Or would it be the crone face with spells of protection, clarity, and transformations?

Oracle of Hecate – Card 07

8) Wheel

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 8 Wheel
Oracle of Hecate – 8 Wheel

The wheel is a universal symbol that represents cycles: everything that begins ends and begins again. In addition, she also represents movement and speed. A wheel usually has 8 “parts” connecting the center to the circumference. For example, we can see it as a symbol of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, where the Goddess Kuan Yin is worshipped. These 8 parts symbolize 8 directions and, in this way, symbolize completeness.

In addition to Mahayana Buddhism, a wheel divided into 8 parts also symbolizes the Wheel of the Year and the 8 Sabbats, the Pagan calendar widely used in Natural Witchcraft and Wicca.

As one of the symbols of Hecate, the wheel also receives this connotation of continuity, of cycles, of beginning and end. Everything that begins inevitably must come to an end to start over again. This new beginning can be just a new aspect of what was ended or something totally transformed, continuing in a different way.

The wheel is a symbol of Hecate that represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The complete cycle. Also seen as a “circle”, the wheel shows that all magical power can be learned, executed, and constantly perfected. If you have received this symbol, it could be a warning from Hecate for you to continue on the path you are on now. Do not stop. Follow the path, even if it takes you back to the starting point. If this happens, know that the path may even be repeated, but the experiences you gained on the first walk will make all the difference now.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 08

9) Strophalos (Hecate’s Wheel)

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 9 Strophalos
Oracle of Hecate – 9 Strophalos

The Strophalos, also called the wheel of Hecate, is the main symbol of Hecate. It consists of a circle containing a serpent-shaped labyrinth. This serpent, which symbolizes rebirth in a general interpretation, creates a path that guides the follower of Hecate through 3 major areas.

These three great areas symbolize the 3 realms over which Hecate reigns absolutely: Earth, Sky, and Sea. This is reinforced in the Orphic Hymn to Hecate, right in the second verse. The follower finds the core of Hecate’s knowledge by crossing the serpent’s labyrinth, passing through Hecate’s 3 domains, and reaching the center. This is where she receives her follower. In other words, when crossing the labyrinth of the subconscious, the followers will be guided by Hecate herself to find everything that is stored in the depths of their minds.

The Wheel of Hecate, or Strophalos, is one of the most used symbols of Hecate. This labyrinth has 3 large areas around the central circle of power that represent everything that Hecate dominates and the secrets that are kept by her. When you come across the Wheel of Hecate, accept the invitation to walk through this labyrinth. Go through all the realms of your mind and reach the center, discovering everything that is there.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 09

10) Crossroads

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 10 Crossroads
Oracle of Hecate – 10 Crossroads

The crossroads always arouses a fascination as well as a mystery. It is said that spirits can easily be seen in them. Crossroads are also believed to be the best place to make an offering or even establish communication with the dead. In Umbanda and Candomblé, crossroads are of great importance.

As one of the symbols of Hecate, the crossroads stands out for a few characteristics. First of all, Hecate has always been known as the Lady of the Paths, the one who knows and guides through all existing paths. In this way, statues and offerings were made to her right at crossroads. It was even common to offer offerings to Hecate’s dogs. Also, the Roman counterpart of Hecate is called the Trivia (3 Paths). In addition to alluding to the Triple nature of the Goddess, the 3 paths also show Hecate’s dominion over land, sky and sea. Whichever path must be followed, Hecate will surely know it.

The crossroads is a well-known symbol of Hecate. It represents the different paths that can be followed on a journey. Furthermore, it also represents Hecate’s mastery over them all. If you have been given this symbol, think about your current journey. Are you in doubt about which way to go? where to go? Or even what to do? So trust Hecate. Whatever the best path to take, it will guide you through it. And the walk will be as important as the arrival at the final destination.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 10

11) Snake

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 11 Snake
Oracle of Hecate – 11 Snake

Snakes are symbols present in all cultures since ancient times. Unlike the present day where snakes are usually seen as something dangerous and scary, in the vast majority of cases, they were seen as protective. Furthermore, the snake’s ability to shed its skin and be reborn has made it a great symbol of renewal and rebirth in general.

In some cultures, snakes were used to protect stored grain from rodents. If the rodents got to the grain, the entire crop would be lost! In addition to being one of the symbols of Hecate, other Greek Goddesses such as Athena and Gaia are also symbolized by the snake.

When we consider it one of the symbols of Hecate, the snake also has the meaning of renewal and rebirth. Furthermore, the snake, or even the serpent, is the one who creates the Strophalos labyrinth, guiding a person through the 3 realms Hecate rules over. Furthermore, Hecate can send a snake or a serpent to guide us in a process of magical rebirth: as if we leave the material completely behind to awaken again in another universe.

The snake (or serpent) is one of Hecate’s symbols and is also one of her favorite animals. Snakes symbolize rebirth, renewal, protection, healing and also the moment when we start a journey of magical awakening. As you stop with the snake here, think about the need for renewal of energies, healing or even the need to start something new on your magical journey. Count on Hecate as your guide.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 11

12) Lion

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 12 Lion
Symbols of Hecate – Oracle of Hecate – 12 Lion

The lion is a universal symbol of strength and majesty. He is always referred to as the “King of the Jungle”. Symbolically, lions possess great knowledge and are protectors of everything that needs to be guarded and protected from intruders.

Many Goddesses have the lion as a symbol in one form or another. For example, Inanna has lions around her as protectors and also as a way to show the fury that she possesses. As a symbol of Hecate, the lion can appear next to the Goddess or even as one of her heads. This means and symbolizes all the power and strength of Hecate, used to build and protect but also to destroy and attack when necessary.

The lion is one of the symbols of Hecate that can be found in images representing the Goddess. When she doesn’t have human faces, she can have a lion’s head on one of her heads. Symbol of strength, protection, fury and destruction, the lion also shows Hecate’s dominion over the earth. When you come across the lion here, Hecate may be trying to show you that you need to pay more attention to these aspects of her personality: strength and fury. What do you need to protect now? Where should you place your strength? What do you need to destroy with full fury? Ask Hecate for advice.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 12

13) Mandrake

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 13 Mandrake
Oracle of Hecate – 13 Mandrake

The Mandrake is known in mystical circles for its powers and it is surrounded by many mysteries and superstitions. For example, it is said that when uprooting a mandrake, its roots which resemble the human form, begin to scream so loudly that the person pulling it can be driven insane or killed.

It is also believed that potions made from mandrake can cure different types of ailments and even curses.

As one of the symbols of Hecate, the mandrake is known to be part of Hecate’s garden. It is by using a mandrake that Hecate’s powers are increased over spirits of great density. This way, she is capable of expelling or punishing them.

The mandrake is a root that brings a lot of fascination in the mystical environment and in Witchcraft. As a symbol of Hecate, the mandrake is part of the Goddess’s garden and is used by her to obtain greater power over spirits of great density, being able to control, exorcise, or punish them. When you come across the mandrake here, think about who is around you. Are there people trying to dominate you with low energies? Are there people trying to contaminate your energy with toxic energies? If you identify these energies, consider doing a cleansing ritual with Hecate.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 13

14) Horse

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 14 Horse
Oracle of Hecate – 14 Horse

The horse is an animal of great beauty that has always inspired magical work due to its abilities. Symbolically, horses can transport all types of energy that exist in the universe and can also cross worlds with complete ease. In the story of the Goddess Rhiannon, for example, she always rides a white horse between the fairy world and our world.

Considered one of the main symbols of Hecate and one of her favorite animals, we can find the horse in the representations of the Goddess, as one of her faces. In addition, the horse is also associated with the element of fire, referring to Hecate’s powers to illuminate what is dark and reveal what is hidden.

According to Hesiod, Hecate spends part of her time in the stable with horses and Hermes and she protects the knights.

The horse is a powerful and strong animal capable of crossing worlds and seeing beyond our dimension. Being one of Hecate’s favorite animals, he is symbolized by the element of fire, which gives him a lot of energy. Horses are one of Hecate’s symbols, and can even be seen as one of her faces. When you come across the horse here, you may need to pay more attention to what is unseen around you. Look with the eyes of the soul and not with the material eyes. Another meaning suggests that maybe you need to use the fire you have inside yourself more and not let that flame go out.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 14

15) Saffron

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 15 Saffron
Oracle of Hecate – 15 Saffron

Saffron is a very powerful plant capable of curing different types of problems in the body. Precisely for this reason, its symbolism is linked to healing and energizing power. Many Goddesses have saffron related to them, including Aphrodite, as saffron also has aphrodisiac powers.

As one of Hecate’s symbols, saffron appears in two different forms. 1) In the Orphic Hymn to Hecate, she is described as a woman dressed in saffron. It is known that saffron was used as a raw material to dye the cloaks and clothes of ancient kings and queens, so we can create the image of a great Queen Goddess. 2) Saffron is one of the plants present in Hecate’s garden. Therefore, we can assume that she uses its powers for healing rituals.

Saffron is a very powerful plant used medicinally and also in spells and magic, especially those related to healing. Hecate is said to wear a saffron robe, which indicates royalty and power. Saffron is also said to be present in Hecate’s garden. Wh en you come across saffron here, you may need to stop and take better care of yourself. You need to value yourself and respect yourself more. You need to heal yourself and treat yourself like a Queen or King. Identify what might be putting you down or making you feel “sick” and turn the situation in your favor with Hecate’s help.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 15

16) Bull

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 16 Bull
Oracle of Hecate – 16 Bull

The bull is an animal that symbolizes strength, courage, and determination. The bull’s horns resemble a Crescent Moon and many Lunar Goddesses had this animal associated with them in some way because of this. In addition, the horns of bulls and cows are also associated with motherhood and protection.

As one of the symbols of Hecate, the bull is no different. The horns in the shape of a Crescent Moon made the bull become a symbol for all Greek Lunar Goddesses like Phoebe, Selene, Artemis, and of course Hecate. In Hecate’s case, the bull means a bit more. It became one of the Goddess’s favorite animals and it also became one of her faces. In the Orphic Hymn to Hecate, she is described as a herder and a caretaker of bulls.

The bull, like the cow, is seen in different ways in cultures and civilizations as a symbol of strength and courage. For the Greeks, specifically, their horns represent the Crescent Moon and, therefore, all Greek Lunar Goddesses had the bull as a symbol. In some representations of Hecate we can see the head of a bull on her body. When you come across the bull here, you may need to analyze the path you are currently walking and see if you have enough courage to go on. Is there something frightening you? Is there anything making you feel weakened? Connect with Hecate and awaken the bull’s strength and courage to face whatever it takes.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 16

17) Garlic

Symbols of Hecate - Oracle of Hecate - 17 Garlic
Oracle of Hecate – 17 Garlic

Garlic is a food known for its healing and purifying power. Many diseases can be prevented or cured with just the daily consumption of garlic. In magic and Witchcraft, especially in Modern Witchcraft, garlic is an ingredient of great power used in cleansing, banishing, and healing spells. It is very common to hear that garlic, or just the smell of it, can keep evil spirits or vampires away.

As one of the symbols of Hecate, the meaning of garlic lies precisely in this property of achieving cleansing and healing. Offerings to Hecate with garlic were made at crossroads for two reasons: 1) To ask for healing from the Goddess who is capable of inflicting diseases and also curing them. 2) Ask the Goddess for protection so that no one was affected by madness. This second reason is due to the fact that Hecate punishes those who mistreat her with madness.

Garlic is a powerful ingredient in the confection of healing, purifying and banishing spells. As one of Hecate’s symbols, garlic was offered at crossroads and requests were for healing and protection, especially against madness. When you come across garlic here, maybe Hecate is trying to warn you that you need to purify your body, your spirit, and the place where you live. Or, that you need to pay attention to your surroundings, because someone close to you may need help to heal. Ask her for help and everything will be fine.

Oracle of Hecate – Card 17


These are 17 symbols of Hecate that represent the Goddess and some of her powers. There are several other symbols, but I believe these 17 describe her very well.

Remember that they are all part of the Oracle of Hecate. You can access and use it for free as many times as you like.

Feel free to leave a comment below about your favorite symbol of Hecate or about your stories with her.

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