Life-changing spell: 3 candles for great changes (Draconian)

This life-changing spell I’m going to describe is intense. Sometimes it is just too intense. I believe it’s one of the most powerful spells I’ve shared in the Witchcraft and Spells category here. By performing this spell, you’re going to ask the Dragon’s help to fully change something in your life (or your whole life!).

Before starting it, please read the full article I wrote on Dragon Magick. It will lay the foundations for this spell. Then, when you feel you’re ready, follow the steps I’ll describe below or watch the whole video.

Life-changing spell - 3 candles for great changes

Life-changing spell: a brief story

I believe you have already read the article on Dragon Magick, so I’ll summarize what happened to me when I performed this spell in two different moments of my life. With my story, you can feel more encouraged to perform this life-changing spell if you need it.

It all started in 2016. By that time we were living in Rio de Janeiro, the capital city. We were in Lapa to be precise. Lapa is a very famous district for its bars and nightlife. But we were not interested in any of these. The situation there became unbearable due to the rapid growth of Rio de Janeiro. We had the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games would take place in a few months that year.

Lots of people were moving to Rio de Janeiro and the number of people living on the streets also increased.

Anyway. We needed to move from Lapa to a better place. Due to the world events taking place there, the rental prices and cost of living in the capital increased dramatically. It was not that easy to move.

That’s when our first contact with Dragons happened. As I described in the Dragon Magick article, we followed all the steps that were proposed. And we performed this spell here.

Things started to change! But it was not an easy and smooth change. It was dramatic! It was really tough. But we stood by it and in just 2 weeks we got a new apartment in a much better place with silence, safety, and for a great price.

On the second occasion, we were about to expand our business at the end of 2018. It was a risky move, but we were willing to try it. However, the Tarot cards gave a very strange interpretation. I clearly remember the Nine of Cups card in a reversed position. Something was wrong but we didn’t know what.

We decided to perform this spell again. We needed changes… but which ones? If we wanted to continue doing what we were already doing, we would have to change many things. If we wanted to expand, we would have to change other things. Any decision was bound to several changes.

One day after this life-changing spell we received a huge “blow” from a partner-to-be. It was as if he was saying “don’t count on me, I’ll betray you all after this expansion”. It was impossible to be clearer than that. Consequently, we gave up the expansion idea. But that’s not all. Several other blows came afterward and we had to do many adaptations to our life and business.

These adaptations happened around July 2019. And in December of that year, the COVID-19 pandemic started. It would have been catastrophic for our business, but we were ready for it. Thanks to this life-changing spell performed months before it.

How to cast a life-changing spell with 3 candles

Now I’ll teach you how to cast this life-changing spell. You can also interpret this spell as a prosperity and protection spell once the Dragons will help you and protection from all the things that are happening and those to come. Feel free to cast this spell whenever you need it.

Before performing this spell, there are some things you must have in mind:

  • Make sure your connection with Dragons is already established (whether by their calling, by intuition, or by Tiamat);
  • The altar dedicated to Dragons is created;
  • The number of red candles you find necessary (we always use 3 at a time);
  • Know exactly what you want: it’s irreversible;

Leave everything to perform this spell ready and perform it on a quiet night when you’re not too tired. Start by preparing the altar you made for the Dragons: clean it, rearrange it, and place as many candles as you wish. We always use 3 at a time.

Life-changing spell - 3 candles burning for the Dragons
Life-changing spell – 3 candles burning for the Dragons

Focus on what you want. As you light each candle, call the Dragons and thank them for their presence. Explain why this spell is being performed. Explain in detail, for example:

“Oh, dear Dragons, I offer these candles, these flames, these lights and this heat as a form of gratitude. I ask that you always continue to protect me and guide me on the path of prosperity, truth, and justice. I also ask you to help me (explain the situation you want to change). I am ready for the challenges ahead and I know that with you by my side everything will be fine. “

End this spell by thanking the Dragons and letting the candles burn to the end. You do not have to watch the candles unless you want to meditate with them. You will probably have some revealing dreams right after it and the changes may also begin to happen on the next day.

So, I repeat, be prepared!

Over the next few days, repeat this spell just by thanking and telling the experiences you are going through. Keep up the habit of performing this spell with some frequency. Dedicate fire to them whenever you can and always thank them for they will always be by your side.

Life-changing spell - Dragon Magick
Life-changing spell – Dragon Magick
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