7 Essential Incenses for every Witch

You should already know how important incenses are in the practice of witchcraft. The incense smoke is capable of producing different effects both in the environment and in ourselves. For more details, read the post Incense meaning and uses in spells and rituals. In this post, we will see the 7 essential incenses for every Witch and their properties!

Before lighting an incense it is important to dedicate it to someone. You can do a little prayer or dedication. Dedicate to a Goddess, to a God, to the elementals … feel free!

Always remember to give preference to natural incenses or masala incenses. Avoid “ordinary” incenses because they can be toxic. My favourite natural incenses are Inca Incense from Brazil, if you want to know more about them you can check in this post: Inca Insense Review.

1) Rose Incense

Rose Incense - Red Rose drawing
A rose

Rose Incense is an incense of sweet and floral aroma. When you light a Red Roses incense, you immediately feel surrounded by them. Among the main properties of this incense, you can obtain:

  • The ability to awaken passion and to make you open for receiving love or for loving more;
  • The power to awaken the sensuality that is in you and the power to make good use of it;
  • The ability to bring inspiration to create, allowing you to connect with nature and letting your mind flow.

You can dedicate it to:

2) Clove Incense

Clove Incense - Clove drawing

Clove Incense is usually very strong and this is precisely its power! The clove is known for its properties related to abundance and prosperity, as well as its energy, which is associated with the Sun. With the incense of clove you attract:

  • Prosperity for your home, business and for your life;
  • Abundance so you’ll have everything plenty and that you can always achieve your goals;
  • Joy to ward off moments when moods are low and make the sun “shine” again in your life.

You can dedicate it to:

3) Rosemary Incense

Rosemary Incense - Rosemary drawing

Rosemary Incense is very powerful to be used in banishing rituals. That’s because Rosemary is known for its protective power. If you feel that the mood is “heavy”, light a Rosemary incense to:

  • Bring the protection of the divine beings to your home/life;
  • Provide energy if you feel without it, common in cases of energetic vampirism;
  • Banish bad energies and low vibration beings.

You can dedicate it to:

4) Rue Incense

Rue Incense - Rue Drawing

Rue Incense is ideal for those times when you need to “open your paths.” Do you know when everything seems to be “locked”? So that’s where the Rue incense comes in! It comes, leaves a great scent, and unlocks all the paths! Use it for:

  • Purifying environments and leaving everything with lighter energy;
  • Protecting you and the environment from negative influences by creating a kind of protective shield;
  • Clearing paths and letting the energy flows in all fields.

You can dedicate it to:

5) Myrrh Incense

Myrrh Incense - Myrrh Drawing

Myrrh Incense is ideal for times when we need to focus on work or creation. It also helps us to make an energy cleansing, so it is great to be used before meditations or spells. Use it for:

  • Performing an energy cleansing. Use before performing a meditation, casting a spell or sleeping;
  • Bringing harmony to the environment and making everything “fitting its own place”;
  • Helping in concentration, making the vibration compatible with the moment and allowing you to focus and to stay focused on what you want.

You can dedicate it to:

6) Lotus Incense

Lotus Incense - Lotus Drawing
Lotus flower

Lotus Incense brings exactly what the Lotus Flower represents, especially in Hindu art: Lightness, the ability to remain in balance, purity and the ability to flourish in the most hostile environments. Use it for:

  • Focusing and staying focused during some activity;
  • Relaxing and balancing regardless of the situation you are in;
  • Being inspired and letting the mind float and bring the best in the universe.

You can dedicate it to:

7) Lavender Incense

Lavender Incense - Lavender drawing

The Lavender Incense is perfect for relaxing and meditating. Maybe everyone knows that! But what not everyone tells us is that, in addition, Lavender is also directly associated with prosperity! Lavender incense then creates a tranquil environment and allows you to expand your mind to attract prosperity! Use it for:

  • Relaxing and creating a perfect environment to meditate, sleep or study;
  • Attracting prosperity similar to the fields of Lavender, always full and prosperous;
  • Meditating and allowing your mind to expand seeking prosperity, knowledge and intuition.

You can dedicate it to:

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Incenses and the power of the scents

So these are the 7 Essential Incenses for every Witch. With each of these 7, it is possible to achieve different results in different energy fields!

Of course, we have so many other very important incenses that have not been on the list (after all, lists are to be debated, aren’t they?). What are your favourite incenses? What are the ones you always have to keep at hand? Leave a comment!

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    On this occasion, I’d like to ask you about something that is affecting me a lot, because it’s about someone I love. I’m looking for a health ritual or spell that is very powerful (like, the real stuff). I tried to create one myself, but when it’s something so personal I’m blocked, so I wanted to ask you. I know that the most important thing is the conviction and the energy we put into what we do, but anyway, I need something… strong. I’m a solitary practitioner, so I don’t know many people to ask this. I hope you have any recommendation to make me, anything will be welcome. Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hello, Hernan! Thank you for your comment! You need a health spell for somene who is sick, to prevent something or other thing? Or maybe you’d like to banish something bad which may be the reason for this health issue? Please, tell me more. If you wish you can write me directly [email protected]

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