Full Moon Spell – 5 items for a great manifesting ritual

In this post, you’ll learn a powerful Full Moon Spell! With only 5 items you’ll perform a great ritual for manifesting your desires, dreams, and goals.

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This spell must be performed under the Full Moon phase, alongside the Mother Face of the Triple Goddess. You can make it during any night but do it preferably during the first Full Moon night.

This spell is suitable for any witches, practitioners of natural witchcraft, and/or Wicca.

You can watch the video below for a detailed tutorial and continue reading this article for a written version

A Full Moon with magical rays behind
How to make a full moon spell

Full Moon dates in 2022

Firstly, let’s get prepared for the Full Moon nights we’ll be having throughout 2022!

Get ready to perform this spell by gathering the items prior to these dates.

These are the 12 Full Moons of 2022:

January17Full Moon
February16Full Moon
March18Full Moon
April16Full Moon
May16Blood Moon
June14Super Full Moon
July13Super Full Moon
August11Full Moon
September10Full Moon
October09Full Moon
November08Blood Moon
December08Full Moon
Full Moon phases in 2022 including 2 Blood Moons (Total Lunar Eclipse) and 2 Super Moons

You can see a full list of the moon phases for 2022 here.

Suggestions to summon in the full moon spell

Check below a list of Goddesses you may summon during this Full Moon Spell. This is just a suggestion to guide you:

  • Hekate, the Triple Goddess of witchcraft ;
  • Demeter, the Greek Goddess of harvest and abundance;
  • Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld;
  • Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of fire and fertility;

You may also summon the Salamanders because they are the Fire Elemental Beings.

Full Moon Spell – Tutorial

For this Full Moon Spell, you are going to need:

  • Your Cauldron;
  • A lot of bay leaves;
  • Your wooden spoon;
  • Alcohol or a firelighter gel;
  • A lighter or some matches.

If you haven’t got your cauldron yet or need a new one, check these options below:

A picture of the cauldron I use for this full moon spell
A witch cauldron for the full moon spell
I picture of the bay leaves I use for this full moon spell
A bunch of bay leaves for the full moon spell

How to perform the Full Moon Spell

Total Time: 30 minutes

During a Full Moon night (preferably the first), get all the items

Fill your cauldron up with lots of bay leaves

Go outside or look for a safe place inside your house (bathroom, for example)

Dip the bay leaves with alcohol or put a firestarter gel on them.

This is important. If you don’t use anything you’ll be in troube to really burn all of the bay leaves.

Dip the tip of your wooden spoon in alcohol or put a bit of firestarter gel on it

Use the lighter or some matches to start the fire on the wooden spoon

Insert the bruning wooden spoon inside the cauldron so the fire will start

Sit down beside the cauldron

Start by summoning the Goddesses, spirits and Deities you’re familiar with

Thank each one of them for everything you’ve got

Use the wooden spoon to steer the bay leaves

Do it lightly, otherwise you “suffocate”the fire and it’ll be gone. Bring the ones that are in the bottom to the surface, so they’ll burn too.

Continue steering them lightly

Now make your wishes and tell the things you want to manifest

You can close your eyes or focus on the fire while you manifest the things you wish.

Continue steering the bay leaves

When all the bay leaves are burned, finish the Full Moon Spell by circling the wooden spoon 3 times clockwise over the cauldron while saying: “So mote it be!”

Thank the Goddesses, the spirits and all the Deities you summoned

It’s done!


I hope you enjoy this Full Moon spell and I hope you can manifest your wishes with it!

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