Freyja – Goddess of Power and Beauty

  • Attributes: Power, Beauty, Sexuality and Creativity
  • Symbols: Spear, Cats and Northern Lights
  • Place: Scandinavia
Freyja depicted in a illustration
Freyja with her cats, spear and chariot

Freyja (Freya, Freia and some other variations). She’s one of the most important Goddesses of the Scandinavian mythology. Her name means “The Lady”. She makes part of the group called Vanir, compound by Gods and Goddesses related to the nature, plants, wild animals and to some other realities. Freyja reigns over the field called Folkvangr, to where half of the souls of those who died in battles are sent. The other half is sent to Valhalla, Odin’s field.

This Goddess has had several lovers, although she has loved her husband, Od, anyway. It’s quite common the misunderstanding between the names Od and Odin, but several ancient texts make very clear that both Gods are quite different one from the other. When Od went for quite long trips, Freyja used to cry golden tears. For many times the Goddess decided to seek Od and, during her visits to different lands and peoples, she was given different names like: Gefn, Sýr, Vanadís among many others.

Freyja was also a warrior Goddess. She knew magic and the Runes, she was able to cast spells and could also shape shift. Her personality, as well as the nature she represents were unconquerable.

It is said that when she traveled through the skies in her chariot she used to provoke strange lights in the sky, which are now known as Northern Lights.

Beauty to seduce and power to face whatever it may come

Freyja’s features are similar to the nature’s that we are surrounded by. Always beautiful, being easy for us to be involved and in love with. Nevertheless, if we neglect enough care and attention to her great dangers turn out to be and our lives run risks. The Goddess is unconquerable as well as the nature. We should never get attached to anything as well as never having the feeling of being the owners of anything else.

Besides being depicted as a Goddess that never spared any efforts to ensure getting whatever she wanted,  Freyja is not an evil Goddess. It is quite important for us to have the capability of distinguishing the right from wrong. Freyja teaches us that saying “no” in some situations we are asked to do some kind of favour we don’t want to say “yes”, although it seems to be horrendous, for some determined situations that must be the appropriate answer to give, as it tends to come with some learning opportunity as well.

Summoning Freyja

Before summoning Freyja we must think of which Goddess’s feature we want to be connected to:

  • Her beauty and seduction;
  • Her power and warlike spirit;
  • Her magic and skills of shape shifting.

Whatever feature which is chosen, one way to summon her is to set up an altar so that it may represent her hall in Folkvangr, the Sessrúmnir. There aren’t many details about the way this hall looked like, that’s why it is suggested for you to place a Goddess statue and something else that could symbolize the wild nature or her favourite animals like cats, fowls and boars.

After setting up the altar, concentrate on the Goddess’s myth and get connected to the quality you wish for. If you are in search of a new lover or spice the relation you’re already in, concentrate on the Goddess’s beauty; If you wish strength to face challenges and insight to distinguish right from wrong then you must concentrate on her warlike features; If you wish flexibility to deal with determined situations or to adjust yourself to new ones, concentrate on her skills of shape shifting.

The Goddess Tarot

Freyja is one of the Goddesses which are on the Goddess Tarot set. She’s represented by the card number IV, Freyja, represents The Power.

Freyja, the Scandinavian Goddess (Norwegian) of creativity, love and beauty shows that the real power is in the capability of distinguishing between aggression and passivity – and the ability to know how to choose between them at the right time.

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