Frigga – Goddess of Knowledge and Forecasts

Attributes: Goddess of knowledge, clairvoyance, earth, marriage, birth, fertility, motherhood, love and housework. Queen of Aesir
Symbols: Keys and the spinning wheel
Place: Scandinavia

The Goddess with the highest position in Aesir, Frigga, is associated with knowledge and clairvoyance. She is Odin‘s first wife and mother of Baldr. She is a tall, beautiful and imponent woman. She always wears expensive jewels and beautiful clothes with falcon and eagles themes (animals that she could turn herself into)

Frigga resides in her palace, Fensalir, the most beautiful home in all Norse Mythology. She spends her days there with her husband, talking and drinking in golden goblets. Her sister, the Goddess Fulla, regulates the entrance in the palace and also knows all Frigga’s secrets.

She is also associated with the earth itself, as well as Gaia, thus possessing the attribute of fertility and an even greater importance for its devotees. As a Goddess of marriage, birth and motherhood, love and housework, Frigga is the idealized wife, as well as Juno, Parvati or Hera, maintainer of peace, moral codes and justice, on the physical and heavenly planes. Frigga gets what he wants through diplomacy, a very strong feature in this deity.

Her natural ability to predict the future contrasts with Odin’s attempts to discover the future through self-sacrifice, questioning giants and spirits. Here the traditional roles of man and woman in Norse mythology are reinforced: Men have physical power and women possess a natural gift to magic and are closer to the divine

Frigga and Freyja

Some scholars say that Frigga may be the same Goddess as Freyja, due to the similar importance of the two to the Scandinavians, but they are of different pantheons, while the first Goddess is Queen of Aesir, the second Queen of Vanir.

According to Edda texts, these two pantheons came into conflict and ended up being unified. What is suggested then, when analyzing the features of both Goddesses, is that they are different and independent Goddesses , but archetypes of a Triple Goddess, being Freyja the warrior, the maiden and Frigga the wise mother. The third aspect, that of old woman, is attributed to Goddess Hel who rules the world of the dead.

Summoning Frigga

Frigga is a Goddess who keeps us in touch with our intuitive nature and and life in alignment with the spiritual side. The ritual below can be done in any lunar phase to draw good energies into your home and wisely guide the path of those who reside in it.

Necessary items: 

  • A shining metal Key
  • Metal polisher

Before you start, polish the key so it glows.

Take the polished key and stay within the area of the doorframe of your house, facing the interior.

Hold the key in front of you and call for Frigga, ask her to bless the key, your home, and yourself.

Walk through all the rooms with the key in front of you, imagining that you are opening new paths in your life and closing those that do not do you any good.

Make your requests according to your intuition.

When you go through all the rooms, go back to the entrance and hang the key over the door.

Remember to always keep it clean and polished so that the blessings from Frigga will continue to come to your home.

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