Kuan Yin – Goddess of Compassion and Mercy

In the Buddhist religion, the Goddess Kuan Yin is venerated by millions of people and regarded as the ultimate symbol of spiritual purity. For centuries she symbolized the great ideal of Mahayana Buddhism and she was destined to become a Buddha, but she renounced attaining Nirvana once she heard the cries of suffering people all over the Earth. She decided to remain on Earth to help those in need for as long as it was necessary.

Her origin myth has countless versions and variations and perhaps the best-known one is here Kuan Yin was born as a princess, called Miao Shan and she was despised by her parents for being the third daughter, while they expected a son. Her parents arranged a marriage with a rich man, but Miao Shan never liked the idea, because she wanted to follow the life in search of spiritual enlightenment through meditations.

  • Attributes: Lady of karma, Goddess of compassion, mercy and unconditional love
  • Symbols: Dragon, Lotus Flower, White Tiger, vessel with Water
  • Place: China
Kuan Yin and Lung Nu, daughter of the Dragon King | Wicca, Magic, Paganism, Witchcraft
Kuan Yin and Lung Nu

Her father sent her to a Buddhist convent, but he requested mistreatment for Miao Shan, leaving her to do all the heavy tasks, in hope she would regret it and return to her palace. However, his strategy did not work and Miao Shan continued to meditate and elevate her spirit.

Furious, her father ordered her to be killed. When she was taken to the forest by soldiers, she knew what was waiting for her, but she still showed no fear and remained calm. Moments before her death a huge white tiger emerged, knocking down the guards and taking Miao Shan to the underworld where she encountered the Lord of Death together with several souls in eternal suffering. Asking the Lord of Death for mercy, the souls were released.

After returning to the surface, Miao Shan continued to lead her quiet and meditative life.

One day she received the news that her father had become ill. To heal him, Miao Shan offered one of her arms and one of her eyes. However, her father still remained ill. Miao Shan then offered her other arm and her other eye. Her father, healed, regretted everything he did to his daughter and then, miraculously, Miao Shan was perfectly restored and attained enlightenment, becoming Kuan Yin.

However, Kuan Yin wished to remain on Earth until all souls in need of help were helped and attained enlightenment.

Kuan Yin is also known as Guanyin or Quan Am. In Japan she is portrayed as Kwannon, God of Mercy. With the mixing of cultures in Asia, many times Kuan Yin and the Goddess Tara are portrayed as being the same Goddess, but each one has different symbologies.

The Karma Law

Currently Kuan Yin is considered the Lady of Karma, and she can intercede favorably at the moment of death and transition of any conscious being. Karma literally means “action” in Sanskrit, a word also adopted by various religions around the world.

The law of Karma is what adjusts the effect to its cause. Any good or evil that we have done in one of our lives will bring us good or bad consequences for this or the next lives.

This law never changes and is known in various religions as “celestial justice.”

Kuan Yin also intercedes for all those who are going through difficult times in which they need spiritual support.

Summoning Kuan Yin

There is no rule for the moment or way you will summon Kuan Yin into your life. Summoning her can be done through practices of love and solidarity, a mantra or even a prayer.

The important thing is your constant connection with the Goddess to feel her presence and perceive her miracles.

The most traditional method to connect with her is through the compassion mantra:

Om Mani Padme Hum 

This mantra has been repeated by millions of people around the world for centuries and the words themselves contain a powerful and magical energy. Write and pronounce this mantra slowly, focusing on the sounds that come out of you as a physical connection to that divine energy that has been used for centuries.

It is recommended, if possible, to enchant the mantra or prayer using a Japa Mala (Japa = repetition; Mala = string or necklace), a rosary of 108 beads, for greater concentration, rhythm and for preventing unwanted thoughts.

The Goddess Tarot

The Goddess Tarot | Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is one of the Goddesses in the Goddess Tarot. The card number XII, Kuan Yin, represents the Sacrifice.

Honored as the holy mother of compassion, Kuan Yin is one of the most beloved Goddesses in China. Instead of allowing herself to enjoy the delights of paradise, Kuan Yin vowed never to leave Earth until the last human being was free of pain, sacrificing herself for the greater good of all.

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