Maria – Goddess of Miracles and Motherhood

  • Attributes: Mother Goddess of Miracles
  • Symbols: Crown, robe, heart, rosary
  • Place: Christian Europe

After the christianization of the Pagan Religions, the characteristics that managed to survive were transformed to be adapted to the new religion. We see this on holidays throughout the year as Easter, transformation of the Sabbat Ostara, and Christmas, transformation of the Sabbat Yule, for example. Even with all the efforts of the catholic church to erase pagan memories and to center all attention on Jesus, we have a figure present in the religion that carries within itself the feminine essence and keeps alive the image of the Goddess and also possesses a recurring myth in paganism: Mother Mary.

Mary was a humble peasant who received, through the angel Gabriel, a message from God that she would be the mother of her son, Jesus. Mary miraculously became pregnant, even though she was a virgin, and gave birth to Jesus. Although she is always called the “Virgin Mary” and not “Goddess Mary“, Mary embodies aspects of Goddesses like Isis who becomes pregnant and gives birth to Horus, also at the winter solstice, without having sexual relations with Osiris; She also has some aspects of the Triple Goddess, since Mary is the mother of Jesus, representative of the Sun God, and the term “virgin” may have been misinterpreted over the centuries, making more sense if thought of as a Maiden face of the Goddess before becoming Mother.

Our Lady of Aparecida

Throughout the more than two thousand years of the present era, it is said that Mary made several appearances in different places of the world being one of the most famous apparitions in Fatima, Portugal, where she appeared to three children and revealed three terrible prophecies.

The other very famous apparition occurred in Brazil while fishermen fished, out of season, the few fish in the Paraíba River, state of São Paulo. Almost giving up fishing, the fishermen threw the net again and fished the body of Maria without the head. When they threw it again they found the head. From this moment the river was full of fish and the fishing was so abundant that they could hardly sail. At the site was built the largest catholic shrine in Brazil where millions of faithful people visit during the year to receive miracles.

Summoning Mary

The most traditional way to get in touch with Mary is through the Hail Mary prayer. One can also pray the Rosary, a catholic instrument, both publicly or individually:

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Mary can be summoned in times when you need comfort, in difficult times or when you expect a miracle.

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