Goddess Morrigan – Goddess of Battles and Life Cycle

The Goddess Morrigan is a Celtic Goddess of many names. She is the Goddess of Battles and Goddess of Life Cycle. She is sometimes called Morrigu, Morrighan or even Morgaine. It is even believed that she is Morgana Le Fay, from the myth of King Arthur, but no historian was capable of proving it.

The Goddess Morrigan is associated with destiny, being described as a warrior who has, above all, the power to predict the future in battle and the power to shapeshift. In this role, the Goddess Morrigan appears as a crow flying over the battlefield.

Goddess Morrigan - Goddess of Battles
Illustration about Morrigan. Author unknown
  • Attributes: Goddess of battles, transformation, rebirth and destiny
  • Symbols: Crow, Owl and Spiral
  • Place: Europe

The Goddess Morrigan is related to the Valkyries and The Norns of Norse mythology, being warriors and divine beings that interfere in fate, respectively.

Goddess Morrigan – A Triple Goddess

The Goddess Morrigan is often described as a triad of sisters, called Morrígna. The members vary from legend to legend, but the most common occurrences are:

  • Badb (another Crow Goddess of Ireland who flies over the battlefield);
  • Macha (pre-Celtic Goddess whose symbol is also the Crow and the Horse; she feeds on the corpses of the battles);
  • Nemain (another Goddess, responsible for confusing the opposing warriors causing fear and panic during the battle).

Therefore, because of this nature, she can also be considered a Triple Goddess.  The Goddess Morrigan is one of the leading Celtic Goddesses and she also has the number three as sacred to her.

Goddess Morrigan by Aly Fell (2010). For more artworks and for buying his books, you can access his website, Darkrising.

Goddess Morrigan – Goddess of Life Cycle

The Goddess Morrigan is a Goddess of earth, water and sky and it is believed that her breasts not only nourish the living but regenerate the dead. There are even some hills in County Kerry called Da Chich Annan, which they say they were formed from them.

As a member of the Goddess Danu People (Tuatha Dé Danann), the Goddess Morrigan is believed to be related to the construction of Newgrange, Ireland. Inside it, there are three stone cells, three stone basins and many spiral engravings.

The Goddess Morrigan is a Goddess of many forms and many beliefs. Her main symbol, the crow, is often seen as a bad omen in many cultures. However, the crow is not that animal that causes death. The crow is the one that devours the dead, transforming them and giving continuity to the cycle of life.

The Goddess Morrigan is feared by her nature, but she is not a Goddess of death: she is a Goddess of Transformation.

Goddess Morrigan by Simbelmyne-9 on Deviant Art
Goddess Morrigan by Simbelmyne-9 on Deviant Art

Goddess Morrigan – In the Mist

The Goddess Morrigan‘s association with Morgana Le Fay causes controversy due to their different natures. In Arthurian legends, Morgana is often described as a vengeful and seductive person who ends up putting the protagonist in dangerous situations.

The Goddess Morrigan has got some traits in common with her, but Morrigan is not a divinity seeking revenge, not even discord. The similarity between them is in their names, although the word roots are different.

Goddess Morrigan – Summoning

We can connect with the Goddess Morrigan when we need to fiercely face some obstacles in our life. For this, we can build an altar that symbolizes the cycle of life and her triple form.

Choose symbols that represent the beginning of life as seeds, or maybe images that represent the beginning of the moment you are passing through.

Choose also symbols that show the development of this life like a flower or something that represents your moment. Also put symbols that represent the end and the beginning, such as twigs or dried leaves, for example.

Offer this altar to Morrigan and ask her to help you face the obstacle that is in your path with all your strength and power.

Leave the altar assembled until you have overcome the obstacle.

Every day thank the Goddess and seek to know more about her, her achievements and her adventures.

A song for Goddess Morrigan: Trismegistia – Little Crow

The song Little Crow by the pagan music project Trismegistia was made for honouring Goddess Morrigan. The lyrics talk about listening to her call and reconnecting with nature while unleashing the power inside.

Watch below the video for Little Crow:

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