Saule – Goddess of the Sun and Life Cycle

  • Attributes: Goddess of the sun, life, fertility, warmth and health
  • Symbols: Amber, apple, crown, daisy or sunflower, rosette
  • Place: Lithuania, eastern Poland and the Baltic Sea

The Goddess Saule is the Lithuanian Goddess of the Sun, responsible for the well-being and regeneration of the life cycle on Earth. It is said that it accompanies the life of all beings from birth and in death she receives their spirits in her apple tree.

According to Baltic Mythology, Saule runs through the sky every day in a copper-wheeled carriage pulled by unremitting horses, and at night she goes to her silver castle at the end of the sea to bathe the horses.

At the beginning of creation, she was married to the Moon God Menesis and they had several children: the first was the Earth and the others were Stars. Among the Stars, one was special to her: Austrine (or Saules Meita, as called by the majority).

Saule was an assiduous worker, every morning she went out into the sky to bring light and prosperity to the world while her husband was fickle and carefree and used to leave the castle with his moon carriage only sometimes, leaving the world at the mercy of darkness.

Every night, after bathing her horses, she looked for Austrine, her beautiful long-haired daughter. Yet one day she did not find her – in the absence of the Goddess, her husband had raped the child. Extremely furious, Saule took a sword and struck him in the face, leaving the marks we see today on the lunar disk.

Since then evil has invaded the world and the two are no longer seen together in the sky.

A Mother’s pain

Most legends of Goddesses and Gods bring stories of punishment and overcoming. A striking feature of this in question is that the suffering caused to the Goddess was due to the rape of her daughter. This suffering for love of someone else brings Saule closer to mankind and shows that after banning Menesis to protect her family, she did not give up his initial goal: she continues to bring light and rule the life of the world.

Just like the Triple Goddess, Saule possesses her benevolent face (Mother) and her destroying face (Crone), showing us one universal true: It is necessary to destroy to begin anew. Saules Meita corresponds to the Maiden aspect.

Summoning Saule

Difficult situations faced in the family are quite common. Violence, incest, psychological aggression and so on. Unfortunately, we live in a sexist society and many women are forced to endure such situations because they feel that they do not have the strength to face male oppression.

The myth of Saule shows us that every woman has enough strength to avoid subjecting herself to any type of violence against herself or against her daughters and sons.

If you went through some kind of situation, you can seek the help of Goddess Saule to get the strength to overcome and move on. It is also worth to say that if you know someone in this situation, you can also do the ritual together with the person to help her.

Necessary items:

  • Incesnse and / or candles
  • Red ribbons
  • Daisies
  • Amber gem

To summon Saule and ask for strength for her, start by setting up an appropriate environment. You can use candles and / or incense to create a more propitious climate. Put red ribbons in your hair to refer to the customs of the women of the Baltic Sea. Use daisies to decorate the place and amber jewelry like rings and necklaces. Separate your Athame.

Focus on the Goddess and her myth. Now, tell your story, your problems aloud, and relate them to the strength of the Goddess. Visualize your problems in front of you as a circle of energy. Symbolically take your Athame and cut off the bad energy with a single blow.

Thank the presence of the Goddess and know that now her strength will be with you. There is nothing to fear. Express your feelings and seek your freedom.

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