Venus – Goddess of Love and Sexuality

  • Attributes: Goddess of love, beauty, fecundity and sexuality
  • Symbols: The hand mirror (symbol ), shell, rose
  • Place: Rome
The Birth of Venus
Venus in “The Birth of Venus”

Depicted throughout Greek mythology as Aphrodite, Venus represents the female individuality and self-love. Despite being married to Vulcan, this Goddess had affairs with other gods and with the Trojan prince Anchises, whose son is Aeneas, the mythological founder of Rome.

Venus is the Roman Goddess who is most associated with the female sexuality. Her origin is uncertain, she is believed to have been born from the foam generated by the cut off of her father’s testicles Jupiter, when falling into the sea, or that in fact she is the sea’s daughter and that Saturn prepared her birth. There are still some who say that she is the daughter of Jupiter with the nymph Diona, his concubine.

The worship of this Goddess represents the legitimate charm and seduction of the divine by the mortals, in contrast to the formal relations of most members of the Roman and Greek pantheons.

Love and sexuality

When we refer to Venus as the Goddess of love, we have to take into account the kind of love we are talking about. Many Goddesses are related to love , but there are always differences such as mother love, platonic love, carnal love, unconditional love and so on.

Venus is related to the burning love, to passion, to physical pleasure generated by love. So always take this into consideration before summoning her.

Summoning Venus

Venus is the most attached Goddess to the excitement and satisfaction of the senses, that is, the pleasure we find in tasting our favorite food, in the softness and warmth of our bed, in a good book we read, in that glass of cold water on a very hot day or in the touch the right person on our skin. This Goddess can also be summoned through pink quartz, the crystal that symbolizes love; a shell of the sea or a rose. They all aim to attract and raise the positive energies and love around us.

Goddess Venus depicted by Henri Pierre Picou, 19th century.
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One good hint to honor Venus and to always have her energy alive is to set up an altar with flowers and always decorate it with fruits or different gifts in every season of the year. Venus is symbolized by life, growth and care, so do never abandon her altar.

The Goddess Tarot

Tarot da Deusa Carta 4 - Vênus

Venus is one of the Goddesses presented in the Goddess Tarot. Card number VI, Venus, which represents Love.

Created by the happy union of the sea with the sky, Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, has been described by many as the queen of pleasure and passion.

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