Yemanjá – Goddess of the Ocean and Fertility

  • Attributes: Goddess of the Ocean, flowing waters, new year, family and fertility
  • Symbols: Fish, blue colour, shells, crescent moon, number 7
  • Place: Africa
Deusa dos Mares e Oceanos Yemanjá
Ilustração de Yemanjá

Considered to be the Mother of all life forms, Yemanjá is an African Goddess extremely powerful, loving and protective. It is said that she can heal female infertility cases and she can also comfort those in despair. She represents the constant changes in life as the flowing waters and waves. She can bring life, she can protect those in need and she can also take away problems and sadness. Yemanjá is usually calm but she can be nervous and destructive like a sea storm.

One of her myths states that she is the daughter of Obatalá, the creator of the world. She had a child named Orungã with her brother, Aganju. When Orungã was a teenager he rebelled against his father and violently raped his mother. When he tried to rape her for the second time she escaped to a top of a mountain and cursed him until he was dead.

From the top of the mountain, Yemanjá cried and decided to take away her own life. During her death, her tears flooded the Earth and created the 7 seas. Obafulom e Lyaa, the first human beings, were born from her bones. They say Yemanjá left a gift for human kind: a shell in wich her voice can be listened whenever we put it close to our ear.

Yemanjá is also known as Yemaya, Yemana, Yemoja, Janaína e Mother of the Waters. The origin of her name comes from the African expression “Yeye omo eja” which means “Mother of the fishes”, the “one that protects their children”.

Yemanjá’s teachings

Sometimes she is seen as a mermaid or as a beautiful woman standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean. She is the Goddess of comfort, protection, and inspiration. She bears an unconditional love for children.

This Goddess reminds us that we can handle the worst of the situations because, just like the waves in the sea, our lives are in constant changes. We should never go against the flow. Instead, we must learn how to sail through it.

Summoning Yemanjá

There is no better way to summon and honour Yemanjá rather than celebrating the life she gave us. To summon her you can user mirrors in your home, blue adorns and clothes, sea-themed stuff, etc.

In Brazil is common to go to the beach on January 1st to make her offerings. People throw some small crafted boats with candles and flowers asking the Goddess to take their problems away and to bring good luck. You can also jump seven waves to ask the Goddess strength to overcome any obstacle in your life.

Goddess Tarot

Goddess Tarot - XIV - Yemana
Goddes Tarot by Kris Waldherr – Yemana

Yemanjá is one of the Goddess in the Goddess Tarot. The card number XIV, Yemana, represents the Balance.

Yemana, the Santeria Goddess of the ocean, is often called upon to provide rain: water that brings forth life and nurtures the earth, like the waters of the womb. She symbolizes the divine balance between heaven and earth.

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