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In this guided meditation for spiritual freedom, you will work with Goddess Kali. A sequence of questions is going to be asked and you will have time between them to think about the answers. In the end, one affirmation is going to be repeated 5 times.

Save some time for this guided meditation. Try to make it without interruptions and repeat it anytime you feel necessary. Try to remember your answers and compare them as time goes by.

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Destruction , Time and Rebirth. She destroys everything so there can be room for what’s new.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax and let the Goddess guide you.

  1. Do you feel that there is some kind of energy which blocks your path?
  2. Did you know you have all the energy you need to make anything you want?
  3. Do you allow things to come to an end so that new things can emerge?
  4. Do you allow yourself to be influenced by bad and alarming pieces of news?
  5. Did you know that living in an alert state prevents your spiritual evolution?
  6. Do you get surrounded by good and positive ideas or bad and negative ones?
  7. Did you know that you’ve got the power to destroy all the negativity around yourself?
  8. Did you know that getting attached to ideas and things bind your spiritual evolution?
  9. What’s missing for you to acknowledge your own power and use it to achieve your freedom?
  10. Did you know that your energy to create things equals your energy to destroy things?

Always think of these reflections and use your own energy to destroy everything that binds you or tries to block your spiritual journey. Awaken Kali inside yourself and connect with Goddess Kali. Own this power. It’s yours.

Kali’s positive affirmation

My power is unlimited. I can create and destroy anything.

Let the Goddess guide you

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