How to attract visitors to your website and YouTube channel with magic

Do you have a blog or a YouTube channel and want to know how to attract visitors and, consequently, more customers, sales or just increase your audience?

Firstly, I will present some free tools for you to install NOW and start improving your website, blog or channel. Next, I’ll introduce the attraction spell that will help you further in the process!

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How to attract visitors and keep them on YouTube and Blogs

Before we learn the spell of how to attract visitors, it is important to know WHAT to do after attracting them in order to keep them coming back.

Below are two great tools that will help you a lot. With them it will be much easier to understand and “grab” visitors so that they read, watch and interact with your content.

The best part of these tools are:

  1. You can better manage your channel and blog and know “what to do” and “how to create” your content, even if it’s about updating an “old” content;
  2. You save a LOT of time with these free tools, so you have time to make practice witchcraft and cast other spells.

Grow on YouTube

The first tip on how to attract visitors is one I love. If you have a YouTube channel and want to grow it, install TubeBuddy now. It is a free extension for browsers like Google Chrome that will help you save a lot of time when creating and uploading videos.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could “read people’s thoughts” and know what they want? With this tool you can know what people are looking for and you can make content to please them!

Before using TubeBuddy, my channel barely grew up. It was “stuck” below 1000 followers and it was not even monetized because of it. However, when I started using and “understanding” what people wanted and sought, I managed to get videos of unknown Goddesses to be found.

In a matter of months I reached 1000 followers and in a short time I reached 4000 hours of annual viewing. Soon, I started to be monetized!

I’m writing this post right after reaching 10,000 followers on YouTube!

Santuário Lunar channel stats on August 22nd 2020
Santuário Lunar channel stats on August 22nd 2020

Use the image below to register on TubeBuddy with your channel. It’s fast and practical!

Grow on YouTube with TubeBuddy for free

When you’re growing up, you can upgrade to TubeBuddy paid plans if you want. But focus now on what they offer you for free!

Check below a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for TubeBuddy:

How to install TubeBuddy - Step 1
Click on Sign In
How to install TubeBuddy - Step 2
Use your Google Account to enter
How to install TubeBuddy - Step 3
Authorize TubeBuddy
How to install TubeBuddy - Step 4
Add a Channel
How to install TubeBuddy - Step 5
Enter with your Google Account again
Select the Channel
How to install TubeBuddy - Step 7
Authorize TubeBuddy to manage the Channel

Grow your blog

The second tip was actually a game-changer for me. It’s called Tailwind. Tailwind is a software that manages and schedules automatic posts for Pinterest and Instagram.

And how can this help your blog to grow?

When I started Santuário Lunar, I didn’t have a lot of patience for social networks (nor for YouTube). So I focused on making articles for the blog.

Then, one day, I realized that a lot of people were visiting the blog from Pinterest! That’s when I started to invest my time in the social network.

However, there was a “problem”: I didn’t have time to take care of Pinterest as I should.

At that time I met Tailwind and signed up for the free trial plan. I used up the free “pins” and continued using it for free. Note that, when the free “pins” are over, you can continue programming the pins and post manually, just access the site by clicking.

To get an idea, today the Pinterest account of Santuário Lunar has more than 1 MILLION MONTHLY impressions! (In fact, to my surprise, almost 2 MILLION!)

Santuário Lunar Pinterest stats on August 22nd 2020
Santuário Lunar Pinterest stats on August 22nd 2020

Over time I signed up for Tailwind Pro and today it posts everything by itself, I just need to choose the images.

Using the image below, you can register for free on Tailwind and earn $15 to upgrade to the Pro version if you wish. After this period you can still use it for free to smartly schedule pins, but you must post manually:

Get a free month and grow your blog with Tailwind
Get a free month and grow your blog with Tailwind

Tailwind also works with Instagram, but I’m not an “Instagrammer” yet. At the right time, I will use it.

To end up, here’s how to receive the first month for free and join Tailwind:

How to enter Tailwind - Step 1
Click on “Get started”
How to enter Tailwind - Step 2
Authorize Tailwind to manage your Pinterest account

How to attract visitors to your website with magic

Now learn this super powerful spell on how to attract visitors to you to make your blog and, consequently, your YouTube channel and social networks grow!

This spell uses geomantic glyphs. In geomancy, it is common to use markings and symbols on the earth for magic and divination.

Acquisito e Conjunctio - Geomantic glyphs used for attracting visitors to a website
Acquisito e Conjunctio – Geomantic glyphs used for attracting visitors to a website

To do this you need to have access to the source code of your blog or website. Therefore you need to see how to access it on the platform you use. For example, to access it on Blogger you will click on “THEME” and then on “Edit HTML”.

When accessing the source code, you will insert the spell in the form of a comment in the code, so that it does not appear to anyone and is just inside the code.

In this way, the spell will “hang” like a talisman. Think of your blog / website as being a body. In the source code you will find the tag that indicates where the “head” of the site ends and will insert the spell, as if it were around the neck.

Copy and paste the code below that represents the Acquisitio and Conjunctio glyphs:

* *				* *
 *				 *
* *				 *
 *				* *

Do this during a Crescent or Full Moon Wednesday (Odin’s day).

Done. Your website is already bewitched and ready to receive a lot of new visitors!

This spell was taken from The Goodly Spellbook, one of my favourite spellbooks. You can buy it below if you wish:

Growing up?

Please do leave a comment telling me your story and your experience! Is the spell working fast? Are you using TubeBuddy and/or Tailwind to save time and (hex) create more?

Tell me below!

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