Incenses meaning and uses in rituals and witchcraft

Incenses are very important items in Witchcraft. The smoke they created is capable of inducing different feelings, purifying environments, purifying and protecting environments, purifying objects during the consecration, and more. In this post, we’ll see the main incenses meaning and their usage in rituals and witchcraft.

We can’t prove when incenses were created, but we know for sure that ancient civilizations like the Egyptian and the Hindu already used them in rituals. One theory tries to explain the importance of them stating that Goddesses and Gods lived outside de Earth and only the smoke created by fire was capable of reaching them. Hence, herbs started to be burned and then the incenses were created.

Anyway, incenses are used until today and not only during rituals but also for welfare.

Incenses Meaning and Magic

Incenses Meaning

Below you’ll find a list of some incenses meaning and properties. You don’t need to strictly follow this list. You can use your intuition and choose the best incense for the day!

We recommend you to burn natural or masala incenses.

  • Saffron – energy catalyst, enhance the effect of other incenses;
  • Rosemary – Attracts of energies and protection in general;
  • Musk – Passion, sensuality, and virility;
  • Rue – Excellent against envy and evil eye, protection;
  • Cinnamon – Attracts money and is antidepressant;
  • Lemongrass and ginger – Cuts out all evil and negative vibrations;
  • Clove – Energizing! Increases material gains, energy, and prosperity;
  • Orange Flower – Energy, wealth, and fertility;
  • Jasmine – Wellness and relaxation;
  • Lavender – Relaxation, meditation, and prosperity;
  • Lotus – Meditation and spiritual growth;
  • Honey – Against the evil eye, brings happiness and encourages creativity;
  • Patchouli – Meditation, intuition, and circle of protection (no good energy comes out and no bad energy comes in);
  • White Rose – Peace, love, harmony, and purity;
  • Sandalwood – Meditation, prosperity, self-confidence, and cleanliness of environments.

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Incenses on daily life

The simple act of burning an incense at home or at work can already be considered as a magic ritual, once the energies and your thoughts are connected with the positive energy of the Goddess.

Now, tell us: what is your favourite incense?

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  1. I have been fascinated with the Pagans, I’ve read a lot about them and there practices. I would love to learn and understand more about it.

    • It’s great, isn’t it?
      I’m currently writing many more articles and posts in English (this site is originally in Portuguese).
      So be sure to come back and learn more! )O(

  2. I love sage for cleansing and protection.
    I also love the mixture of sandalwood , patchouli, and frankincense for some reason. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Hi, Carol! Thank you for your comment!

      I’ll try this mixture of sandalwood, patchouli, and frankincense too. Thank you for the hint!


  3. Frankincense, Myrrh & Dragon’s Blood. Individually I adore them, but combined are divine. Especially when you consider how well there singular magical properties compliment each other. The combinations scent is also simply wonderful & great for meditation.

    • Hello, Nora! Yes, I do.

      All you need control it is your own power and mind. If you’re starting now, start by meditating and getting to know yourself better. Then you can start working with the Moon energy. Then start casting some simple spells. You’ll see it’s pretty natural and easy 😀


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