Lápis Lazuli – What is the Lápis Lazuli for?

Lápis Lazuli is one of my favorite stones. Do you know what it’s for? And how to use the Lápis Lazuli? One of the main properties of this stone is to increase knowledge, intuition and magical power. No wonder it was highly prized in Ancient Egypt and it was also related to the Goddess Isis.

Lápis Lazuli – How to identify it?

Lápis Lazuli - Details
Details showing some Pyrite insertions

Lápis Lazuli is a dark blue colored stone, but in its raw state, it may also present a lighter shade. As you look at it you will notice that there are some golden spots or traces, as if they create a path in the middle of the blue. In fact, the Pyrite is present in this stone creating these details and there are also the presences of Mica and white Calcite.

So, not to mistake this stone with other blue stones like Sodalite, for example, remember that it will probably have some amount of these other stones embedded, which will give a very differentiated appearance.

Lápis Lazuli – Stone for bringing Wisdom

Lápis Lazuli - Details 3

This stone is much used to expand the mind and leave it always ready to bring knowledge, wisdom, intuition and also to increase our magical powers.

For this, it is enough to have this stone always in contact with our body. We can achieve this using jewelry and accessories made of this stone, such as a pendant, a ring, a pair of earrings, a tiara and so on.

Lapis Lazuli - Pendant

Lápis Lazuli – Stone for expanding the consciousness

Lápis Lazuli - Details 2

Another property of the Lápis Lazuli is to aid in the expansion of consciousness, allowing contact with other dimensions and with the divine. For this purpose, place the stone over the region of your third eye while meditating or while sleeping.

Placing it close to your bed or under your pillow can also help you in achieving this.

Lápis Lazuli in Ancient Egypt

Lapis Lazuli - 3 pieces
3 pieces

This stone was extremely valuable in Ancient Egypt. Jewelry, artifacts, and sculptures made of Lápis Lazuli were the finest. The powder of this stone was used as a makeup ingredient and women painted their eyelids to connect with the Goddess Isis and also to expand the mind and magical powers.

Egyptian papyri are rarely blue, for the blue pigment was obtained only from this stone. That is, it was very expensive! Papyri showing water, including the River Nile, contained blue pigments, but they were eventually lost. The ones we see today, such as those in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, have been colored artificially.

Lápis Lazuli – Wisdom and Magic

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Lapis Lazuli - Magic Stones and Crystals
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