Lemegeton – Solomon’s Grimoire

Among many known forms of summoning magic, are the ones written on King Solomon’s Grimoire, the Lemegeton – The Lesser Key of Solomon. This grimoire is formed by 5 books (or 4 accordingly to some researchers) which lists all the names, offices, orders, and seals from all the spirits who Solomon had made contact with.

We have already talked about summoning magic in general. This kind of magic allows the user to summon an energy, a demon, an angel and etc so they can do some work or fulfill desires.


Lemegeton - Summoning good and evil spirits
Detailing the Ceremonial Art of  Commanding Spirits Both Good and Evil (The Lesser Key of Solomon by Joseph H. Peterson)

Translated from many different manuscripts, the Lemegeton grimoire is basically a guide on how to summon spirits so they can work for you.

It is said that Solomon became very famous and renewable through the demons listed in the first book, Goetia. A very important information to be noticed is that Solomon was the King of Israel in the 10th century BCE and in the 1st century BCE it is explained in “Solomon’s Testament” how he built his temple dedicated to God (YHWH) by wearing a ring, which was given to him by the Archangel Michael, to command demons and order them to work.

Lemegeton – Solomon’s Grimoire – The 5 Books

Lemegeton – Book I – Goetia

The first part of Lemegeton is called Goetia. Goetia is a Greek word which means “sorcery”. In this section of Solomon’s Grimoire are listed the 72 demons whom Solomon had had contact with. Goetia contains the “evil” spirits and got popular in the beginning of the 20th century when the occultist magician Aleister Crowley published the first English version, also illustrated.

Lemegeton – Book II – Theurgia-Goetia

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The second part of Lemegeton is called Theurgia-Goetia. In this section of Solomon’s Grimoire, 31 spirits which are partly good and partly bad are listed. All of them are “Aerials” and possess other spirits under their control.

Lemegeton – Book III – Ars Paulina

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The third part of Lemegeton is called Ars Paulina and is focused on angels of the day and of the night, as well as angels associated with the zodiac signs. There are 24 angels in the first part, one for each hour, 12 more angels in the second part, one for each zodiac sign and many others for each ascendant.

Lemegeton – Book IV – Ars Almadel Solomonis

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The fourth part of Lemegeton, Ars Almadel Solomonis, shows how to summon the angels from the “Four Altitudes”. Each “Altitude” is a direction: East, West, North and South. Each one of these is split into 3 sections, becoming a total of 12 sections where an angel with different features governs.

Book V – Ars Notoria (or Ars Nova)

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The fifth and oldest part of Lemegeton gathers prayers, notes and knowledge brought to Solomon by the archangel Michael. Accordingly to Mitch Henson, this section does not fit as a fifth book, once there is no manuscript with this name, but rather many different similar manuscripts which were used as talismans for skill augmentation, such as memory and communication. As Ars Notoria does not list spirits, it doesn’t fit properly with the other four books.

Lemegeton – The Lesser Key of Solomon

One of the most comprehensive works about the Lesser Key of Solomon is Joseph P. Peterson’s edition. It contains the 5 books and it is filled with seals, writings and sigils. The physical edition is hardcover.

Mitch Hanson’s edition is also very popular. As stated above, it doesn’t consider Ars Notoria as part of the Lemegeton.

Mathers’s edition contains sigils and illustrations. It is only the first book, Goetia. It also features Aleister Crowley.

The edition below is the newest one. It was released in 2017 by Victor Shaw. I haven’t read it yet, but it seems a great edition. It contains all the 5 books:

Lemegeton – Solomon’s Grimoire on Pinterest

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Lemegeton - Solomon's Grimoire - The 5 Books

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