Litha Sabbat – The Pagan Summer Solstice Celebration

Litha Sabbat is the Pagan Summer Solstice celebration in the Wheel of the Year. It’s also known as “Midsummer”.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Witches celebrate this date with lots of fire, food, and joy.

Litha precedes Lughnasadh, the Harvest Festival, and happens after Beltane Sabbat, the fertility festival.

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  • Northern Hemisphere: June 21st
  • Southern Hemisphere: December 21st
  • Colours: Orange, yellow, green, blue and white

Litha marks the pinnacle of the power of the Sun God. Several festivals are held with fireworks. It is time to reap the fruits and grains generated by the seeds!

Litha Sabbat The Wheel of the year
Litha Sabbat The Wheel of the year

Litha Sabbat and the Energizing Heat

Litha Sabbat marks the Summer Solstice and also the beginning of the hottest season of the year. At this moment the Sun God is at the peak of his strength and all nature celebrates his energizing power.

On this day, it is common to celebrate in the midst of nature, as well as the harvest of medicinal herbs as they are also full of energy.

In Stonehenge, the stone placed outside the circle known as “Heel Stone” marks the birth of the Sun in Litha, when it is seen from within the main circle.

The power of Litha Sabbat is so great that the moment is ideal for physical and mental healing. The strong light of the Sun God, while feeding the plants and providing heat for everything to survive, is able to destroy what is bad and is also great for getting rid of unwanted feelings and problems.

Nature displays joy on Litha everywhere. It is believed to be the best opportunity to spot the Elemental Beings through the forests, fields and beaches.

Litha Sabbat the energizing heat
Litha Sabbat the energizing heat

Litha Sabbat and Firepower

The fire has its important role in all the Sabbats and in the Wheel of the Year, but in the Litha Sabbat it is the most important feature!

As this Sabbat is celebrated and fully dedicated to the Sun God, in case this day is rainy or cloudy, it is recommended that at least one candle is kept lit all day long for the energy of the fire to reach the Sun.

Large bonfires are lit in Litha Sabbat as in Beltane Sabbat. Celebrations take place around them. The act of jumping over the fire is also repeated, leaving behind all that is bad and unwanted.

Does it sound familiar? Yes. The festivities of Saint John, known as Festa Junina in Brazil, have derived from Litha celebrations.

It is common for amulets to be made a week before Litha and then consecrated under the Sun. Another custom indicates that amulets created in Litha from the previous year are burned or buried and new ones are made.

Litha Sabbat and firepower
Litha Sabbat and firepower

The Holly King vs The Oak King

In Litha, there’s a battle fought by the Sun God’s two faces. The Oak King (Light), reigning since Yule, on the Winter Solstice, fights against the The Holly King (darkness).

In this battle, the Holly King is the winner and this means he will reign again. So, from this moment on, the Sun will get weaker every day until reaching its lowest power on Yule.

Learn more about The Holly King vs the Oak King legend.

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