Money Spell that works: How I recovered my money in 1 week

In this post, I’ll teach you how to make a money spell that works very fast so you can recover an amount of money that seemed lost. I guess these types of Witchcraft Spells are the most necessary ones today.

If you lent someone some money and this person refuses to pay you back or if you sold someone something and they haven’t paid you yet, this spell is for you!

I found myself in a harsh situation in which I needed my money back urgently (I’ll give you details below) and the debtor was not willing to pay me back. As I never needed to perform a spell like this one, I didn’t know exactly what to do

That’s when I learned this spell from a website called Wicca Now.

I gave it a try and the results were impressive.

I shared my story and taught how to make it in the video below. You can watch it and continue reading this post for more detailed information. You’ll also find at the end of this post a FAQ I created from the most asked questions I received on my YouTube Channel.

How I had my money returned with this money spell

It all started in June 2020. I needed to have my money returned. I don’t know in your country, but here in Brazil, it’s common to deposit the value of 2 or 3 months in advance when we rent a house or apartment. At the end of the contract, we return the house and receive this money back.

We have some paperwork, so it SHOULD simply work.

However, there are exceptions. And sometimes we end up making a deal with someone who tries to trick us.

So this is the story:

I rented an apartment in the city center of Rio de Janeiro and paid 3 months in advance in 2016. In June 2020 I decided to move because of the pandemic. So I contacted the landlord and told him I would return the apartment and that I needed the money back so I could move to another place.

It would be the end of the contract.

Surprisingly he said he didn’t remember any money he owed me!

I mentioned the contract and said he could simply check there and we would see the amount of money he owed me.

That week he visited me with A FAKE contract stating he owed me only 1 month instead of 3. Anyone could tell that contract was fake. It was not even signed by me!

I showed my copy of the original contract and demanded the 3 months back.

He didn’t know what to do in the beginning and said he would see what he could do.

That moment I noticed he wouldn’t pay me back.

That’s when I found this money spell and performed it.

In just one week the landlord visited me again and paid me back! Incredible!

Now it’s your turn to receive your money back with this spell!

Some testimonials from people who got their money back

Below you can find some prints from users who shared their stories with me on my YouTube Channel.

It may get you inspired and encouraged to make this spell too.

Here they are:

Goddesses related to money and prosperity

Besides making this money spell, you may also want to connect with Goddesses who have energies related to money and prosperity. This way you can earn more money and live a more prosperous life.

Here are some of them:

  • Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity;
  • Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Abundance;
  • Inari, the Shinto Goddess of Prosperity;
  • Ukemochi, the Shinto Goddess of Abundace;
  • Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Fire;
  • Oshun, the Iorubá Goddess of Love and Riches;

How to make a Money Spell that works

To make to money spell that works, you are going to need:

  • A picture of the debtor (Yes, I know it’s pretty hard to find one. In my case I found him on Facebook and then I printed the picture. Check the FAQ below for more information and alternatives);
  • A wooden box (again, it can be hard to find one. I have many, I love wooden boxes. Check the FAQ for alternatives);
  • A tablespoon of turmeric powder;
  • A piece of ginger;
  • 2 red chili peppers or red chili sauce;
Necessary items for money spell that works
Necessary items for money spell that works

money spell that works tutorial

Follow these steps to make the money spell that works and receive your money back

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open the wooden box and leave it open

It’s important to have the wooden box somewhere stable like a table for example.

Put the picture of the debtor inside the wooden box

Simply put the picture inside the wooden box.

Throw the turmeric powder all over the picture

Put the turmeric powder

Cover the picture with turmeric powder

Now put the ginger piece over the turmeric powder

Simply put it there

Put the 2 red chili peppers together or spread a bit of red chili sauce all over the box

Put the ginger and pepper (sauce)

In my case, I used red chili sauce. So I spread some all over the box, over the ginger and turmeric powder.

Visualize the debtor feeling bad for owing you money and eventually paying you back

This is the most important step. Visualize all the details. You must see the debtor’s face feeling bad for owing you money. They are ashamed of doing this to you. Now visualize the moment they contact you and eventually pay you back. How are they paying you back? Cash? Cheque? Wire Transfer? Credit Card? You must visualize all the details.

Close the wooden box

Close the wooden box and get ready for the next step.

Say this enchantment

“Money that’s owed, return back to me
Release the funds and let us be free
So mote it be”

Keep the closed wooden box somewhere you can see it every day

Now, every time you see the closed wooden box you must remember the debtor’s face feeling ashamed of owing you money and eventually paying you back. Do this every day.

Received the money? Now open the wooden box!

You must open the wooden and prepare to dispose of everything inside of it. Whilst disposing of the items, you must say the enchantment in the next step.

Say the following enchantment while disposing of the items

“In thanks and gratitude for the money
which has been returned to me,
I release the energy gratefully. 
Blessed be”


You can clean and reuse the wooden box now. Or make another money spell if you need!


So this is the money spell that works and can make you have your money returned to you!

Did you make it? How fast did it work for you?

Leave a comment below telling your story!


How long does it take for this money spell to work?

There’s no deadline. It took only 1 week for me. Others told me it took 2 days or even some months.

I don’t have the debtor’s picture. Can I write their name?

Yes. Some users on my YouTube Channel shared their experiences with the written name only. It also worked!

I don’t have a wooden box. Can I use another type of box?

It depends. You can use a cardboard box if you don’t really have a wooden one. Don’t use metal or glass boxes for this money spell.

I don’t have turmeric powder, ginger, or chili pepper. Can I replace them?

You can only replace these items for themselves in another state. For example 2 red chili peppers for red chili sauce; a piece of ginger for ginger powder for example.

Can I do this money spell for someone else? E.g. my mother/brother/friend…

No. Definitely not. I never recommend doing a spell for someone else. Teach them instead.

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  1. I was cheated by my maternal cousin. He took money from me promising me good returns. I took a gold loan & gave it the money to him. Now he’s refusing to pay my money. Will the spell work in my case?
    Also, I bpught a wooden box for the spell but it has silk cloth sticked on it will that be okay?


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