Orphic Hymn to Nyx – A prayer to Nyx, the Goddess of Night

Listen below to the Orphic Hymn to Nyx recited in English. You can use it to summon this primordial Goddess or even as a prayer to Nyx, to honor her and to praise her powers.

We are slowly recording recitations to the Orphic Hymns in English. Starting with the Greek Goddesses, we have already recorded some of them which are available in this YouTube Playlist. Feel free to save them and use them in your rituals.

Orphic Hymn to Nyx
Orphic Hymn to Nyx

Orphic Hymn to Nyx

This is an English version of the Orphic Hymn to Nyx:

26. To Nyx
Incense: Firebrand

I shall sing of Nyx, Mother of gods and men.
Nyx – and let us call her Kypris – gave birth to all.
Hearken, O blessed goddess, jet-black and star-lit,
Whose delight is in quiet and slumber-filled serenity.

Cheerful and delightsome, O mother of dreams, you love the nightlong revel,
And your gentleness rids of cares, and offers respite from toil.
Giver of sleep, beloved of all you are, as you drive your steeds and gleam in darkness.

Ever incomplete, now terrestrial and now again celestial,
You circle around in pursuit of sprightly phantoms,
You force light into the nether world, and again you flee into Hades.
Dreadful necessity governs all things.

But now, O blessed one, yea beatific and desired by all,
I call on you to grant a kind ear to my voice of supplication,
And benevolent, come to disperse fears that glisten in the dark.

Recited by Jesse Guelfi
Based on Apostolos N. Athanassakis version
You can buy books with the hymns here.

Who is Goddess Nyx?

I wrote a very interesting article – with a video – explaining in detail who Goddess Nyx is.

In the article, you’re going to learn her story, her symbols, and much more about this primordial Goddess. There’s also a suggestion of a ritual in which you can use this Orphic Hymn as a prayer to Nyx!

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