Pyrite – What’s Pyrite for? How to use it?

Pyrite is a mineral that has long been confused with gold and therefore it has been nicknamed “Fool’s Gold”. Do you know it? Do you know what it is for?

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Pyrite – How to identify it?

Pyrite - Fool's Gold
Fool’s Gold

Identifying the Pyrite is quite easy because it has a very strong brightness and hardly presents a totally smooth and “flawless” surface”. It is common to find it in blocks or small pieces that, depending on how you pick it up, may crumble.

Moreover, it is usually very heavy and can reflect a lot of light. If it stays too long in contact with the water, it may lose much of its brightness and darken, but it will still be easy to identify.

Do you know that golden part we see in every Lápis Lazuli? Yes, it is this stone here!

Pyrite – Prosperity stone

Pyrite - Reflective surface
Reflective surface

Pyrite can be used to attract prosperity and wealth. However, it does not bring prosperity directly. In fact, this stone works with each one of us and assist us in making decisions, bringing light to our thoughts, bringing courage and making it easier to create and see opportunities!

All this will lead us to a path of success towards prosperity and wealth. For this, you only need to have a Pyrite in your house. You can put it in the money region, for example, if you are adept at feng shui.

Pyrite – Virility and male energy

Tumbled Pyrite - Details

Another feature of this stone is the ability to bring virility and to increase and balance the male energy. It can be used to cure problems like male sexual impotence for example.

To achieve this, simply place it over the Solar Plexus region or hold a piece with the dominant energy hand.

Raw Pyrite - side view
Side view

Pyrite – Prosperity and Virility

Have you got this stone at home? Does it help you making decisions and walking down a prosperous path? Leave your experiences in the comments!

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Pyrite - Prosperity and Virility
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