Selenite – What’s the Selenite for and how to use it?

Do you know what the Selenite is for? It is a very beautiful type of crystal with a very interesting glow. Besides that, it is easy to find and is not usually expensive. Come and see the incredible properties of this crystal!

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Selenite - Selenite Sphere and a big piece
Sphere and a big piece

Selenite – How to identify it?

The identification of this crystal is very easy for two reasons: the first is that it is very fragile and, in raw form, it crumbles easily and can be scratched with the fingernail! The second is its glow. Depending on the angle you look you see a line of brightness that seems to walk along it.

It is usually found in places where there is a high concentration of salt water.

Selenite - Edge detail
Edge detail

How to use the Selenite? What is it for?

Selenite is excellent for purifying negative energies from environments and for detoxifying the body from negative fluids and bad thoughts. For this, it is enough to have some pieces scattered around the house or in places where the energy circulation is more active as in the entrance of the house and in the living room. To help detoxify the body and ward off bad thoughts, place a Selenite on the third eye region while you sleep or meditate.

In addition, its most incredible function is to purify other crystals and also to channel the energies and amplify them. That is, you can put other crystals on it so they can be energetically cleaned and their properties can be increased!

Selenite - Crystal Energiser
Crystal Energiser
Selenite - Selenite Sphere and a big piece
Sphere and a big piece
Selenite - A big piece of Selenite
A big piece of Selenite

Selenite – Crystal Energiser

So now you know about this incredible crystal! Have you got it in your house? How do you use it? Leave a comment! Below is an image for you to save in your Pinterest folders.

Selenite - Crystal Energiser
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