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I am so glad to be here on Santuário Lunar as a special guest to share my knowledge and passion for witchcraft!

Today I want to share with you how I cast my spells. This is going to be very easy to follow with some tips and tricks on how to make magic available for everyone, even for baby witches!

Spell Casting Tips for every witch - Guest post by Tina Caro from the Magickalspot

Casting spells made easy

I read a lot about spell casting and I’ve seen some complex and difficult options that often get baby witches frustrated, stressed and sad about their skills and their own witchy journey.

This is the first disclaimer I have for you, my friends: Witchcraft is a journey.

A journey of discovery, of exploration and, most of all, a journey to get to know us to a deeper level and to strengthen our connection with witchcraft, making it even stronger.

With that being said, I want you to live your witchy journey and your practices with an open mind, an open heart and with a positive attitude. Start from the basics and then in time, you can explore all the different nuances and practices of witchcraft as you become more and more experienced.

Don’t push yourself to perform too advanced spells if you are new to magic! Don’t feel ashamed by starting with something as easy as a no ingredients or 2-ingredient spell, for example a new moon or a full moon ritual. Do what makes you feel comfortable and at ease with yourself to let your spell do their magic!

Yes, because if you start practicing from a place of uneasiness and negativity, this kind of energy can undermine the entire spell casting process and divert the energy not letting it channel properly into the universe to make your wish and dreams manifest.

Finding the right spell for you

The very first step is finding the right spell for you.

Ask yourself this: What do I truly want?

Be honest about your true wishes. Maybe you want love, maybe you want some luck or more money. Make it very clear and when you have the goal you want to achieve, then you have the “theme” for your spell. No matter what
you want to attract, start with some easy beginner friendly spell if this is your first time spell casting on your own!

Setting intentions

This is a huge part of spell casting. Setting the intention for the whole spell-casting process is mandatory to
truly commit and making loud and clear to the energy and the universe what you want.

If you are still a little bit confused about what you want, journal about how you feel and see what emerges
from such writing. Don’t hold yourself back.

Get rid of any negativity and stress

You can use a pendulum for spell casting
A picture of a pendulum by Tina Caro

If you find yourself stressed, frustrated and confused, try to get back to your inner balance before spell casting.

Why? Because these negative vibes can undermine the whole process! Do something you love to relax and, if you feel negative energies are around you, cleanse yourself and your space to create a fresh new setting for your craft. Smudging can be an amazing help!

Opening a circle, yes or no?

Opening a circle is something most baby witches consider to be mandatory to cast spells in a safe way. Well, even though a circle is great for protection and to mark a solid line between your craft and your mundane, not sacred life, is not a mandatory step to create one.

Do what feels best for you! If you want to know how to open a circle, follow these steps:

You can open a circle by calling the four elements and the four cardinal directions to invite them to join us in our circle.

The circle can be opened simply with our hands, using an athame, with visualization, actually tracing it on the ground by using objects (candles, sand, etc.)

Then it’s time to invoke the Gods. This must be with care and respect to each one. Simple invocation, giving thanks to a specific god, or whatever your heart prompts you. The deities can be recalled as generic archetypes (Mother and Father), or you can choose to invoke a chosen deity or perhaps connected to a certain moon phase, the pagan festivity, or simply a deity that fits the goal of your spell.

White magic or black magic?

If you are a baby witch, I highly recommend you get started with some white magic. It’s easier, it’s safer and you will have the chance to enjoy the incredible benefits of the practice without adding any negative interference into your craft.

I am not saying black magic is always dangerous. Actually, both white and black magic are equally safe as soon as you cast your spells with a positive attitude and without feelings of hate, anger and without wanting to hurt someone else.

White magic is not for weak witches! White magic is the best tool you have to get started with magic the right way! In time, if you feel the urge to, you can take more steps into the practice and dive into black magic!

Finding the perfect ingredients for spell casting

A picture of a candle and runes by Tina Caro
Spell casting with candle and runes by Tina Caro

Finding the perfect ingredients for your spell is so important, especially when it comes to natural ingredients such as herbs, flowers, essential oils and other similar ingredients.

You can buy them wherever you want. You can go to a herbalist shop you trust or you can buy them online. Just make sure the ingredients you are going to buy are authentic and truly organic and pure.

Look for quality certifications and read other witches’ feedbacks, especially if you buy them online. These are two great options and, in some cases, for very hard to find ingredients, can be the only option you have but, if you can keep things simple and go harvesting for herbs and flowers even better!

Harvesting your own ingredients can make a huge difference because:

  1. you are going to have fresh ingredients
  2. you are going to create a first connection with nature and its energy, one that, in synchro with all other ingredients and with your spell, will definitely have more chances to help your magic manifest!

An easy to perform love spell for everyone

If you think spell casting is difficult and complex, I am here to show you it’s not! Magic is not only making circles, doing voodoo or learn how to levitate as we see in the movies!

Magic is way simpler, more delicate, more subtle. Something as easy as a 2-ingredient love spell can make a huge difference!

The goal of this love spell is to feel better about yourself, attract good vibes, and restore the balance in your life when it comes to love and romance.

If you find this helpful or if there’s another type of spell you’re interested in learning how to cast for yourself, please leave me a comment down below so I’ll know what you guys want to see for future videos.


  • One small white candle
  • Rose petals
  • A plate to support the candle and a stick or fork which you’ll need to carve a short phrase into the candle.
  • White candle: I use this to restore balance and attract good vibes. When you want love in your life it might happen that you feel a bit frustrated and let anger and negativity take over.
A picture of a red rose for spell casting by Tina Caro
A red rose and a white candle. Picture by Tina Caro

With a white candle, we cleanse ourselves from these negative vibes and we open up to the universe to find our inner light to show it the way to love. This should be a small candle.

Rose petals are a very important ingredient as the rose is a symbol of love and its properties are all about attracting fresh, positive, loving energy into our lives. You can usually purchase a single rose at your local grocery store or supermarket.

Manifestation time depends on many different factors like your commitment to the practice, your vibes before and after the spell casting, and so on.

Usually, for a white magic spell like this, manifestation time is around 10-14 days. Check my video for some step by step guide!

How long does spell take to manifest?

Magic usually takes within 2 weeks to manifest. Some black magic might manifest a little bit quicker.

What to do after casting a spell?

After a spell, you need to get rid of your ingredients. This truly depends on the kind of spell you cast. Usually, if the spell is there to banish something, you get rid of the ingredients burying them on a place far from your home or throwing everything in a trash can.

If the spell is there to attract something and you can keep the ingredients in a safe hidden place until it manifests.

This is not a fixed rule! You can follow your instinct on this one. If you feel you want to get rid of everything just go with it! The only thing that I recommend is, in case you are going to use talismans, sigils and similar objects, keep them with you to let their energy stay with you long term, especially if they’ve been used to attract something or to protect you.

After a spell…forget about it! Witches often get impatient to see their spells manifesting and all this is not good! I know how hard it can be to stick with it and be patient but stressing and obsessing over the spell you casted is not going to let it manifest sooner.

On the contrary, it can even happen that this negative energy will undermine the entire process and cancel everything you’ve done. This attitude is like you are saying to magic “I don’t trust you, I don’t believe in you”. How is it going to manifest if you are thinking something like that? If you want to think of your spell, at least, send it some positive vibes!

I hope you enjoyed this article! Thanks again for having me! Sending Magickal Blessings your way!

Tina Caro

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