9 Tarot Decks you must know (and own!)

There are many Tarot Decks around the world with different themes and illustrations. There are so many options that we can get lost when I decide to purchase one (or the first one). Many of them are great, feature original illustrations and an amazing quality. But, we also have some poor quality ones around the market.

So, how do we know which one is good? How do we know if a specific deck is good for us or not? And what about the cards size? We don’t usually find this information in the official description.

Thinking about this, we prepared this post with 9 Tarot Decks that are perfect options for those who want to expand their collection or for starters!

Top 9 Tarot Decks

The 9 Tarot Decks we recommend are below. Click on each one to expand its contents, inclunding a gallery with many photos:

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1) Tarot de Marseille

Tarot Decks Tarot de Marseille

The Tarot de Marseille is one of the most important Tarot decks, if not the most important one. Its design inspired several other decks that came later. It was created around the 17th century in France. Several reproductions have been made and are for sale, so it is quite difficult to point out which ones are of quality or not.

We have got a French edition published by Heron. These are very faithful reproductions of the original cards found at Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris. The print is excellent and the finish, although simple, is of extreme quality.

It comes with a booklet in French and English.

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This Deck can be found at Ebay and at Amazon.fr.

However, this deck is not very easy to use and is not recommended for beginners (unless you love challenges!). If you’re going to build a collection, it’s worth securing yours. If you’re looking for your first deck, take a look at the next one.[/su_spoiler]

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2) The Rider Tarot

Tarot Decks The Rider Tarot

The Rider Tarot is beautiful, is intuitive and is inspiring. Created by Pamela Smith under the direction of Arthur Waite, this is the most popular deck in the world! Its symbology is inspiring and its illustrations are wonderful!

Just as the Tarot de Marseille, the Rider Tarot also inspired several other tarot decks that came later.

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Relatively easy to use, this deck is recommended for beginners and for experient readers!

We recommend the edition published by US Games System that can be ordered in Amazon.com . There’s also another version which comes in a metal case (we don’t know it personally yet).

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3) The Goddess Tarot

Tarot Decks The Goddess Tarot

The Goddess Tarot (US Games System), for those who follow our Goddesses posts, is already known. Designed by Kris Waldherr, it’s an incredible deck full of Goddess power. Each Major Arcana is represented by a Goddess, and they are:

This one is based on the Rider Tarot and comparing these tarot decks is very interesting! The finishing of the cards is excellent and the illustrations are beautiful and original. It comes with a booklet in English.

Ps.: There was an accident with the box, so there is no picture of it 🙁

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Just as the Rider Tarot, it is relatively easy to use and is recommended for beginners and for experienced readers.

You can buy it on Amazon.com.

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4) The Golden Tarot (Liz Dean)

Tarot Decks The Golden Tarot

The Golden Tarot from Liz Dean is a very impressive deck. Also inspired by Rider Tarot, the illustrations here are quite inspiring and well made.

The golden tones evoke times past, giving an extra mood for the readings. The cards have a good finish, however, with the use and the time, they presented some small flaws on the edges that can be seen in the images. An important detail is that, unlike most, these cards do not have a white border 😀

The deck comes in a very thick and practical box. There is also a coloured book explaining each card.

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It is recommended for beginners and for experienced readers.

You can find it on Amazon.com

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5) The Thoth Tarot

Tarot Decks The Thoth Tarot

Aleister Crowley’s Tarot. Crowley was a great scholar of the twentieth century. Although extremely controversial, his knowledge of the occult was quite broad and encompassed different lines of thought.

Crowley is known to have laid the foundations for current Satanism. He translated Solomon’s Keys, including Goetia, he was part of the Golden Dawn and used the knowledge obtained there to found Thelema.

Anyway. His Tarot Deck is different. The Thoth Tarot has the same structure as the other decks, but the cards have associated keywords that already carry meanings by themselves. Illustrations were made by Lady Frieda Harris.

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This is a deck suitable for anyone looking for a different approach.

The edition we have comes in a big box with a colourful book. However, the cards are standard card size, which can be an advantage or a problem, depending on what you are looking for. The quality of the cards and the printing are excellent!

You can find this deck at Amazon.com

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6) The Wild Unknown Tarot

Tarot Decks The Wild Unknown Tarot

What to say about the Wild Unknown Tarot? This deck is mysterious, intriguing and has amazing illustrations! The cards have their essence in black and white, but watercolours are added giving a very different and artistic aspect to the animals and the landscapes.

What is most striking about this deck, however, is the packaging. The cards come accommodated in a compact box, which comes inside another larger box with the book that guides us through the unknown. All with a great finish!

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This deck is suitable for both beginners and experienced readers. One great way to enjoy it is by taking only one card at a time, rather than doing a traditional reading.

You can find it on Amazon.

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There’s another tarot deck coming from the same artist! We can pre-order The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck (launch scheduled for March 27, 2018). It must be as incredible as the first is![/su_spoiler]
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7) The Druid Craft Tarot

Tarot Decks The Druidcraft Tarot

The Druid Craft Tarot is ideal for Druids, for those who like the Celtic culture and/or those who follow the Wheel of the Year, for example. The cards are very large and have a good finish. The illustrations are fantastic and we will find well-known deities in Wicca like Cernunnos and Brigid in them for example.

The box is huge! However, the finish where the cards are is not very good and ends up taking off over time. So I suggest keeping the cards somewhere else like a specific bag or another box. The book is very beautiful and brings an excellent reading!

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The Druid Craft Tarot is suitable for beginners and experienced readers. Being related to Druidism, this deck ends up adding more information than the other decks and then it serves as a “school” for those who want to know more about the theme.

You can find it on Amazon.com!

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8) The Linestrider Tarot

Tarot Decks The Linestrider Tarot

The Linestrider Tarot is light. It is minimalist. It is elegant.

This tarot deck is a contrast to all other tarot decks. While we usually see a large number of symbols, colours, and details in the cards, here we find a magical simplicity that can capture and convey everything we need.

The box is very pretty and it reminds us of the box style of the Wild Unknown Tarot, however, it is not so reinforced inside. The cards have a very good finish and the illustrations are incredible. It also comes with a great book.

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This deck is recommended for beginners as well as experienced readers.

You can find it on Amazon.com

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9)The Hermetic Tarot

Tarot Decks The Hermetic Tarot

The Hermetic Tarot is the opposite of Linestrider Tarot. Black and white arts full of symbolism, complex lines, and hidden messages. There is, of course, a similarity to the Thoth Tarot, since both tarot decks are related to the Golden Dawn. However, the Hermetic Tarot is different because it has “hermetic” art style. The entire deck seems to have come out of a middle-age occult book, and that makes it incredibly magical!

Is it complicated? Yes! Is it heavy? Yes, somehow. But it is unique!

The box is very simple, similar to the Rider Tarot. The quality of the cards is very good and the printing is also great!

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This deck is not recommended for beginners.

You can find it on Amazon.com

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Top 9 Tarot Decks

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