Wiccan Waning Moon Spells: Cleanliness, Banishing and Purification

In this post, we’ll learn 3 simple spells that can be cast many times, as needed.  These Wiccan Waning Moon Spells, together with the Waning Moon energy, are perfect for cleaning, banishing and purification. In the end, you’ll find a Waning Moon Calendar 2019 for you to schedule your spells.

The Waning Moon depicts the Triple Goddess in her Crone form. The Crone is the wise woman, the embodiment of all her life and experiences. She is now a complete Witch. While she knows her current life is coming to an end, her wisdom allows her to see further so she has no fear of death. She knows that everything has to end, hence this is the only way to begin anew.

The Moon represents the divine feminine, it has great power over the tides, over emotions and energy of all living beings in a general way. When we get to know and understand this power we become ready for our magical practice and then we can choose the best periods for casting our spells. Below are 3 simple spells to be cast. 

Wiccan Waning Moon Spells: Cleanliness

Wiccan Waning Moon Spells - Cleanliness

The first Wiccan Waning Moon Spell is a simple spell to clean the environment and people.

Necessary items:

  • 1 bottle with spray
  • 1 bowl or pot
  • 1 Onyx
  • 1 transparent Crystal
  • Some Water
  • Some Cloves
  • Lavander essential oil
  • White Rose petals
  • Peppermint leaves

Preparing the spell:

Take the bowl or the pot and fill it with enough water to fill the bottle with spray. Put the other ingredients – Onyx, Crystal, 3 Cloves, 3 drops of Lavander essential oil, some white rose petals, and some peppermint leaves –  into the bowl.

This mixture must be under the Sun during all day. When the Waning Moon night falls, take the bowl and drop only the water into the bottle with spray. Now you have a magic potion for cleanliness. Use the spray during the Waning Moon to clean places, animals or people. Spray it to the 4 directions when you want to clean a space or spray it on the head of an animal or person.

Wiccan Waning Moon Spells: Banishing

Wiccan Waning Moon Spells - Banishing

This Wiccan Waning Moon Spell requires a Spell Bottle. It is still a simple spell, but dedicate more attention when casting it.

Necessary items:

  • 1 bottle with cork
  • 2 coffee grains
  • 2 Rue leaves
  • A small piece of Snake Plant
  • Some Lavender leaves
  • White Rose petals
  • Some Garlic husk
  • Some pins
  • A piece of coal
  • Coarse salt
  • Sea water (optional)
  • Black candle

Put all the items inside the bottle and take it, without the cork, to the Waning Moon. Offer it to the Goddess and summon her powers into each item you put inside the bottle. Now ask Her to banish all the negative energy that may be interfering in your life and in your home. Put the cork and seal the bottle with the black candle wax.

Leave the bottle hidden where no one can find it. This spell must only be cast when the situation is unbearable!

Wiccan Waning Moon Spells: Purification

Wiccan Waning Moon Spells - Purification

The last Wiccan Waning Moon Spell of this post is another very simple spell. You’ll need:

  • A symbol that represents the problem
  • Fire

This is a very simple and powerful rite. This can be done to get rid of a bad habit, idea or guilty that may be in your life. Take the symbol that represents your problem and, during the Waning Moon night, throw it into a strong fire. While it burns, visualise the problem becoming ashes and disappearing from your life.

To find the right symbol you just have to think a little. For example, if the problem is “eating too much”, you can throw a little bit of your favourite food into the fire; If the problem is “smoking”, you can throw a cigarette. If you can’t find a material item to symbolise your problem you can draw or write something on a paper and throw it.

Waning Moon Spells on Pinterest

Below you’ll find a summary of this post on an image for you to keep in your Pinterest folders <3

3 spells for the Waning Moon (Pinterest)

Waning Moon Calendar 2019

Below you’ll find a Waning Moon Calendar for 2019. You can use it to schedule your banishing spells! You can also save it to your Pinterest folders!

Waning Moon Calendar 2019 - Schedule your banishing spells!

Waning Moon Calendar 2018

Below you’ll find a Waning Moon Calendar 2018 for you to schedule your spells. You can save it in your Pinterest folders.

Waning Moon Calendar 2018

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