Banishing Spell with Hecate

In this post, I’m going to show a protection spell against evil forces that can be cast alongside Goddess Hekate’s magic. After that, you’ll find a spell against gossip, which may be useful if you need to fight some evil forces.

Keep in mind that you need to be sure about your intentions before casting spells. Only cast this one if you really need to. For other suggestions of simple protection spells, please check: Protection Spells Against Enemies. If you wish to protect your home or work environment, please check: 10 Simple Spells to Protect your Home.

Goddess Hekate: Protection Spell Against Evil Forces – Video

If you prefer watching instead of reading, you can watch the video below to learn how to cast this protection spell against evil forces:

Protection Spell against Evil Forces: Introduction to Goddess Hekate and Garlic

Hekate or Hecate is a Greek Goddess known today as the Queen of Witches. She is related to all kinds of witchcraft and magical knowledge. Hekate is usually depicted as a Triple Goddess, being able to look in all directions and to watch past, present, and future.

Triple Goddess Hekate by Richard Cosway
Triple Goddess Hekate by Richard Cosway

Hekate is an extremely powerful Goddess and it is said that her magic is intensified during the New Moon phase. Among her symbols, we find the key which is able to open paths and also to protect treasures. We also find dogs, her main companions. It is said that, during a New Moon night, if you listen to dogs barking close to a Y-shaped crossroad it is Hekate passing by. Common offerings are left at this crossroads to please the Goddess and they include food for the dogs.

Another item which is usually associated with Hekate is the garlic. Garlic has been used in many different cultures and throughout the ages as a symbol of protection against evil forces, as a healing ingredient, and as a powerful amulet for banishing evil entities. All of these attributes are also seen as Goddess Hekate’s powers, hence, the following protection spell against evil forces is going to be consecrated to her.

For more about Hekate, please access How to summon Hecate.

Statue of Goddess Hekate with dogs
A beautiful depiction of Goddess Hekate with two dogs. If you wish to purchase it, you can use this link and support our site.

We also have a song and a music video dedicated to Hekate. You can watch Hounds of Hekate below and you can access its page by clicking here.

Protection Spell against Evil Forces: How to cast

Once you know and understand a little of Goddess Hekate‘s powers, you can prepare yourself for this powerful protection spell against evil forces. In this spell, you are going to use your energy to guide all the evil energies to the needles and then to the head of garlic. After this, you are going to consecrate the head of garlic for Goddess Hekate and she is going to work with the evil forces as she finds it necessary.

Protection Spell Against Evil Forces with Garlic - Head of Garlic
Head of Garlic

Please be aware that Hekate is also known for being fair and for not helping people with bad intentions. In fact, it is said that she would punish anyone “misbehaving” by leading them to madness. So, be true to yourself and be sure about your intentions.

Protection Spell Against Evil Forces with Garlic - 3 Needles
3 Needles

This spell is similar to the one I wrote about in Protection Spells against enemies, but this one is much more powerful. So, if you have tried that one and it didn’t work, try this one here!

Necessary items:

  • A Head of Garlic
  • 3 Needles (I’ve also seen it done with 13 needles)
  • A Y-shaped crossroad or your cauldron

This spell is preferably cast during the New Moon when Hekate’s power is even stronger.

How to cast Hekate’s protection spell against evil forces

Before you start casting this protection spell against evil forces, be calm and try to purify yourself by taking a bath, holding your crystals, or burning your incense.

Then, take the 3 needles and dedicate them one by one to Hekate while you explain your intentions and the reason why you are casting this spell. Let your words flow, or you can say something like:

“Oh, Great Goddess Hekate, I summon thy power. Please help me guide all the evil forces coming from (explain from where these forces are coming from) to this needle.”

After saying your words, pierce the head of garlic with the needle. Then take the second need and repeat the process. You can say different words by allowing your soul to speak. After piercing it, take the third needle and say your words again. Pierce it.

The result is going to be something similar to this:

Protection Spell Against Evil Forces with Garlic - 1 Needle pierced
Protection Spell Against Evil Forces with Garlic - 2 Needles pierced
Protection Spell Against Evil Forces with Garlic - 3 Needles pierced

Now take the pierced head of garlic, raise it, and dedicate it to Hekate:

“Oh, Great Goddess Hekate! I offer you this garlic, symbol of protection and healing, as a tribute for dealing with the evil forces which surrounded me. Thank you for always guiding my path and for always watching over me.”

Again, let your soul speak.

Hekate's Protection Spell against evil forces using garlic
Hekate’s Protection Spell against evil forces using garlic

Remove the needles once the evil forces are already in the garlic and discard them safely. Don’t reuse!

You now have 2 possible “endings” for the head of garlic. The first one is to leave it on a Y-shaped crossroad for Hekate. The second one is to let it completely burn in your cauldron.

Either way, your protection spell against evil forces will be completely cast.

Bonus Protection Spell: Spell to Silence Gossip

In many cases, we don’t really need a powerful protection spell against evil forces like the one above. Sometimes all we need is just to silence a bad person so we can be left in peace.

The following spell is perfect for making a person stop gossiping around about you. This spell will also help you to become sort of invisible to this person.

This spell against gossip was taken from Witchcraft: The Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions which you can find below:

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Spell to Silence Gossip


To banish gossip or other words, explain as concisely as possible in writing what matter you need the spirits’ help in silencing. Place this writing on parchment inside a small glass. Place a single sliver of ice on top of the paper, then break an egg (use white eggs only, not brown) over the ice. Bury as far away as possible.

Protection spell against evil forces on Pinterest

Below you’ll find an image about this protection spell against evil forces to keep in your Pinterest folders.

Are you planning on casting this one or the one to silence gossipers? Please leave a comment below telling your experiences!

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