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Let’s see in this post how to make some powerful protection spells from enemies. There’s a Spell Bottle and 3 more protection spells against enemies, bad people, evil people, and so on. These are one of the most useful spells and witchcraft tips on my website! Besides teaching them, I’ll also share some of my experiences.

So if you need help to fight some enemies and find some peace, read this full article!

Protection spells from enemies - Spell jar / bottle

When is the right time to cast some protection spells from enemies?

Whenever you need is the right time to cast some protection spells. We live surrounded by people of all kinds. We are inserted into a toxic society and try our best to live in harmony. However, there are always those evil, tricky, boring, and bad people who do everything to harm everyone around them.

If these people are psychic vampires, I wrote some tips and tricks to deal with them. If these people are simply evil, bad, or troublemakers, let’s learn 4 simple protection spells to push them away. However, keep in mind that these spells to keep people away are powerful. So only cast them when you really want the person to forget you and leave you alone. Keep in mind that things beyond your control can happen for the result to be achieved (it does not involve death or illness), so be sure before doing so.

If you are looking for easy spells to protect your home, I also wrote an article with some of them.

Protection Spell jar / bottle to banish evil people

This spell jar is a powerful protection spell to keep people away. Once you make it, you will ward off or banish someone from your life. By doing so, two paths are possible:

  1. The person disappears from your life, changes their address, their job and you never hear anything about them anymore. They do not hear anything about you either;
  2. You disappear from the person’s life, you change your address and your job and you never hear anything about this person again. They will never hear from you either.

To make this powerful protection spell jar, you will need:

  • A small bottle with cork;
  • 7 needles;
  • A handful of rosemary;
  • A black candle to seal it (optional).
Protection spells from enemies - Necessary items
Necessary items

Start by separating the items so that it is easy to get each one of them. Take the small bottle and start putting each of the needles inside. As you place each needle, mentalize the person you want to walk away from and tell why you want it.

Protection spells from enemies - Use 7 Needles
Use 7 Needles

For example, for the first needle, you can say:

I wish (name of the person) to get away from me so he cannot harm me with his actions.

While inserting the second needle, say another reason why you want to push the person away. And keep doing it until the seventh needle.

Protection spells from enemies - Insert the needles
Insert the needles

After placing all seven needles, start inserting the rosemary. Fill the bottom of the glass with it. While inserting the rosemary, start mentalizing the person’s actions being directed to each of the needles while the rosemary will be taking care of banishing them.

Protection spells from enemies - Get some rosemary
Get some rosemary

Once you have put all the rosemary, close the glass with the cork. If you think it is necessary, you may seal it with a black candle. It’s important for the candle to be black. Read more about candle color magick to understand it.

Protection spells from enemies - Insert the rosemary and seal it
Insert the rosemary and seal it

Now keep this Spell Bottle in a place where no one will touch it. When you do not need it anymore, bury it.

Easy, isn’t it?

Protection spells from enemies - The Protection Spell Bottle is ready
The Protection Spell Bottle is ready

I also wrote how to make an easy healing spell jar in case you are too energetically affected by these enemies.

My experiences with this protection spell bottle

I made this spell bottle 3 times to be very precise and the results were very strong. The first and second times, I made to protect myself against two infernal neighbors. A short time later a new opportunity appeared in my life and I moved to a much better place! I never saw those neighbors again. Even when I went back to the previous address to get some mail I did not even see them.

The third time I made, it was during a charity project that I was invited to. It all began very well until the coordinator turned out to be an energetic vampire of the most trained and intelligent kind. She harmed everyone in the group, without exception!

As I was already on the project and it was a charity one, it would not be fair to simply leave it. So I made this Spell Bottle to protect myself from her energy and also started. carrying a black tourmaline with me. I wanted her to simply ignore me and we would follow the project to the end, but it didn’t happen like that. From the moment I made this Spell Bottle, she began to direct the attacks on me. In the end, the result was positive as she made everyone else see her tricks and the bad things she was doing

Spell to keep someone away and confused: Aglaria Pedhel

There’s a spell to keep someone away by confusing them and making them miss their attacks on you. It also serves as a powerful protection spell to fight against the evil eye. By doing this spell frequently you will always be safe.

Protection spells from enemies - Spell to keep someone away
Spell to keep someone away (“To Edgar Poe” by Odilon Redon 1882)

It’s absolutely simple to make this spell to keep someone away. The Aglaria Pedhel spell requires only your own voice and your concentration. I learned this spell in The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems.

The following paragraphs are extracted from the book:

Elude pursuit, confound challengers, and conceal the nature of your spellwork by intoning the following Barbarous words of Power.

Aglaria Pedhel
Garia Ananas

(ah-GLAH-ree-ah PEH-dhel
GAH-ree-ah AH-nah-nahs

The Aglaria Pedhel spell is so olde that its origin is unknown. Properly chanted, it misdirects those who mean you ill, thereby affording you safe escape,  invisibility, and privacy.

Reinforce the spell by inconspicuously making a downward-pointing mano cornuta gesture with either hand.

Remember to make the Mano Cornuta upside down for this spell.

Protection spells from enemies - Mano cornuta
Mano cornuta

SPELL ORIGIN: traditional European magic, origin unknown; Italian Strega gesture

SPELL TIMING: as needed for a long-term problem-best when the Moon is in Pisces or in a hard aspect with Neptune

MAGICAL THEORY: Composed of vowels and consonants that have multiple magical correspondences, Barbarous Words of Power are innately mighty. Because they’re of ancient derivation, their power has accrued over time.

SYMPATHETIC MAGIC: Pointed downward, the gesture of protective horns reinforces your diversion and distracts a pursuer’s attention.

My experience with this spell to keep someone away

I cast this spell only once and the result was fantastic. Unlike the spell bottle to ward off unwanted people, this one is more “tranquil”. In extreme cases, it is best to make the spell bottle I taught above. If the unwanted person is more teasing than evil, this one is perfect.

I cast it for a person who teased me because of my way of working. Do you know those people who always want to make a mess all the time and do not let anyone concentrate? Yes, one of them. One day, tired of having to ask for silence, to stop calling me, to stop complaining about everything and everyone for me, I cast the Aglaria Pedhel. I cast 3 times for the same person.

It was solved, then. The person simply missed all their attacks on me and started teasing another person.

Protection spells from enemies: incantations

Some protection spells from enemies require only some words and your faith. I was very happy when I came across a book called Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions because it features lots of spoken spells.

From all the spells in the book, I chose 2 to bring here. The first is a strong protection spell entitled American Magician’s Incantation and the second is a spell to ward off enemies and people in general known as a Hindu Enchantment. While the American Magician’s Incantation is good to protect you from enemies in moments of danger, the Hindu Enchantment is to weaken the enemies. So if the person who troubles you has some kind of power over you or some power that you can not cope with, both protection spells are recommended!

I’ll put them both below. I also strongly recommend you check this book and get a copy for yourself. It’s simply great!

How to make the American Magician’s Incantation

Repeat reverently, and with sincere faith, the following words, and you shall be protected in the hour of danger:

Behold, I will trust, and not be afraid, for starts of Heaven, and the constellations thereof, shall not give their light; the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And behold, at evening tide, trouble; and before the morning is not; this in the portion of them that spoils us.

How to make the Hindu Enchantment

To deprive enemies of their strength, recite:

As the rising sun takes away the luster of the stars, thus do I take away the strength of both the women and the men who hate me.

As many enemies as ye are, looking out against me, as I come on- of those who hate me do I take away your strength, as the sun takes away the strength of person’s sleep as it rises.


I hope you take advantage of these protection spells from enemies I brought you here. I also hope that my experiences inspire you to make them and keep someone away from your life. There is another spell I like very much that consists of a magical powder to get rid of someone. This one may not be an enemy of yours. Sometimes it’s just a boring person.

As usual, I recommend you banish the evil energies of your house every waning moon with a simple spell. This way you’re going to strengthen your own magical power!

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