Black Tourmaline – Meaning and 3 incredible ways to use it!

In this Spells and Witchcraft article, I’ll introduce you to everything you need to know about the Black Tourmaline crystal. This is one of the most popular stones in the magickal practice. I’ll explain its meaning, properties, benefits, how to cleanse it, and much more, including 3 incredible ways to use it.

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Black Tourmaline Spiritual Meaning

What are the types of Tourmaline?

There are different types of Tourmaline in nature. We can find Black Tourmaline, Blue, Pink, and Green for example. Each one of them has different properties and brings different benefits, but all are considered to be from the same family.

If we sort them by “rarity”, we could have the following list from the most abundant to the rarest one:

  • Black Tourmaline;
  • Pink Tourmaline;
  • Green Tourmaline;
  • Blue Tourmaline.

There’s another type of Tourmaline that grabs lots of attention which is the Watermelon Tourmaline. This one has different colors in it, such as green, pink, and sometimes even blue at the same time.

This article is focused only on the Black one! The main chemical element present in it is Iron and it’s because of it that it gets the black hue.

Where can I find Black Tourmaline?

The Black Tourmaline is considered to be abundant in nature. So it is easily found in any crystal shop online or locally all over the world. Even though it is abundant, there are some countries that have more of them to be found. They are:

  • Brazil;
  • The US;
  • Pakistan;
  • Nepal.
Where to fiind Black Tourmaline?
A map showing the main places you can find Black Tourmaline. It is abundant in Brazil, the USA, Pakistan, and Nepal according to Jennie Harding in the book Crystals

Black TOurmaline meaning

The Black Tourmaline meaning is found in its great energetically protective power and healing properties. When you have one or more of them around your home, it means that you are creating a protection field for all the house environment.

If you receive a Black Tourmaline as a gift, it means you need to protect your energies. Even if the person who gives you this gift doesn’t consciously know about this, they were used as a way to bring the stone to you. Use it wisely!

To see a Black Tourmaline in your dreams also means you need to protect your own energies. Dreaming with this crystal may indicate that Psychic Vampires are around you, as this stone can be used to fight them. This dream may also symbolize that you need to energetically cleanse the environment: home and work!

Black Tourmaline Meaning

What is Black Tourmaline Good for?

The Black Tourmaline is good for grounding energies, mainly heavy ones. This way, this crystal is able to absorb every kind of heavy energy around you and neutralize it. This is the main reason why it is widely used as a protective stone mainly against Psychic Vampires.

All the heavy energies emanated from a person, an environment, or even your own heavy energies, are attracted to the Black Tourmaline. Due to this, if there are too many heavy energies in a place or if you are being targeted by a psychic attack, this crystal may absorb so much that it will eventually explode into pieces.

This is the precise reason why I always tell people to never place a piece of it close to cellphones or devices with an LCD or LED screen. If it explodes, it may damage the screens.

Black Tourmaline - How to use

Benefits of Black TOurmaline

Benefits of Black Tourmaline include its ability to neutralize heavy energies, the way it generates a protection field for your own energy, and also its healing properties. Most people don’t think of this stone as a healing stone, though. They are more focused on the protection benefits. However, two pieces of this crystal can be used to heal and balance the body. You can use it as a complement to the healing spell I wrote about.

Besides these benefits, it’s also possible to balance the mind and stabilize the energies in a general way. I like to say it is fundamental to have at least one piece of this crystal in your collection and around your house!

Benefits of Black Tourmaline

Which Goddesses are related to the Black Tourmaline?

When we understand the benefits and properties of this stone, we can say that Goddesses who fit the Occult Face of the Triple Goddess have energies related to this crystal.

Hence, below there’s a small list of Goddesses whose energies can bring balance, protection, and also healing:

Black Tourmaline Crystal: How to use?

You can use the Black Tourmaline in different ways. It depends on what you need. The power of the Black Tourmaline is vast. For example, to use it for protection, you’ll do some things; To balance and ground energies, it’s another way; To use it for healing, you’ll do another different thing.

I’ll explain these 3 methods now:

1) How to use the Black Tourmaline for protection?

To use the Black Tourmaline for protection you only need to have it close to you. Wherever you go, take a piece of it alongside you. Regardless of its size, you must carry a piece of it inside your purse, in your wallet, in your pocket, or even wear it as an accessory.

This is enough. When you set your intentions to have your energetic field protected by the Black Tourmaline, you only need to have it around you and it’ll absorb all the negativity which may come close to you.

I must say it again: never place this stone close to cellphone devices or any kind of devices that have an LCD or LED screen. If the stone absorbs too much negativity, it may explode and damage these devices.

And I mean it! I’ll write briefly about 5 times this stone exploded on different occasions with different people so you can have a clearer picture of what I’m saying.

First case: A friend told me her cousin was locked in a bedroom for some days. She wouldn’t leave the room for anything. It was depicted as a “strange” depression she was suffering because she was also very aggressive. I told her to give her cousin a piece of Black Tourmaline. Even if she didn’t want it as a gift, the stone should be put inside the room.

She did it and the stone exploded the night after. Everyone in the house woke up to the noise. There were lots of pieces on the floor. The next morning, the woman left the room as if nothing had happened at all.

Second case: This same friend got so impressed by saving her cousin with a Black Tourmaline that she decided to buy a piece for herself. She bought it and put it inside her purse alongside her cellphone, keys, and more. She carried it around for weeks. One day she had a meeting with a new boss at the company she worked for. When she left the meeting and got her cellphone: surprise! The screen was shattered and the tourmaline was gone.

Third case: This big Black Tourmaline I showed in the video is not so big anymore. Part of it is gone. Years ago we used to receive people at our home for private English classes. Before the pandemic, all the classes were presential. When we received a new “strange” student, part of this stone simply jumped out of the whole body and fell on the floor, causing a big noise and breaking into many pieces. The new student didn’t stay, she got scared. Good for us.

Fourth case: I held a piece of it in my left hand during a meeting with the director of a play I was part of. I never liked her. She never liked me either. But we had to work together, unfortunately. That day, she insisted to shake my hand so I offered my right hand. Then, in my left hand, I felt the crystal breaking apart. Good, it didn’t explode violently!

Fifth case: We took our dog, Vanessa, to have emergency surgery in 2017 during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. I mentioned her story in my 9 Healing Spells for Dogs article. e couldn’t find any open clinic because of the Carnival. Miraculously, we found one far from our district. The vet there was very unfriendly and stressed. We could see she was there for money only. At the end of the surgery, she said Vanessa would die while we were waiting for her to wake up from the anesthesia. She also said that if Vanessa survived the surgery, she would die in the following weeks.

At that moment, a piece of Black Tourmaline we had in our backpack exploded and pieces of it fell on the floor. It was scary – for the vet! Immediately Vanessa appeared at the door, WALKING! She woke up after 5 minutes only and lived happily until she was 18 years old.

2) How to use the Black Tourmaline to balance and ground energies?

To use the Black Tourmaline to balance and ground energies, you only need to place one or many pieces of it around your home or work environment. You can spread it throughout every room you have or concentrate them in a single place where you and your family members spend most of the time together.

I always suggest the creation of a singular space dedicated to crystals and stones. This way, you can have them all together and if you need a specific one, you know where to find it.

3) How to use the Black Tourmaline for healing?

To use the Black Tourmaline for healing or during healing rituals, you only need to put the person who’s going to be healed laying down and facing up. While they are in this position, make sure they stretch their legs and leave their feet pointing up.

Now, place a piece of the crystal between the first and second toes. Do the same on the other foot. Leave it like this for 15 to 20 minutes. That’s all you need.

I think it’s funny that most people don’t think about the healing properties of the Black Tourmaline.

What to do if the Black Tourmaline breaks?

If your Black Tourmaline breaks you must, firstly, be thankful. All the energies that were targeting you were absorbed by it, so you’re good to go. Now, get the pieces and give them back to nature.

My broken crystals are always put in the garden and in vases with plants and flowers. My garden is actually a crystal cemetery full of pieces of stones and crystal pendulums. There are several pieces of Black Tourmalines, Quartz, Amethysts, and even Citrines!

Is Black Tourmaline good for sleep?

Yes, it is. You can sleep with a Black Tourmaline beside you to protect your energy. It is safe. Just keep it inside a drawer if it’s possible. Different from the Onyx, there are no side effects with the Black Tourmaline.

Different sizes of Black Tourmaline

Can black Tourmaline go in water?

Better not. The Black Tourmaline has iron in its composition. This way, if you put water on it, rusty may appear and leave this crystal with an ugly appearance. It can even remove its natural glow. Moreover, if it gets rusty, you may dirty your hands every time you grab it.

So, don’t put it in the water!

Can Black Tourmaline go in water?
Rust formation due to humidity

How to cleanse Black Tourmaline?

You can cleanse the Black Tourmaline in a visual and energetic way. All you need to do is to hold it in your dominant hand (the one you use for writing) and imagine a river passing through it, washing away all the energy which is impregnated on it.

After cleansing it, you need to energize it!

If you’re wondering how to clean it (physically, remove dust, and etc.) you can use and dry cloth and, if you wish, a soft brush. Don’t use hard brushes or toothbrushes and they may damage the Black Tourmaline.

How to energize a Black Tourmaline?

There are different ways to energize a Black Tourmaline. My favorite one is to place it together with a Selenite. Selenites have the power to energize and also cleanse other stones and crystals – and the whole environment!

Another way to energize it is to give it a coarse salt bath. Get a bunch of coarse salt in your hand and spread it on the Black Tourmaline. Clean it with a dry cloth later!

The last tip: if you have plants at home, put the Black Tourmaline together with them and leave it there for 24h. It will be energized again!

How to tell if Black Tourmaline is real?

The Black Tourmaline is one of the easiest stones to be identified and to be recognized as real or not. It has a unique appearance. Every time you’re in doubt if it is a Black Tourmaline or maybe an Onyx or even a Black Obsidian, pay attention to the following features:

  • Is it rough or does it have a glassy texture? It must be rough!
  • Does it have “lines” or is it plain? It must have lines and they seem to be glued together!
  • Is it opaque or reflective? It must be opaque!

Below, you’ll find a picture I took to make it clearer:

How to tell if Black Tourmaline is real
Black Tourmaline x Obsidian x Onyx comparison


In this article, you got to know all about Black Tourmaline and how to use its benefits and properties. If you don’t have one in your collection, use the buttons below to shop for some. By using the buttons you collaborate with my site and pay nothing extra for it.

And if you have an interesting story with the Black Tourmaline, I have an invitation for you: Tell me your story in the comments below! I’ll love to know!


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