Healing Spell Jar recipe against diseases and general pain

In this post, you will learn an easy healing spell jar recipe so you can prepare it and use it whenever you feel “strange” diseases and general pain. This is a powerful spell that can be performed by anyone who practices modern witchcraft. This spell is very simple and requires only a few items that are easy to find.

At the end of it, you will have a small jar, a kind of witch bottle (aka spell bottle), which should be kept and used whenever necessary.

In my video I teach you how to make it and also tell you my story with it. If you prefer reading, all the content is written here too!

Healing Spell Jar recipe

The first time I used this healing spell jar

The year was 2015. I had several spell jars ready for many different purposes. I used to give them for people who needed. So, obviously, I had some of this healing spell jar ready too. I never expected I would be have to use one of them.

On a specific night, we took a taxi to go back home from work. Nothing unusual there. However, the taxi driver was aggresive and seemed to be drugged. Too late for us, as we were already inside the car. I made up a story and asked him to stop by a pizza house. He got mad, it was a bit far from the final destination.

He stopped. We got out and ordered a pizza because the driver kept looking at us all the time. After half an hour we walked home.

The other morning I had a panic syndrome crisis for the first time. At the time we didn’t know what it was. However, due to the symptoms, everything indicated it was appendicitis. I was taken to a hospital for an emergency room. I made some exams and kept waiting for other exams.

While I was waiting, I remembered this healing spell jar and I asked Jesse to go home to pick it up. He got it and returned to the hospital. I used the liquid from the healing spell jar everywhere I was in pain.

So, a few hours after using the spell the pain completely disappeared and then other symptoms appeared, confirming that it was a panic attack.

I could go back home and kept using the spell jar. The panic attack lasted a whole day and some hours of the day after.

Healing Spell Jar Recipe

This healing spell jar repice consists of some ingredients:

  • Rosemary – can be dehydrated, fresh, or in essential oil form;
  • Eucalyptus – can also be dehydrated, fresh, on in essential oil form;
  • Grain alcohol;
  • A small jar / bottle / pot to keep the spell. I like these small jars with a cork lid;
  • Candle and/or incense (optional);
  • Green dye (optional).

Below are suggestions for buying one or more of the items if you don’t have them. Using the images below you collaborate with my website.

With these ingredients in hand, we will make the healing spell jar. We are going to create a little jar that will contain this healing spell and, whenever you feel a problem approaching, you will use a little of the content.

Keep it in mind that you must look for a doctor. If symptoms persist, go to yours.

How to make a healing spell jar

Follow this tutorial to make your healing spell jar and keep it safe for when you need it (I hope you don’t need it!).

Healing Spell Jar recipe - Seal it with a cork and no wax

Healing spell jar recipe toturial

Total time 10 minutes

Get all the healing spell jar ingredients ready

Preferably, place each one of them on a table where you can see them all. The amount of rosemary, eucalyptus, and cereal alcohol will depend on the size of your jar.

Light a candle or incense now (optional)

If you are going to light a candle or incense during this ritual, do it now! You can also dedicate them to some Goddesses related to healing like Goddess Tara for example.

Put Rosemary inside your jar

Calm down, feeling the energetic power of Rosemary. Now insert them into the jar.

Put Eucalyptus in your jar

Feel the purifying energy of Eucalyptus. Now insert it into the jar.

Fill the jar with cereal alcohol

Healing Spell Jar recipe - Fill it

Fill all the jar with it.

Use food coloring if you wish to give it a hue (optional)

I like to give the green color to this spell. Other colors related to healing can be purple or yellow.

Dedicate the Healing SPell jar to Tara, goddess of healing.

Healing Spell Jar recipe - Dedicate it to Goddess Tara

Dedicate this healing spell jar to Tara, the Tibetan Goddess of Healing . You can also chant her mantra if you wish.

Place the lid on it

Just put the lid on. Unlike other types of jars, do not seal this one with candle wax. You’ll need to open it when you want to use it.

Store the jar in a dark place and leave it there

Keep it safe and just take it when you need it.

If you lit the candle or the incense, let them burn to the end

This is fundamental. You must allow them burn until the end.


WIth this healing spell jar recipe you can make several spell jars and distribute them to people who may need them! I suggest you craft them and keep them all safe together for some time before start giveng them away.

When you need to use it, drop some liquid on your fingertip and spread it over the region where you feel pain or feel there something energetically wrong. Do not apply this over open hurts or bruises.

Use this healing spell jar as many times as you feel necessary. Optionally chant Tara’s Mantra.

I highly suggest you keep your house and workplace clean from evil energies by making some of these 10 easy protection spells regularly. If you need something stronger, do this banishing spell every Waning Moon. You must also beware of psychic vampires because they can make you fell ill.

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