Spell for Justice – Win a Court Case with a Witchcraft spell

In this post, you will learn how to make a spell for justice. With this witchcraft spell you’ll be able to win any court case or impose your decision over it. For example, you can do this spell so that the process is forgotten if you wish! This spell is very easy to do and it only requires 2 items that are very easy to get!

You can watch the video below to see the tutorial and listen to my success case or continue reading this article for all the info.

Spell for justice - win a court case with witchcraft

Spell for justice – My story and my experience

Before I teach you how to make this spell for justice, I will tell you my experience with it first. You can skip this part, of course, but I suggest you read it so you’ll have a full picture of the power of this ritual.

I learned this spell in one of my favorite books of witchcraft: The Goodly Spellbook. Check it later on Amazon and buy it if you want to. There are tons of great spells that range from simple ones to some very complex others.

So, my story with this justice spell started in 2018 when Loreena Mckennitt came to Brazil to present the Lost Souls tour. Of course, I wanted to watch her performance! When I Googled “tickets for Loreena Mckennitt in Rio de Janeiro” I came across a sponsored link from the company Viagogo.

I entered the website. It was very beautiful and it had some psychological pressure for me to buy the ticket in a hurry. Then I bought 2 tickets for the concert, a very high price.

After some time I received the tickets and they were FOR STUDENTS. I had never asked for tickets with discounts for students. I wasn’t a student anymore!

So what to do?

That’s when the situation only got worse. I tried to change the tickets, and the company said it was not possible. We have a law in Brazil that states that every purchase via the internet can be canceled or exchanged in up to 7 days from the day the consumer receives the purchased item. Even so, the company refused to change or cancel the purchase.

In a quick survey, I discovered that there are communities around the world called “Victims of Viagogo“. The cases are bizarre. And it only gets worse! There are stories about fake tickets, tickets for students, for old people… in short, it is a very well-created scheme.

What actually happens is that this company is a “ticket marketplace” where they claim that you buy tickets from those who have given up going to a show for example.

The idea is nice. But it doesn’t work just like this.

And there’s more!

Their Brazilian website didn’t have any legal information, contact address, telephone number, or documents… They were totally inadequate! I was lucky to get their legal info from an attorney who had problems with his tickets for Paul McCartney’s concert.

Then I prosecuted them.

If you look for judicial cases involving Viagogo, you’ll find that many people simply lose their processes. I knew it would be hard.

So, I made this spell for justice! And I was victorious!

How to make the justice spell and win a court case with witchcraft

If your cause is fair and you deserve to win you can perform this spell for justice. You will work with the energy of 2 Greek Goddesses here: Themis and Nike. You are going to do the following after starting the lawsuit:

  1. Get a token that symbolizes the company or the problem (in my case I used copies of the wrong tickets);
  2. Get a token that symbolizes you or the justice you wish to be done (in my case I used a picture of myself).

Get these tokens and wait for the next Thursday night during a Waxing Moon. This is fundamental! Thursday is the day dedicated to powerful Gods like Thor, Zeus, and Jupiter. You’ll need their energy to cause an impact! And the Waxing Moon is when the energies of the Triple Goddess are increasing, so it’s great for this type of spell!

When the right night comes, you’ll do the following:

Spell for Justice Tutorial

Duration 10 minutes

Open the magick circle with your wand, athame, or hands

It’s highly important that you open the magick circle before performing this spell. By doing so, you’ll prevent external influences and you’ll feel at peace.

Remember everything you felt since the beginning of this problem

Close your eyes and start remembering everything you felt since this problem started in your life. Ask some questions like: What happened? How did you feel at that moment? How do you feel now? What are the consequences of this? What are the damages? What are your frustrations? When everything is clear in your mind, go to the next step.

Get the 2 tokens and put the one that represents you OVER the other

Spell for justice - Make tokens

Get the 2 tokens you prepared at the beginning. The first symbolizes the problem and the second symbolizes you. Put the one the represents you OVER the other.

Verbalize the answers to these 3 questions

Answer these 3 questions out loud:

1) Why can’t the company win this?
2) Why shouldn’t they win this?
3) Why won’t they win this?

Ask for Goddess Themis (Justice) and Nike (Victory) to guide you and your attorney

Spell for justice - Goddesses Nike and Themis

This is personal. You must ask them the way you feel it’s better. Simply ask and call them.

Burn the token that symbolizes the problem

Now burn the token that symbolizes the problem! That’s why I used copies of the tickets, so I could easily burn them. Watch them burn!

Now, you must decide what exactly you want to happen

To confirm your decision, you’ll choose where you’re going to leave the token that represents you:

– Keep the token in the EAST part of your house if you wish to win;
– Keep the token in the WEST part of your house if you wish the judge to have mercy on you;
– Keep the token in the SOUTH part of your house if you wish this process to be forgotten.

Leave the token in place until the case is solved

After you get the decision you want, you can burn your token too or simply discard it.


With this spell for justice, you can win a court case that’s troubling you. I even won against the schemes of that company, so I’m sure you’ll also be able to win! Remember that you will be dealing with strong energies and asking for the help of Goddess Themis (Justice) and Goddess Nike (Victory), who are two Greek Goddesses.

You may also ask Goddess Athena for some help or use her justice archetype in the process.

So it is important that you are really doing it because you need justice. Do not try this spell if your intentions are not good or if you intend to “cheat” the course of the process without merit.

The consequences can be worse than losing the case if you are not innocent.

I also suggest you clean your house from bad energies during the Waning Moon with this spell and protect your place against negative energies with these easy protection spells too. And if you have an unwanted person close to you, make this spell to get rid of someone. In case these people are too evil for you to handle, make this protection spell bottle for each one of them.

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  1. This comes at a perfect time. Thank you! I do have a question though. If I use this spell in my child support case (against my son’s biological father), what sort of token can I effectively use?

    • Great, Sophie!

      In this case, use a photo of your son’s biological father as the token for the “problem”. Use a picture of you and your son as a token of you.

      Then you’ll burn the photo of his father in the ritual and keep yours in the direction you want.


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