Spell to get rid of someone – Go Away Witchcraft spell!

In this post, you will learn a simple spell to get rid of someone. Do you know when you separate a day just for you? You arrange everything so you can relax, study, and watch some videos on Santuário Lunar’s channel (ha!), but suddenly that unexpected – and unwanted – visit appears. That’s when you cast this “go away spell” and make this person leave your house!

These people do not realize that they are not welcome. If they’re a relative, then it’s really impossible to think of the possibility of not being welcome at all! You can’t simply ask them to leave. They won’t. To solve this situation, you can cast this simple spell with ingredients that you surely have at home! You can be a beginner in Modern Witchcraft or even Wicca to perform this!

Alongside this, I also suggest doing at least one of the easy protection spells I taught in another article to keep the energies of your house clean.

Spell to get rid of someone - Go Away Spell

How to cast the spell to get rid of someone

This simple spell consists of making some magic dust. To make this magic dust, only 3 ingredients are required! And these ingredients are:

  • Three “Hot” Spices;
  • A little pot to save the spell in case you won’t use it all at once (or have a list of people to get rid of :D).

By hot spices, I mean any “hot” flavored spice, such as:

  • lack pepper;
  • Cayenne pepper;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Paprika;
  • Saffron;
  • Curry;
  • Any other similar spice.

Now follow this tutorial and be ready to get rid of an unwanted person using Witchcraft!

Spell to get rid of someone - Go Away Spell

Tutorial teaching how to perform the spell to get rid of someone

Total time 10 minutes

Start by separating the 3 ingredients you’re going to use

Spell to get rid of someone - Necessary Items

You can choose any 3 hot spices for this spell. The ones I used were: Cayenne, Cinnamon, and Curry. All in powder, of course! Leave them separated in small bowls or pots.

Mix the 3 powders into one

Spell to get rid of someone - Mix into a new powder

Mix them well so the new powder is going to be homogenous and you won’t be able to identify the ones mixed together.

Place this new powder into a safe bottle or pot

Keep this new powder in a safe bottle or pot and use just a bit of it each time you wish to perform this go away spell.

Now sprinkle the power in all drains in your house

Spell to get rid of someone - Sprinkle the powder on drains in the house

With the powder ready, all you have to do now is throw a little (or a lot if you think it’s necessary) into a drain while visualizing the person you want to be gone and speaking your intentions out loud. By drain, I mean this “thing” in the picture above.

Ideally, do this spell with the person already indoors so that they feel “hot” and leave in despair. In my case, I did before the visit was repeated. It worked and until today I didn’t have the cursed visit anymore.

It’s done

The spell to get rid of someone is done! You can also perform it against boring neighbors, colleagues and lots of other people who disturb your piece.


So this is a very simple spell to get rid of unwanted, annoying, meddlesome people who visit us even if we don’t want them to. This spell is very light and the unwanted person is not necessarily your enemy. If you need to protect yourself from enemies, check these protection spells from enemies.

I learned this spell in the amazing book “The Goodly Spellbook”, a grimoire that contains several spells for various purposes. If you want the book, please buy it using the link below to collaborate with the site without paying anything extra for it!

Did you do this spell? Did it work (of course it did!)? Share your experiences in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Spell to get rid of someone – Go Away Witchcraft spell!”

  1. Hello I got the instructions on the get rid of unwanted people. Question if the person I want to get rid of is in the house do I still speak my intentions out loud? And when you say sprinkle to all the drains that means bathtub drain and sink drain including kitchen sink drains?

    • Hi, Maria! Yes, you speak out loud about your intentions. You don’t need to shout, though. Just verbalize them.

      Sprinkle it over all drains on the floor. When I did this spell for the first time I had 4 of them in the apartment I lived. 1 on the laundry floor, 1 on the bathroom floor, 1 on another bathroom floor, and 1 on the shower room floor.

  2. Understood. Now this spell also works on people who don’t live with you comes by the house? How long does it take for the people to live?

  3. will this get rid of someone ghat is miles away out of my life and my lovers she is the thitd and won t l.et go even gtjough he has told her tyo

  4. I live in Turkey and have a basement apartment home, this means all the drainage is built within all basement apartments, there is 1 special stinky room, that I neve enter that is known as a cryptic tank or sess pit. So I’m uncertain whether this is ideal for me as it needs to drain away from my home doesn’t it, but in my case it will be sat in that awful room within my home which could potentially have undesired effects or not?!?

    • You can cast this spell on whatever drain you find in your home. Once I lived in a house with drains outside that were built to collect rainwater. I did it there. The symbolism here is to allow the powder to be taken away (as the energy of the person you want to keep away from you).

  5. So when use this spell does it get rid of the person you want.Do you write their name down

  6. How to do this spell for neighbors, when we don’t have access to their drains? Do we just think of them and use our house drains?


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