Nut – Goddess of the Sky and Protection

  • Attributes: Goddess of the sky, stars and death
  • Symbols: Sky, stars, cow and a pot
  • Place: Egypt

For the ancient Egyptians Nut (or Nuit, Newet, or even, Nueth) was one of the major Goddesses. como uma das mais adoradas. She was the very personification of heaven and she was also the one who gave birth to many Gods and Goddesses. She also had a very important role in Egyptian Mythology as she was the one responsible for creating and sustaining a barrier between chaos and order.

Daughter of Shu, the Air God, and Tefnut, Moisture Goddess, Nut is one of the Goddesses who is related to the creation of the world.

In this myth, Nut and her brother Geb (Earth God) were depicted as lovers. They held each other so tightly that nothing could pass between them. By seeing this situation, Shu separated them becoming the wind which blows between the earth and the sky.

This separation was late. Nut was already pregnant. She gave birth to the stars and planets and they stayed together with her in the sky. Nut shares this attribute of giving life with the Goddess Hathor, as well as her symbol, the cow.

From this union, some Gods and Goddesses were also born. They are Osíris, Set, Ísis e Néftis. The ancient Egyptians also say that Ra, the Sun God, were reborn every day from Nut’s vulva and died every night, being swallowed by Nut’s mouth.

Nut’s depiction is usually a naked, black, star-studded woman. She crouched down to the ground, looking down, and her arms and legs formed pillars that supported the sky and protected the world from chaos. She can also be represented by an ordinary woman with a pot over her head.

Goddess Nut by TheBryde
Goddess Nut by TheBryde. Check her portfolio

Goddess of death

As it has already been said, Nut gave birth to the Sun God every day. This factor connected her with the underworld, with resurrection, and with the tombs, making her a Goddess of death and rebirth.

She was seen as a friend and protector for the dead ones while they were crossing the Duat (the Egyptian underworld).

She was often painted inside the sarcophagi of its devotees to protect them until they were reborn, like Ra, in a new life.

Nut held great importance in Egyptian mythology, having some festivals in her honor during the year. Although no great temple or worship was dedicated to it, there were some shrines in her name, where some rituals were occasionally performed with food.

Summoning Nut

This Goddess is a great ally when it comes to protection. As it was said, the ancient Egyptians believed that she protected the world with her body, preventing chaos from overtaking them.

If you have the feeling that many things are going wrong and your life itself is in chaos, you can summon Nut during the Crescent Moon or during the Full Moon so she can take these bad energies away from you.

Necessary items:

  • Incense (Rosemary or saffron are recommended)
  • Candles
  • Your favourite song

In one night, in some dark place and preferably where you can see the sky, light the candles and the incense.

Make a brief meditation about your goal and about your request.

Put the music to play and dance. Let yourself be driven by the pace and do not lose focus of your request.

When you feel enough is enough, go rest. Always have gratitude in mind because Nut has protected us from great chaos since time immemorial.

Thank the Goddess at the end of the ritual and lie down to sleep.

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