Guided Meditation for Abundance with Gaia – 10 questions!

In this guided meditation for abundance, you will work with Goddess Gaia. Gaia is the Greek Goddess of the Earth and she created almost everything we know. Her abundance is endless and she shares it with us all. By connecting with her we can open the path to abundance and prosperity, cleaning limiting beliefs, and living a more prosperous life.

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Meditating is a powerful way to calm the mind, discover new powers, and enhance your spirit.

Guided Meditation for Abundance with Gaia

How does this guided meditation for abundance work?

It’s very simple. This guided meditation for abundance was written with Goddess Gaia in mind. A sequence of 10 questions is going to be asked and you will have time between them to think about the answers. Answer them mentally.

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. You may repeat this meditation every time you think it’s necessary and observe the way your answers will change.

In the end, one affirmation is going to be repeated 5 times. Focus on this affirmation.

Easy like that!

Put your headphones on and sit comfortably. There will be instructions in the audio.

Gaia is the Greek Goddess of Abundance, prosperity, and Mother of all. Everything comes from her and returns to her.

You can play the video below. Close your eyes. Enjoy.

answer these 10 questions

If you want to review the questions or if you don’t have enough time for the full meditation, here are the q0 questions featured in this guided meditation for abundance with Gaia:

  1. What does the word “abundance” mean to you?
  2. For you, where does abundance come from?
  3. Do you see yourself worthy of Abundance?
  4. Are abundance and prosperity the same for you?
  5. Do you believe that abundance is not for you?
  6. What negative thoughts distance you from Abundance?
  7. Did you know that negative thoughts drive abundance away?
  8. Which positive thoughts bring you to Abundance?
  9. Did you know that your thoughts can bring you abundance?
  10. Which changes can you make in your life to pave the way for the arrival of abundance?

Always think of these reflections and allow abundance to enter and remain in your life. Summon Goddess Gaia and acknowledge the abundant energy everywhere.

Gaia’s positive affirmation

Abundance is everywhere. I acknowledge it.

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