How to summon Gaia – Ritual to attract prosperity

Learn how to summon Gaia with a ritual to attract prosperity and abundance to your life. This article is part of our Spells and Witchcraft studies. These rituals will also help you to acknowledge the abundance around you. Goddess Gaia is the Primordial Greek Goddess of Earth.

She created almost everything we know and have today. By connecting with her archetype and energy, we can invoke her prosperity and abundance into our life.

In this article, I’ll present you some ways to summon Gaia, pray to her, and also a guided meditation we prepared.

Let’s go?

How to summon Gaia - Ritual of Gaia

How to pray to Gaia?

Goddess Gaia, like many other Greek Goddesses, has an Orphic Hymn dedicated to her. By reciting her Orphic Hymn you can actually pray to Gaia.

Every time you choose to recite or listen to our recitation of her Hymn, visualize how prosperous and abundant your life deserves to be. If it’s about money, visualize money entering your life, see yourself paying for the things you wish, see yourself and your loved ones involved with this energy. If it’s about food, visualize a table full of your favorite food, see your family having a feast for example.

We prepared a page with the Orphic Hymn to Gaia in English, as well as a powerful audio version with its recited version.

Greek Goddess of Abundance: a guided meditation

We know our mind has blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent us from achieving our goals. Thinking of this, we prepared a guided meditation with the Greek Goddess of Abundance, Gaia. If you are into meditating, this is an option on how to summon Gaia.

By listening to this guided meditation and mentally answering the questions presented, you’ll dissolve these blocks and work your way towards abundance and prosperity.

Ritual of Gaia: How to summon Gaia for prosperity

Now let’s learn how to summon Gaia for prosperity. This is a ritual of Gaia idea that will help you to connect with her energy and archetype. There are two tips actually. Summoning Gaia is a good way to thank her for all the things she created, including ourselves. During this ritual, we can feel her abundance and bring all sorts of good things to our lives.

Ritual of Gaia Idea #1

The suggestion of this ritual was made by the amazing Patricia Monaghan in the book The Goddess Path.

You can make this ritual of Gaia through a feast. You don’t need to prepare a very expensive feast. Prepare a beautiful table, invite some people you love, and dedicate it to the Goddess. All the energy created and shared during the feast will be enough to thank Gaia.

You can decorate the table with symbols that can remind you of Gaia. The main symbols of Gaia are the snake, the planet Earth, and forests and mountains.

How to summon Gaia - Make a feast
How to summon Gaia – Make a feast

Ritual of Gaia idea #2

Another way to be in contact with Gaia for a ritual is by paying respect to all her creation.

During our daily life, we sometimes forget to appreciate small details from nature. Maybe we can take care of a tree from our street which needs some attention, or maybe there’s a flower just waiting for us to see how beautiful she is in our own yard or garden.

Try paying attention to everything from nature around you. Start paying respect to Goddess Gaia and all the things she’s constantly offering us!

Nothing formal. This can be a daily ritual of Gaia. The experience will be rewarding!

How to summon Gaia - Connect with nature
How to summon Gaia – Connect with nature


So these are the ideas on how to summon Gaia to attract abundance and prosperity to your life. Please share your experiences with me by leaving a comment below!

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