The Magic of Food – Healthy eating habits and well-being

Hello! In this post we will be talking about the Magic of Food. Tips for maintaining healthy eating habits together with physical and emotional well-being. These tips will help us find and maintain our balance consuming healthy food.

How to have healthy eating habits?

There are several ways to have healthy eating habits for our physical body and our subtle bodies. Food is, for the majority of the middle and upper classes population, the most accessible form of nutrition. We can also draw energy from the air we breathe, from solar rays, water, earth, rocks, crystals, and from plants (prana).

The best way to feed ourselves is always to have colourful foods on our dishes that will contain all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for the good functioning of our organism.

Healthy Eating Habits - Healthy Food

There are different styles and ways of feeding ourselves, known as systems. These systems range from omnivorism to macrobiotics. They can be known as crudivorism, vegetarianism, ovo-lacto vegetarianism, lacto vegetarianism, ovo vegetarianism, veganism, fruitarianism and carnivorism.

Basically, we are mostly omnivores, but when we opt for a vegetarian diet we can do very well. Game, raw fruits and vegetables have been basic food for a good part of the human beings throughout times. After the last ice age, mankind began to use fire to prepare food for consumption. Therefore, our species also started consuming grains, fatty meat, eggs, aquatic creatures, roots and tubers, among other types of food.

What is your feeding system? Does it fulfill your needs? Does it impact the environment? Does it make you happy? Would you like to change it?

Healthy Eating Habits and Quality of Life

Human beings who live longer are those who eat raw fruits, vegetables and seaweed. They have a life expectancy of approximately 100 years, while those who primarily eat raw red meat have a life span which rarely goes over 40 years. It does make us think about it, doesn’t it?

All right, we humans adapted ourselves to the environment, we changed, we spread throughout the planet. We have evolved and, in terms of food, much can now be used for our subsistence. It is known that healthy eating habits should include fruits, vegetables, some nuts, grains, roots, cereals, and plenty of fresh water, of course.

For the love of the animals or for compassion, for geographical reasons or for hygienic reasons consumption of meat is not needed anymore. Definitely not.

In the north hemisphere in ancient times the animals that would not survive the harsh winter were sacrificed to become food. They were about to die anyway. Meat to eat is now based on the mistreatment and on the murder of living beings without any justification or their own permission. We do not need to eat meat. These living beings share our environment and they came to earth much before we did. This planet is not only ours. It is really not.

Eight thousand liters of water is spent to produce only a pound of meat. Can you believe it? Confined, animals do not eat grass and are fed with ration which is full of poisonous chemical compounds. That makes them terribly  thirsty and, consequently make them drink a lot of water during their long years of suffering. Mother Nature pays for that bill. Your body too. To read more about it, see here (in Portuguese).

Protein can be taken from vegetable sources like green peas, quinoa, nuts, beans, tofu, leafy greens, chia seeds, sesame, sunflower, poppy seeds and cocoa powder. We do not really need to eat dead animals. For more information check this page.


Healthy Eating Habits: Natural food vs Chemical food

There is another aggravating factor that hinders the access to natural healthy eating habits today. We have stopped eating only natural food after the installation of the post World War II food industry. These industries spawn the great production of processed and canned foods round the clock since then. These companies believe the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach. Their food is attractive because it is full of unnatural flavour with excessive sugar, fat and salt. Loads of chemical preservatives are also present, of course. That is a nuclear bomb to anyone’s health.

Healthy Eating Habits - Balance

In addition to this,  large amounts of deadly chemicals are usually found in processed foods, They precisely affect our health, causing mental imbalances and terrible body diseases.

A very negative aspect involving healthy eating habits is that almost all of us deliberately consume very harmful substances to our bodies. The consumption of substances like chemicals, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, soft drinks, caffeine, loads of salt and sugar is not really healthy. By doing it we don’t realize we are anticipating our death. Our time on earth is finite. Consuming substances like these will result in our early departure from planet earth.

What do you consume? What benefits do you get from it?

Healthy Eating Habits and Balance

Well, how can you have a healthy diet, achieve balance and maintain it?

It seems illogical for us to consume so many bad things on the contrary to what we should consume in order to maintain a balanced and healthy life. But everything in life has a reason. Try to find out why you are consuming substances that destroy and shorten your existence here and now.

Love your life, respect your biological system and, within your possibilities, make better choices for food. Include vegetables and fruits to your diet. In the case of deficiency of some vitamins, like D3 and Omega 3 from animal origin, seek a nutrition professional and ask them to prescribe you some supplements (capsules) of these vitamins. This ends up being a less impacting solution for Mother Nature.

Believe, the Magic of Food is found on a balanced way of acquiring energy through the nutrients found in the many colorful foods our Mother Earth gives us. We can also find The Magic of Food in the joy of preparing what we eat with love, care and respect.

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3 tips for having healthy eating habits on Pinterest

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3 tips for having healthy eating habits

The Magic of Life

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