The Magic of Happiness – How to be happy

Have you ever wondered how to be happy? It is always good and important to know how to situate ourselves temporally and geographically before, so that we can find out this answer. We do that so for others and also for ourselves to understand the context in which we are in.

So, where do you live? What is the name of your region? Of your city? Of your neighborhood?

Well, there are a few things I can guess about your geographic location, for instance: you are on planet Earth, probably in a country with climate changes, breathtaking landscapes, rich vegetation, a stunning fauna and with some water nearby like the sea, river, lake or other kind.

How to be Happy - Live the moment

I can guess there are wealthy and poor people in the population of your country. There are millions of people who are probably warm and hopeful souls looking for a better and happier life as well. Of course there must also be sick, sad, lost, ignorant, corrupt people but with no exception, justifiably seeking a better life. Everyone wants to be happy. That’s a fact!

Did I guess far enough? Notice that among our differences we are not so different. Except for some peculiarities, we are very similar, we all share the same planet and we want happiness.

So, here’s the golden rule: Enjoy the moment you’re living. Be happy with the “here and now”. Is it important to make plans for the future or to remember the past? Yes, of course it is, but do not get stuck to them. Live the present with enthusiasm and do everything you can do to make it better, if you feel you need it.

So how to be happy?

Basically being happy is enjoying who you are and what you have, and that includes prizing where you live and what you do in life.

What if I do not like my body, my stuff, where I live, or what I do? How to be happy, then?

The solution is to know how to make changes and adaptations. Changing some thoughts and including pleasure in your activities is the first step. There is always the possibility of thinking differently, in a more appropriate way. If a place or situation is bad, if you disagree with what you got or you would like to get, if you want something different, you need to identify where the problem is.

How to be Happy - Follow your heart

Do not like where you live? Look for alternatives, including moving to another location. Do not like your body? Change your habits. One thing is assured: nothing in life is eternal or unchangeable. Yes, you can change, you can try different things, different activities, different places and pursue what will answer the “how to be happy?” question.

How to be happy – The Magic of Happiness

Did you know that there is an incredible tool to help humans to grow and also help you to be truly happy? This tool is the Magic of Happiness!

The Magic of Happiness presents itself in the form of intuition, unexpected feelings, dreams, coincidences, signs, words, images, details and relevant pieces of information. Usually we find it in texts, music, arts, occasionally in films, drawings, photographs, diagrams, graphics or illustrations so that they can be easily understood.

The Magic of Happiness is also called Synchronicity. And do you know what it takes to use Synchronicity, that magic positive energy of the universe, in your favor and find out how to be happy? Just open your eyes, realize and enjoy the “here and now”, and primarily believe in your heart.

Believe in your ability to create the reality you live in. Know that you deserve to be happy, that you were born to be happy and happiness is the great goal of the life of all.

It’s all very simple: observe and understand nature, its phenomena, its manifestations, for everything is magic. We are magicians, communication between beings who love and help each other is magical!

How to be Happy - Understand Nature

Open your heart. Listen to your heart. Follow your heart. It is there within your heart that one finds what is necessary for a happy and complete life, a life full of Magic!

Now just get down to business and be happy!

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