IMBOLC RITUAL: 3 ideas for celebrating the Sun God’s growth!

Looking for inspiration on how to celebrate Imbolc Sabbat and make an Imbolc Ritual? Here you’ll find 3 ideas for celebrating or for improving your celebration of the Sabbat of Growth!

Each Imbolc ritual celebrates life and growth of the Sun God, the joy of the first signs of Spring.

The rituals presented here were taken from the book “Wicca, A Religião da Deusa” by Claudiney Prieto, with adaptations.

If you do not know this Sabbat, read about it on The Sabbat Imbolc post. To understand more about the subject go to The Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats.

Imbolc Ritual Ideas
Imbolc Ritual Ideas

Imbolc Ritual: Making a Brigid Doll (Brideog)

This Imbolc ritual consists of making the Brideog, that can be made of straw, a corn cob or some cloth.

After being made, the doll is placed on a bed next to a staff during the Imbolc Sabbat, symbolizing the union between the Goddess and The God.

Items needed to make a Brideog:

  • 1 doll made of straw or cloth (preferably made by you);
  • 1 set of white clothes for the doll;
  • 1 wicker basket;
  • Some Corn straw;
  • 1 small wooden stick in black and white colours.

How to make it:

Put the clothes on the doll and cover the basket with the corncobs. During the Imbolc Ritual, light two white candles next to the bed while saying:

Blessed be Brigid, blessed be the Great Mother!

Put the doll on the bed and keep saying:

Brigid arrived. Welcome to your bed. Blessed be the Virgin. Blessed be the Mother.

Put the staff on the bed, along with the doll:

This is the Sacred Staff, the symbol of the God. May the union of the Goddess and the God bring light and fertility to the Earth.

Raise the basket while you speak:

Brigid is here, welcome. Welcome, Brigid! Welcome, welcome!

Put out the candles. The next day put the doll, without her clothes, hanging on your door and leave her there until the next Imbolc. This will bring protection, prosperity, and fertility to your home.

Imbolc Ritual Ideas - Bridig Doll
Imbolc Ritual Ideas – Bridig Doll

Imbolc Ritual: Candle Wheel

Another Imbolc ritual is the making of the Candle Wheel which crowns a young woman, representing the Virgin Goddess. The crown also represents the Wheel of the Year.

You can also use the wheel on the altar.

Required Items:

  • 8 candlesticks;
  • 4 red candles;
  • 4 orange candles
  • Some glue;
  • Aluminum sheets;
  • Pencil;
  • Some green foliage;
  • Some cardboard.

Trace a circumference on the cardboard the size you desire your Candle Wheel. Mark the position of the eight candles with your pencil, and then glue the candlesticks into their right positions.

After drying, quilt the cardboard with the aluminum sheets and decorate with the foliage. Place the eight candles right after this, always intercalating the colors.

Place the wheel on your altar and light it during the night of Imbolc, summoning the Goddess in her Maiden Face.

Imbolc Ritual ideas - Candle Wheel
Imbolc Ritual ideas – Candle Wheel

How to make a full Imbolc Ritual

For this Imbolc ritual you will need:

  • 1 Candle wheel;
  • 1 Goblet with some wine;
  • 1 Magic Broom;
  • 1 Bouquet of flowers;

Place the Candle Wheel in the center of the altar. Draw the magic circle. After lining off the sacred space sweep your circle singing:

I am banishing by the Earth and the Air. I am banishing by the Fire and the Sea. I am banishing, I am banishing to purify. I’m banishing, I’m banishing to annihilate. Spiral, spiral, spiral; Suck what is bad, take away all the evil

As you sing, mentalise all negativity and bad luck being banished from your life. Sweep and sing until you feel it is necessary. When you are done, make the following invocation:

Brigid of the fire in the fireplace,
Brigid of intertwined hair,
Women friend,
Wise woman,
Daughter of Danu.
Ignite your flames in our minds and hearts,
Make ourselves your harp, your forge, so that we can heal, inspire and transform.
Guide me through all the ways.

Light the candles on the Wheel and, with each candle lit, make a wish. When all the candles are lit, say:

With these lights I make way for Spring to come with all its fertility. From now on the strength of the Sun grows stronger and its light can fertilize the Earth. So mote it be!

Walk with the bouquet of flowers around the circle, making your requests. Put it on the altar while saying:

I offer these flowers to the Maiden
I honour the Spirit of the Nature, asking him to make the soil fertile again and the seeds to germinate.
Take the goblet with wine, raise it to the heavens, saying:
I honour the Maiden and the rising light of the Sun.

Drink some of the wine and make a libation (the act of offering wine in honour to the Gods). Sing and dance in honour to the Gods. Thank the Gods.

Undo the magic circle.

Celebrating The Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats

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