MABON RITUAL – 3 ideas for an excellent Pagan thanksgiving!

Check in this post 4 Mabon ritual ideas to celebrate Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox of Witches!

Each Mabon Ritual celebrates the abundance of the second and last harvest. Due to this, it is time to thank the Goddess and the God for all the gifts of the year you are about to close.

The rituals presented here were taken from the book “Wicca, A Religião da Deusa” by Claudiney Prieto, with adaptations. 

If you wish to learn more about this Sabbat, read about it here. To understand more about the subject go to The Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats page.

Mabon Ritual Ideas
Mabon Ritual Ideas

Mabon Ritual: Making a Queen of the Harvest (Kern Baby)

The Harvest Queen is a fairly common Mabon ritual. To create it you will need:

  • Branches of wheat;
  • Multi Coloured ribbons (optional);
  • Piece of white cloth;
  • 1 Baton;
  • Some String.

Take the wheat boughs and divide them into three parts. The first part will be the head and the other two will be the arms. For this, cross two parts of the wheat branches, in opposite positions, tying the separated part in the vertical position, forming a cross. Tie it up with the string so that it is firm and does not loosen.

With the white cloth, you can make a robe and dress your doll. Decorate the white robe with the coloured ribbons if you wish, they represent the spring, the other balance point that exists in the Wheel of the Year and that will be coming in the six next months.

Hang your Queen of the Harvest on the baton, which is the phallic symbol of fertility. Then, when you celebrate Mabon, place it on the altar, asking it to become a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

This ritual is also known as Harvest Doll.

Mabon Ritual Ideas - Kern Baby
Mabon Ritual Ideas – Kern Baby

Mabon Ritual: Cornucopia of Abundance

The Horn of Abundance, or Cornucopia, is a symbol of generosity, good harvest, and well-defined magical implications.

The horn is a phallic symbol, representing the God, while the interior of it symbolizes the uterus, representing the Goddess and the fertile Earth.

As the Mabon Sabbat is the Witches’ Thanksgiving, it is very appropriate to use this symbol on altars or tables during the Mabon Ritual.

Make or buy a cornucopia. Fill the horn with fruits, flowers, grains, and coins so that they are poured on the altar. Add other magical things, such as oak leaves or acorns, hazelnuts or Tarot cards.

When celebrating Mabon, share the content of the cornucopia with your loved ones.

Mabon Ritual Ideas - Cornucopia of Abundance
Mabon Ritual Ideas – Cornucopia of Abundance

Mabon’s Magic Drink

This Mabon Ritual is known as Mabon’s Magic Drink and consists of:

  • Hot apple cider;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Small slices of apple.

This sacred drink has a profound meaning. The apple rules the heart, the cider represents the self, so it is already a potion of love itself. But when mixed with cinnamon, which is governed by the Sun, it represents the Solar essence, and when we drink, it is as if we were gulping the very light of the Sun.

How to make a full Mabon Ritual celebration

For this Mabon Ritual you will need:

  • Some grains of all kinds;
  • 1 Cauldron;
  • Some dry leaves;
  • 13 ribbons of different colours;
  • 1 twig of wood;
  • 3 brown candles;
  • 1 Goblet with wine.

Procedure: Draw a triangle using the brown candles with its top facing up and place your cauldron in the middle of it. Draw the magic circle and say:

The Wheel of the Year again turns. This is the Sabbat of the Second Harvest. The Lady of Abundance and the God of Abundance bless the world with their grain. Blessed be the Plenty of the Earth!

Light the candles. Take the ribbons and tie them to one end of the branch. With each ribbon tied, make a wish. As long as you have tied all the ribbons, raise the branch saying:

Today, light and darkness are the same. From now on the God will return to the womb of the Mother. This is the eternal Dance of life and death. May the Wheel turn once more and may the Lady and the Lord bless the world.

Put the branch in the cauldron. Spread the grains and leaves by the altar while saying:

We ask that the Goddess and the God take care of the Earth with wisdom and goodness so that the harvests will continue with bread and life for all. We give thanks to the Gods for abundance. May the Goddess guide us through the dark days, until the Child of Promise is reborn to bring joy and happiness again.

Raise the chalice and say:

I drink this wine in honour to the Lady of Abundance and the God of Harvest, who is moving faster and faster into the other world. Blessed be!

Sing and dance in honour to the Gods.

Undo the circle.

Celebrating The Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats with rituals

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