Have a wonderful OSTARA in 2024 with these RITUAL IDEAS (full tutorial)

Looking for inspiration on how to celebrate Ostara Sabbat? Here you’ll find 2 Ostara Ritual ideas for celebrating or for improving your celebration of the Spring Equinox in 2024! Each Ostara Ritual celebrates the renewal brought by the energy of the Sun God, the joy of the Goddess and the renewal moment of all life and nature. 

I’m Daniel from Santuário Lunar and I’ll show you 2 great ritual ideas for Ostara!

The rituals presented here were taken from the book “Wicca, A Religião da Deusa” by Claudiney Prieto, with some adaptations.

If you wish to learn more about this Sabbat, read about it here. To understand more about the subject go to The Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats page.

Ostara Ritual Ideas 2024

Ostara Ritual: Making Ostara Eggs

This Ostara Ritual uses colored eggs. Colored eggs are the biggest symbols of the Ostara Sabbat.

Ancient people believed that the world would have been originated from a Cosmic Egg of the Bird Goddess that had been fertilized by the Sun God.

Pagans from all over the world paint eggs at the Spring Equinox and their altars are decorated with these powerful symbols of fertility, protection, and good luck.

You can also make your Ostara Eggs and project in them all your dreams and desires.

Necessary materials:

  • Eggs;
  • Inks of various colours, emphasizing yellow, green and white;
  • Brushes of different thicknesses;
  • 1 wicker basket

Cook the eggs and wait until they cool off. Paint them using all your creativity.

Put symbols like the Sun, the Moon, Stars, Runes, among other symbols on them. You can paint symbols that represent your wishes, such as a house, if you desire.

Put them in the wicker basket and then consecrate the Eggs, tracing an Invoking Pentagram over them, saying:

In the name of the Goddess of Spring and the Sun God, by the powers of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, I consecrate these Ostara Eggs.

Put them on your altar and leave them there throughout your Ostara ritual. Present friends, relatives, and loved ones with an egg, guiding them to place them at the base of a plant or a tree.

Making Ostara Eggs in 2024

Full Ostara Ritual idea

For this Ostara Ritual you will need:

  • 1 Cauldron with water;
  • Flowers of the field (preferably harvested on the day);
  • 9 yellow candles;
  • 1 Cup with water;
  • 1 Ostara Egg.

Place the Cauldron with the water in the middle of the altar. Circle it with the nine yellow candles. Draw the magic circle and then say:

Blessed be the Spring that has come. Now the flowers show their whole life through the colours; the season of hope and joy has come. May the Goddess and the God bless the Earth with balance and renewal.

Light the candles around the cauldron, saying:

I light these candles in honour to the Queen of Spring so that the light of the Sun can bring joy and life.

Put some flowers inside your cauldron with water and wash your hands mentalizing your desires and making your requests.

Then take the Ostara Egg and retake your orders. Say it:

Blessed be Thee, the fertilizing Goddess, who blesses the Earth with Thy goodness through thy union with the fertilizing God. May this Egg represent the seed of my desire.

Raise the bowl and say:

Blessed be the Spring that has returned. May the Wheel of Life always turn. So mote it be.

Drink a sip of the water and make a libation (the act of offering wine in honour to the Gods).

Sing and dance in honour to the Gods.

Undo the circle.

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